Monday, April 30, 2012

#1560 - Exam Fever

Tomorrow's my 1st exam paper.

To be honest, I'm a little scared.

But I'll just do my best.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

#1559 - MISSHA

'Revision Week' was supposed to be studying i.e locked in the room and be a nerd but nope, somehow, I had the urge to go out and buy stuffs i.e junkies.

Today was MISSHA's Grand Opening at The Mall. FB page said it opens from 12pm but me and Kaoru-chan left at 10AM for me to withdraw cash. By the time we reached Mall (with all the traffic and cars) it was about 11AM. We went to KFC since Kaoru-chan wanted to eat Zinger burger. lol. I was tempted to buy the Set Jimat ($2.80) but naah, I'm cool.

So we were chatting away and I saw a girl who walked past with 2 MISSHA paper bags. It wasn't 12 so I thought "the shop already had its grand opening?" So we went up to 1st floor and yes, pink white balloons and the shop had already opened.

Upon arrival, there was a lot of cupcakes and a man (possibly the manager?) served us carrot juice. I was surprised though. MC Jenny (or was it Paula) was there. I wish I took a picture with her. And since we're the early birds, each of the basket had free samples in it.

Last night I researched for MISSHA cosmetics prices and I looked at their Australian website since there are prices stated. Yep, it wasn't cheap at all. To me, more like overpriced. I tried their moisturiser tester and I kinda like it since from the texture, it's oil-free and quick-dry, but it's $35.90 (I think) so I gave up. =(

But since it's 20% off today (tomorrow's 15%, and the day after tomorrow it's 10%) so I bought tea tree mask, nail polish and nose strip thingy. I swear, the last item cost $5.90 PER PIECE! That was like the most expensive nose strip I encountered. Not sure about the quality so I might write a review about it once I use.

After purchase, there were options for free gifts. They wanted to give me red ginseng face mask but I choosed cotton pads instead. pfft. I could've picked the wipes but no idea why I picked cotton pads.

So my conclusion: Save a LOT of $ if I want to enter that store again. It's just too expensive. And personally, I think the design of the the products are very bland. I don't know. Maybe I'm too sleepy to observe everything.

Posing with my haul and their cupcake with flag

Some of their information booklet with samples in it

Lunch at Pizza Hut. I had sphagetti bolognaise with meatball for $7.90. Not bad but I still think Swensen's sphagetti with meatball is the best.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

#1558 - Spaced-Out

I think today I'm spaced out. It's like I'm in between being a nerd and a lazyass.

So. Woke up this morning at 11. Prepared lunch (more like re-heating food) at 12-ish. I was contemplating whether to have my towel hang outside under the hot sun or not but since I remembered Kaoru-chan's phone weather forecast said it might rain, I decided not to. Afterall, that's my only towel and I don't have spare ones.

Met with Kaoru-chan at 2 for late lunch. I had fried kuew tiau and it was delicious. I think I don't mind having ala carte at 8 if there's fried kuew tiau everyday. Coz the chef sure knows how to cook it. It's very 'burnt' and I love it.

Then went to FASS to get my dreadful media MCQ. I told myself that I'll be lucky enough if I can just pass but apparently, I got 54% so I guess it was okay. May that be the LAST MCQ I will ever do. Amen. Then went to SAS to submit the specs allowance claim. Let's see how long the $150 will pop up in my bank account. I'd say 3 months.

We went to LC, hoping to get our Japanese papers but sensei haven't finished marking yet. Of course, she's busy conducting interviews so it's understandable. Plus, she's the only sensei teaching Japanese for the whole batches.

And I decided to go to Giant after that, with the intention to buy bread. Somehow Kaoru-chan too felt like she needs to go elsewhere so we decided to go to Giant, the nearest superstore from campus.

I only bought a tray of eggs that costed me $2.50 which I wished I actually brought eggs from home. Also bought half priced pizza bread and super priced down Horlicks. It's sold for $1.25 coz the expiry date is this coming 4th May. Somehow I wish there's not a lot of those Horlicks coz it'll be a waste if it doesn't sell. Also, expiry food does not mean it's not consumable, it's just that it may not be as 'new' as it was. I haven't got Milo in my room so bought Horlicks as the alternative.

I did said previously that I wanted to buy face mask but I didn't right? Apparently Guardian is selling them for $2.50 for 2 face masks. I don't know if it's good or not. I bought Tea Tree face mask. Hmmm, to think about it, it's way cheaper than HH or TFS where each mask if $3.50 to $4.50. Think I'll use one tonight after exfoliation.

Oh yea, I just realised it's 2 more months til the big day.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#1557 - Today

Earlier on was my Japanese level 1 interview oral. Well, it was smooth so it wasn't a tough nut to crack. Then went to get the 'spectacle claim allowance' thingy. I should be able to submit it tomorrow. Then wait for cash to go in my bank account. lol

My musuko with Kaoru-chan's bear

Me waiting for oral interview
When we had a late lunch, Kaoru-chan said that her Holika Holika membership card finally arrived. Wow. I guess it's been at least a year since she had that 'temporary' card. So much for being temporary. I remembered me and Kaoru-chan wanted to avoid going out this week since it's the salary week but since she wanted to go get her HH membership card and I don't mind, we ended up going to Mall again.

The membership card has her name imprinted and I guess maybe that's why the wait was long, let alone there were 100+ cards to be processed. I was tempted to buy face mask but then again since I have no money I didn't bother with it.

By the time I reached back home it was around 5.30pm. Had power nap for 20 minutes before settling down to this.

Psycholinguistics is making my head go psycho!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#1556 - Sleep All Day

I slept for more than 10 hours today. Last night, when I was about to study, I kept on yawning so I decided to lay on bed and slept with the lights on for 4 hours.

Then there was thunder at around 11-ish. I forced myself after struggling for 2 hours to sleep. I did slept for 6 hours.

Woke up at 9. did some work and had a nap for 30 minutes or so.

This is bad.. I have to study now. Just wish I didn't take both level 1000 modules. and smf that I have 4 papers and 3 of them are in the morning! OTL

Sunday, April 22, 2012

#1555 - Let the Stress Begin

Okay, I came back yesterday, with all the books and thinking, I might wanna study a bit.

But nope, I slack on it.


Exams' in less than 2 weeks!

Need to study hard.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

#1554 - Temptation versus Financial: What I Think

Night time is the best time to have thoughts poured out. Somehow for me it is.

So, I saw this custom-made Hey! Say! JUMP laptop bag online and I really wanted to buy it at first. It'll cost me $50, shipping inclusive so yes, kinda pricey for a laptop bag but it can be used as an ordinary bag too.

Anyways, the seller was kind enough to split the payments instead of me paying in full. So I could just pay for the bag first & once the item arrived, I will be paying the EMS shipping. But all in all, it'll cost me $50. And that's exclusive of Western Union fee. Adding it up, it'll cost me $70.

I kept on hesitating on whether I should buy it or not. Then this question popped up: Do I really need it? Or was it on impulse?

In the end, I decided to politely decline her offer and wished her the best of luck for her business.

The temptation to buy the bag versus my (already poor) financial status kept on bouncing here and there and I choosed to resist.

And somehow I felt a bit sad for not being able to buy it. But then again, I felt happy coz I made the right choice of being able to resist Devil's words and save money for something else (lol! But I would like to think of, say, emergency funds or something)

Money doesn't grow from trees, although most of us do wish it's true. I guess the lesson I learnt here is that if I don't have any spare cash, I better not thinking of buying anything that's too expensive, or ended up with credit or negative bank statement. A wise Chinese proverb (that goes something like this): "If you owe no one money, you are the richest person."

Plus, a bag like that, I even have my domokun bag that I didn't use. I supposed it's a bit childish to use it in uni. hehe.

tl;dr : Always ask myself if I really, really, really need it or not. Otherwise, I'm more likely to regret it.

Friday, April 20, 2012

#1553 - Yes, this time, assignment free!

I woke up around noon today. Yes, it was this 'long-time-no-sleep-for-more-than-8-hours' feel. Coz the last 2 days I had about 4-5 hours of sleep and last night (slept at 1am) I switched off the alarm and told myself to sleep as long as I can. Surprisingly, despite how the room is so stuffy and not air-conditioned, I slept for 10 hours. I guess when I'm tired I can sleep like a log.

Anyway, referring to this post's title, yes, I declare that I am assignment-free, for real.

Yesterday's post wasn't exactly real. hehe. The last procrastinated assignment was Japanese composition. Question is "Please write what you did last Sunday". But I included my opinions in it and some of the phrases that were not being taught in class. I don't know but I just can't help to show off a bit of my Japanese.

I rarely take picture of assignments but I have to for this one since it's Japanese!!! HAHA.

Counting down to the number of days before my first paper, I have about 10 days of revision before my first paper. And why is my first paper media? Haiz. I never really did any revisions for that module. oh well. I just have to persevere for 2 weeks. I really need to study, for the sake of GPA. I know I'm okay for Japanese -ahem-   

Thursday, April 19, 2012

#1552 - Assignment Free! (Or not)


the last assignment was English report on CA and finished it this afternoon with Joyceline in the library. So all in all, it took us 3 days to finish. Feels great.

Then I remembered I have this Japanese composition to do. But since it's easy I'll do it tomorrow. lol

Right after we finished our assignment and submitted to Dr S's pigeon hole, we went to Mall and had dinner. My first time trying the curry chicken rice from Misato. All I can say is that I prefer Excapade's. Misato one is spicy.

Then used the 20% voucher that Joyceline got from her birthday. It'll expire soon so we bought 2 items. She bought this eyeshadow brush & I bought the mask.

Shop around til 8+.

It's nearing 10 and I'm tired...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#1551 - Last week of the semester i.e Week 14

Aloha week 14!

Despite it being the last semester for study purposes, the next week which is Revision Week, I still have to come back to uni.

like what the hell.

And today's communications presentation was canceled because both lecturers have an urgent meeting. I only knew it like 15 minutes ago, which kinda pissed me off. I tried log in to FB with my phone and despite having a 3G line in a 2G phone, I can't access the internet. So of course, I wouldn't know there's no class.

Then when I returned books from the library, 1 of the comm class student told me that class was canceled.

So here I am, stuck in the library. I bought my lappy along but without the charger. I wanted to do my English report but I don't have anything to begin with. Well, I could use the lappy but..

URGH. So shitty right now.

I just hope tomorrow's Weds no cancellation. I'm seriously sick of delays.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

#1550 - They're FINALLY here!!!

My parcel finally arrived!

I had been eyeing on the 2 CDs for AGES! I think for almost a year~ They're 12012 2nd album, 'mar maroon' and Vidoll's 'BASTARD' album. And both are CD+DVD edition =3

I didn't know there's 12012 interview at the DVD, aside from Aitaikara -another version-. Watched a bit. The interview seemed funny. For Vidoll's DVD, it's 2 lives from the JRock Revolution 2007 and their American trip. Too bad their American trip video doesn't have them talking.

Anyways, all the more surprises when the mar maroon album is actually MINT condition! (i.e perfectly new!) and to think that I bought it at half the original price =3 =3 And! and! and!! there's 1 random card attached in the album~ I squealed when I got Tomo as my card xDD


Tomo is my favourite member, beside my husband Wataru so yes, VERY happy~~

Friday, April 13, 2012

#1549 - Life

Currently raining heavily outside and I didn't have an umbrella, plus I'm stuck in the resource room with my laptop on battery.

Anyways, my media blog is almost done! I'm left with 1 more post and I could move on to other work.

I think the next semester will be the same: assignment datelines at the end of the week before revision week for exams. Yeah, next time, I have to manage my time. I still have 1 heavy English report on conversation analysis that I haven't even start with and study for my media MCQ, which I never really did revisions for it til now.

I just have to hang on a little longer...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#1548 - Quickie

So, I didn't touch any of my assignments today. sigh.

After library, went outside and met Munir, 1 of my communications classmate. After having lunch (food bought from enterprise day) we went to get our comm essay.

Well, I didn't fail. I mean, I didn't actually think I would fail at the first place. Got an 'A-' ;) But too bad it's only 10% so I s'posed it's 8 or 9 out of 10? Hmmm I wished it was 10% coz 20% for oral presentation is a lot =_=

Oh, at the enterprise day, I actually bought 4 packets of cheong fun ($1.50 each!) Supposedly to give 1 pack to Nadiah but in the end she didn't bother with it. So I ended up having 2 packets for lunch and 2 packets for late dinner.

Then went back to hostel. Took a shower since outside was freakin' hot. Then left at 2-ish for the JLCW Appreciation thingy.

What an event. Nothing much prepared really. It was a small gift from the Excomm. Only if the fried udon wasn't spicy! holy. Then I head there was actually an after-event thingy for JLCW from the Japanese embassy but I wasn't invited. Maybe it was for the Excomm only or something. I don't know but I felt it was unfair it such an after-event did held at the embassy. I mean, even if I might not make it, at least have the courtesy to invite us or something. So yeah. But it's okay. Great things come from Him.

Went to watch the 'Bangsawan Nostalgia' performed by the theatre students i.e students who took intro to theatre. It was worth it! For $2 only and it's 6 different yet humorous show! It was for about 4 hours so by the time the perf finishes it was already 8.45-ish PM. Really worth the money.

I just realised I lost one of the cat's eye from my bag. tough luck. And today, I didn't have any rice except in the morning where breakfast was nasi lemak. It's just different not having rice during lunch or dinner.

#1547 - Felt like a soldier

Slept in before 12 yesterday. Was too tired to even bother.

Thinking that the library wifi is better, I bought my laptop, only to know that the internet sucks as well, unless you're using LAN.

So my bag is prolly 2kg now.. oh god.. so fucking heavy. and the hot weather doesn't help either.

On the positive side, there's a LOT of different variety of food today. Too bad I didn't bring my camera for it. It's the business students' module to have this 'Enterprise Day'. -sigh- so many food but little money xD

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#1546 - Kamikaze

Tired as hell.

Today everyone in communication class received a shock. Apparently half of the class failed for critique since quite a number plagiarised.

Now I'm scared like shit. I didn't plagiarised since I put quotations and references. So hopefully it's not me. And we were given an option to redo but I don't think it's worth re-doing it since it'll be just 10% instead of the initially 20%, and it'll be a 2k critique with no change in topic.

Bleh. If I failed, screw it. I'm just going to focus on the real exam paper instead. But I hope not...

Monday, April 9, 2012

#1545 - Mayday, it's Week 13!

Just cleansed my face even though I was lazy already. I mean, at this hour!

So, week 13. Wow.. so damn fast ah the time flies. This week there's media presentation (should be easy) and journal dateline! omg I got 3 more entries and I'm stuck =_=

Inspiration better come soon! I wanna finish off that A.S.A.P, like really.

Then the next week, week 14 there's English presentation and media MCQ. omg the horror. MCQ.  also, English assignment.

Can die liao ahhh

Friday, April 6, 2012

#1544 - Friday wasted!

Woke up late since I slept late. Was supposed to leave home at 7.30 latest but ended up waking up at 7.30. Left home at 8.

I drove a bit too fast (or maybe it IS fast) but by 9.05 I arrived at uni. Unbelievable.

Class was ohkay. I can understand everything easily. We learnt about First Language Acquisition. But I think I'm First, Second and Third.

After class went to Mall. TFS had a booth set up, offering discounts on products. The cleanser and toner from Clean Face line was sold at 50%. Shit. I bought mine at 25% off, Like, wth??

I'm pretty sure it's old stock though. Why? Believe me, the experience working as a saleslady can relate to this kind of 'promotion'. But does that mean the ones I bought at 25% is also part of old-stock? :O



lazy to rant today.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

#1543 - Pictures Stash

30th March haul from TFS since it's member-sale:

The haul

I had always been eyeing on the cleanser and toner from Clean Face line. Thank goodness it's not the Clean Face White line coz I never believe in whitening products.

The white tube is the volcanic ash mask. Saleslady said it'll be warm upon application. Hopefully it's not too hot. And the most ridiculous thing I think is the lip mask. I bought it since it's But really, lip mask for the dried/crack lips. I think Vaseline is better, though longer.

Hence, my Clean Face line is almost complete~ Lack of their Oil Free BB Cream. I did tried the sample and I'm not sure if it's worth buying or not. Not only it makes my skin colour on my face and neck different, it's kinda pricey too.

From last Sunday evening, donut from Fun Donuts. Since I'm dining in, I have to use fork and spoon to eat it. What an experience~

And one of the days I happen to saw this:

It's from the library, and look, a lizard! I zoomed in to the max to take a picture of this coz I'm scared the lizard will move.

On Joyceline's birthday, had Tien Tien chicken rice:

Then one of the nights had Pastamania's 'Mediterranean'. It's a vegetarian dish. I asked for linguine but could have asked for spaghetti. Plus I think by saying the word 'linguine' it sounded 'posh'. lmao. Maybe next time I should try their 'Meatball', which is pasta with 6 meatballs.

And another 1 of those days where I managed to slap the mosquito that sucks my blood halfway. I guess when she started sucking my blood, she prolly didn't realised her life is shorten.

#1542 - Home

I'm back home earlier, thanks to Gloria.

But unfortunately I have to drive -back- for the purpose of claiming the fun run T-shirt. What a bummer.

And since I'm doing so, I HAVE to attend the last English lecture.

Which means I might as well NOT COME BACK. lmao!

Oh well~

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#1541 - So Free Today

Was supposed to have the last English lecture today but unfortunately Dr S has to postpone the lecture to Friday morning. OH GOD WHY.

I don't like this. Well, I never agree to have the replacement classes on Friday mornings but majority wins. Still, I decided not to enter the class.

Coz I wanna go home and do my work properly. I swear, sometimes, just sometimes, internet at KB is WAY better than here. Plus, financially, I'm broke and need to reassess the situation.

Aside from that, I don't think I will be able to go home early by the 2nd half of the month, hopefully by then all assignments are done and so I could focus on revision.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

#1540 - Today

Day started with me waking up at 10 although my alarm was set on 9. Somehow I slept comfortably.

Then left for media class. Last lecture today. Muted Group Theory. So boring but need to write journal entry as part of assignment. Haiz..

Since the class ended early, went to finance to pay for April rent. Then went to library to return a book. Saw Mardiana so we went back to hostel.

It was fucking hot. The first thing I did when I went back was to have a cold shower. Even the cold water wasn't as cold as in the morning. But it did feel better after a cold shower.

Revised a bit for Japanese test. Sensei said there's Hiragana and Roman letter so I memorised a bit of vocab.Then went for Japanese class.

Test was okay. Not too hard. I wish I'll get perfect score coz the last tests, I was 0.5 mark til perfection (10 marks). ざんねんです!

Went to Gadong for dinner. What a waste. We wanted to try the Double Rewards for every Tuesday but both Pizza Hut were full house. So ended up eating at Pastamania with Najwa, Naemah and Azmi. Then Super Deli, the bakery had buy 1 free 1 at 7.45PM. Bought 6 breads (3 of different kind)...

Haiz.. something is bothering me this time.I wanted to go back this Thursday since I forgot my media texts for analysis.. No, better yet, I'm kinda frustrated now. Assignment datelines are nearing and inspiration is not kicking. What a life.

Monday, April 2, 2012

#1539 - Joyceline's Birthday

I knew I'll be spending $ again today. -sigh-

Anyways, after Japanese class at 2pm we went to Gadong. She wants to eat Tien Tien chicken rice so we went there. I also haven't had the chicken rice for quite a long time already.. Almost a year I think? Somehow the quality worsens a bit. Not enough gravy!!

Then after that we went to TFS & Holika Holika to claim the discount vouchers & free gifts. From Holika Holika it's 20% for all items in a single receipt. I took this advantage to buy a mask which cost me $2 for a piece. $2 freakin' dollars for a PIECE of mask! Guess it's on impulse. The free gift is apparently candle lights. I don't know but I think it's lame. Like what Shishido-san from Prince of Tennis would say: "げきださだぜ。" But Joyceline replied me: "It's free gift. hahaha" LOL

At least TFS it's decent. A 20% voucher and a 50% voucher with a piece of mask as free gift. Too bad your items need to be $10 nett for both vouchers AND it's only for 1 item for the 50% voucher. I didn't buy anything from there although I was almost tempted to buy the Oil Free BB Cream from their Clean Face line. I tried the sample and I kinda like it, despite it being a bit too bright. Joyceline bought the brown gold eyeshadow for 50% so it's about $13 I think.

I guess essence's stuff is definitely affordable for poor students like us. The European brand based cosmetics is so cheap! Like, the brown pallets is only $5.90! TFS is $35!! I know I would feel cheated but Joyceline told me "It's okay, it's my money." Another wisdom of hers: "What's done is done." Hmmm I can't help but to agree.

Ah! We went to Jaya Hypermart. It's been AGES since we last went there, prolly longer for Joyceline. She wants to look for this cute pink notebook but we couldn't find it. I ended up buying a notebook for $2.20. Oh before that I went to have a free skin analysis check by Skinz and omg, it's my first time seeing my face being magnified to the pores. It was.. uhmm.. not pleasing. The salesperson did convinced me to buy but I rejected it.

By the time we finished hanging out around Gadong, it was about 5.30PM. I couldn't believe it was that late since I know my Monday outings were never that late. hehe. We were so sakai when otw back to uni, there was this SUPER LONG queue to exit out to Jerudong. It was only one lane traffic jam and I thought "wtf?" Never witnessed such traffic jam before.

Hmmm if only I could this much for my media journal assignment!!

#1538 - Week 12 begins! ONTD!


holy.. It's week 12 already. Technically ONE MORE MONTH BEFORE EXAMS!

And the assignments' dateline are by next week and the week after.

omg!! I really want to finish doing the assignments so that I can focus on revisions early.

So scared ahh..

Sunday, April 1, 2012

#1537 - Life + Rant

Finally onto blogging! I swear, being busy is bad for blogging, especially when I rely for most time in digital records -_-

Anyways, updates from my last posting (holy.. has it really been that long? A week!)

I had been volunteering for the Japanese Language and Culture Week (JLCW) for few other days before the real thing on 28th. At first it was tiring and somewhat demotivating since I was worried with so many things to do and yet it hasn't been fully done. The night before the main event, everyone was busy setting up their booths, decorating them and such. I know I'm worried coz it's a big event that will be attended by VIPs and whole public but kaicho, Afif-sempai was very cool, saying "It'll be all right, don't worry." I supposed a leader has to calm down or otherwise his team mates will start to feel anxious too.

During the 3 days, it was somewhat fun, somewhat mundane. I think I did kinda bad for my booth since I know very little to explain to the public. So for most of the time, I kept quiet. Crap. Somehow I can explain more about other booths except for the one I volunteered. Oh well. And I missed tea ceremony by real experts from Japan and yukata tryouts. I think yukata tryouts was the first time ever. Tough luck. And kinda pissed too since I didn't get to wear them when -someone- gets to wear them once, feeling not appreciated, wanting it twice.

But I guess overall it was satisfying i.e best volunteered event ever.

Someone needs to kill my habit of over-spending. I haven't calculated this month's expenses yet but I know it will break my mum's heart if I tell her.

Stupid SALES. On the I recently got myself a haul from TFS, totaling to about $70 after the 25% member-sale only for 3 days on the 30th. So yes, without sales it would've been $90+. Still, it's a lot of money at stake here. I convinced myself that the products I bought are going to be used ONLY after I finished using my current products so in a way, it's a storage for the future should I ever need them. And hopefully the products actually works.

And speaking of products that works, I have yet found my HG (Holy Grail) products yet. It'll probably take a long time (or even never) since I have my own belief in these so called 'beauty products' or products that claim to work on oily-combination skin but somewhat never work on me. Yes, I have ISSUES in these facial treatments or makeup products. Reason being, the MEDIA brainwashed us to think and follow of the mainstream. I bet some of you who read this will think I'm crazy and if you do so, then you are part of the mainstream ;)

I feel like ranting so quit now if you can't accept the 'opposites'. And the rant begins.

Beauty products, facials, makeups, etc.. All these are connected to femininity. Unfortunately society loves flawless women i.e flawless skin, slim, poreless face (LMAO! photoshop skills does brainwash us). So of course, the media had set the course and to let us believe that with makeup, one is beautiful and have more confidence.

I won't deny that using makeup means I can take more vain pictures but after some while, I start to feel like I'm already 'aging' and 'old'. You know how makeup will melt

after some time? Yeah, that feeling makes me feel old if I don't put on a new layer i.e touchups. And no, makeup does not last forever, even the ones that claims to stay on your face the whole day without any touchups. That's like totally bullshit. I mean, how could something ACTUALLY sticks on your face without fading or touchups? Not unless you're born with flawless skin.

Back when I wasn't conscious of beauty during my teens, I felt so 'free' i.e I'm not caught in a trap where using beauty product is a must. Maybe because teens doesn't need much of facial care, well, for my life that is. But ever since I read about makeup, fashion and what not, the consciousness starts to be more conscious. And this is where the problem lies: how do I want people to see me.

It's hard being a woman. Like, the mainstream dictates us to use this, use that, wear this and that (or even some bullshit) and the list can go on. I always, always tell myself to just be the plain self. Ignore what other people will say and go against the majority. To majority, perhaps, I can be seen as a rebel not does not 'fit'. But you know what? Fuck that.

Which then leads me to think about the countless products that claim to be working. I don't know if it's just me being pessimistic or the products DO work, but I never  realize it. Is it the MIND that controls the WILL or vice-versa? As I said earlier on, being a woman is difficult, especially when it comes to the makeup/facial segments because there are like almost EVERYTHING these wonders can do to us anatomically. I mean, there's scrub for the face and for the body and these are actually 2 different things! What else? Eye creams to lift up tiredness and eye cream that whitens and eye creams that cures wrinkles: 3 freakin' different products! And yes, specific products for specific parts of our body. How ridiculous can products-body relation gets?

It's so complicated that the only solution for me is this: SCREW ALL THE PRODUCTS! THEY WON'T WORK 100%! Yes, a way to actually save money.

So yes, I think a lot, like really a lot. There's actually more but I'm lazy to type because my eyes are about to shut down. Oh well, as they say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".