Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#1589 - McD happiness

As today I have some businesses in the capital, I took the liberty to go all the way up just to deliver 1 piece of information. It sucks really but at least I got to do what I wanted. xD I left at 7 thinking it will be a smooth ride but it got stuck at Seria. Maybe I haven't travelled at this time of the day so I didn't expect a traffic queue.

Oh yea, the night before (more like morning) I slept at 1AM coz I (my body) can't suddenly switch my sleeping pattern to before 12 and woke up at 6AM. I think I somewhat woke up at 5 and slept back.

After finished business, I went to Gadong and had breakfast at Thien Thien. I guess I crave their laksa despite wearing a clean white shirt. I ate as slow as I could but the soup somewhat stained my shirt like 2 tiny dots. Damn.

Late breakfast

I booked MIB 3 tickets at 11 so I was somewhat bored between 9.30 til 11. It's my first time enterd Mall at 9-ish and I swear, it's so quiet. I mean, of course, business hour starts at 10. 

MIB 3 banner
LOVE the movie! I wanna watch it again more than Avengers. haha. I wished I have MIB 1 & 2 DVDs and watched them first before watching MIB 3.

My lunch was McD~ I saw their promo (I think) of double burger patties for the 5 burgers McD served here. I was actually debating between Double McChicken or Mega Mac (4 burger beef patties!!) but I picked Double McChicken coz I don't know how to stuff Mega Mac into my mouth but actually I think I was somewhat shy eating that. haha.

Satisfying McD lunch!
Double chicken patties <3

I bought essence's 'forget it 3 in 1 concealer' coz I read somewhere about actually using different shades to cover blemishes and what not.

$4.90 only!

I haven't used it yet so maybe I'll post about it once I used.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

#1588 - 3.38

 That's my GPA for my 1st semester.

Looking at my previous post, I know what this means: Work extra harder.

Well, as expected my Japanese got A (hehe), B for my comm and C for my media studies (ugh), C+ for my Eng. 

Am I happy? Well, not really.

Coz for my next semester, 2 of the modules is shit and counted towards GPA as well (MIB and LE). I'm afraid these 2 mods will be the 'killer', just like how media studies and English were.

Hmmm I think I'll plan my modules soon. Something not to be taken lightly.

Monday, May 28, 2012

#1587 - Results are out.

I've been trying to log into the website to check my results since it was out from 5pm onwards today. Sucks that I can't log in. Well, I guess it's the same for many people too.

I can't be patience for that. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm somewhat excited in wanting to know my 1st exams results. And seeing a 'A' or 'A+' for Japanese 1. lol.

But the other part of me scared that "What if I didn't get overall GPA 3.5?" Coz it was only during this holiday that I realised, if I don't maintain GPA or CGPA or what ever the crap is at 3.5, then chances of me studying abroad is just none. Coz between 3.0 to 3.49, you can study abroad but if you pay. 3.5 above, fees are borne by govt.

So basically for my situation, less than 3.5, I can just forget about my dream of studying abroad for a semester or 2.

Blargh. I wanna see my results and plan my upcoming modules!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

#1586 - Mini-haul

Upon seeing this advertisement, I told myself that I had to go check out the new cosmetics store in town. Plus, they are selling Holika Holika stuffs as well and I thought, "Why not?"

Click picture to view full size
The store is located with the same row of ROYCE and I think the shop used to be bmobile's before they moved to Wisma Yakin. Anyways, it's easier to spot too.

When I went in, it was so quiet. I guess I was the only customer. What's the eerie thing is that all the salesperson, like 5 of them? all stared at you. You know, if you are browsing the items on the shelves, the saleslady would recommend this and that. Not to be rude but sometimes I find it very annoying. I know why would they do so, coz they're afraid customers will steal the product and I guess they want to promote sales too.

I didn't stayed in the shop too long coz it's just so awkward being the only cutomer browsing for items and all eyes stare to you. I never felt like this before except for today. Sheesh. Oh yea, the advert mentioned products like D&G, Anna Sui, HUGO BOSS, etc but guess what, the perfumes (yeah, only those) ARE NOT FOR SALE but for display only. I was like 'what? Display only ha? cheh..' And I was actually wishing they were selling Anna Sui and GUCCI makeup products. haha.

Anyways, I bought these:

Free gift, HH tea tree mask ($2.50) and eyeshadow brush ($7.50)
Since the total items costs me $10, I got the free gift which the contents are:

I freaked out when I saw 'collagen' mask. I mean, I don't need collagen now right? Not worth it. I think the cotton is decent since it's from Japan. lol Oh yes, you can't use HH membership card there for discounts as of now so boo-hoo.

Guardian has promo of buy 1 free 1 for their mask and I bought these:

I know I mentioned before I don't like the green tea because of 'whitening' claim so I bought these instead. I mean, it's $1.25 each so I guess I could never passed it? xD Plus, I read in CLEO mag that using mask is as important coz it's giving our face a 'therapy'. Though I firmly believe it is still ridiculous.

Oh yea, I'm sure people know about the law of anti-piracy here already. If not, you probably had been living under the rocks. I know I could write an essay about that topic but naah, couldn't be arsed to.

I had been eyeing on PJM's Not Alone single for quite some time coz he's my favourite member out of the SS501 guys so I purchased his debut single. Sucks that it cost me $24 but I guess the booklet is worth the price =3 Also, I bought BSB's CD coz I wanna collect all their albums! With this one in my collection, I'm left with their debut album, Millennium and Black & Blue albums to buy!! Yeay!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

#1585 - AKB48

I have been listening to AKB48 for about a year already and is a fan who witnessed changes, such as the addition of Team 4 to the existing teams 'A', 'K' and 'B'.

I also get to see the members once last year in Singapore although back then, I wish I have know half of the performing members. Now that I think of it, it's so sad. Back then, I only recognised Maeda Ami (a.k.a Aamin), Ishida Haruka and Shimazaki Haruka a.k.a Paruru. Currently I'm watching 'Shiritsu Bakareya Kouko' where Paruru is 1 of the lead actress. Sometimes I couldn't help but to think that I had actually seen her once! Felt so unreal.

The results for the 27th single elections preliminary was out and well, there's love and hate among the members for me personally. [Results can be viewed here]

I don't have problem for Yuko to be ranked #1 coz she's always that popular anyway. But #2 somewhat pissed me. I don't know why but her boobs controversy I believed is the reason why she had a big jump in the final results. Ugh. I just don't like her. Call me a hater for no reason but I would have like French Kiss, the sub-group of AKB48 if she's not in. I like Takajo Aki a.k.a Akicha that's why I wanna try listen to FK but naah. Maybe next time.

Paruru rank #22 and I guess it's no surprise when you're given the most spotlight among other Team 4 members. Plus, the midnight drama helped her too (the one I mentioned above). I hope she'll stay solid though. Ishida Haruka on the other hand rank #48. I guess it's a big boost since last year she's 3 or 4 spots to get ranked in. Maybe putting her as the center for 'Gugutasu no Sora' helped. Aamin only rank #55 and I was kinda sad though. But I hope she'll stay among the ranks! Coz 1 of the reason why I bother listen to AKB48, though I have to say all their songs are so damn generic, is her.

June 6th will be the final results of all votes. I just hope Paruru, Aamin and Ishida Haruka will get ranked!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#1584 - PoT Chara-Pos Calendar Wide

I received this item before my exams and only now that I had the time to do something about it:

1200 Yen poster

The poster cost me not more 1080 Yen after the 10% discount. Mom was shocked to know that this poster cost me $20. haha.

Chara-Pos = Character Poster

I stuck it on the wall beside my BSB and NKOTBSB posters =3

And it's just SO big! If only I have the money to buy Atobe's bed sheet xDD


#1583 - Breakfast from Tien Tien

Kopi 'O'
$2.50 Laksa

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#1582 - Academic Calendar

Maybe I'm bored doing the same routine over and over that I went to uni's website to see if they had updated the academic calendar for next semester.


What's more, there won't be any long break for Raya. Well, I'm sure there'll be just 1 day public holiday then the next day, school!

Maybe I won't like it since there's no break for it but I can use this reason for not celebrating Raya since I got school the next day. Who cares about new clothes and cakes when I only sincerely want to ask for forgiveness. I don't want people to come to my house for raya coz really, I never have the mood to celebrate anymore ever since with my parents' divorce. Plus, it's a waste of money what. Better save the money for holiday lah~~ :P

Hopefully, the schedule is still the same la. hehehe.

Monday, May 21, 2012

#1581 - [review] TBS Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel

Referring to this post that I made about the eye gel, I finally finished using it! After about 4 months!

My thoughts? It did somehow reduce my puffiness (as claimed) but my black circles are still visible. So, I had bought this new eye cream from TBS, 'Vitamin E Eye Cream'.

Cost me $24.90! T_T Hope it's worth it!

The claim
Upon usage, it's very light in texture and I like how it easily glides on my eyebags. I'm using this religiously because of the claims (lol) so hopefully there will be changes.

#1580 - Woes

I'm not sure if I'm in the debates or not.

And even if I am, I don't know if I can do well or not.

I think too much about these.

I don't know why but I just can't help it.

And to think that this holiday is super long but the thought of debating somewhat kills my mood already.

Yeah, I'm somewhat pressured.

Pressured for what?

I'm not too sure.

I guess I think too much.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

#1579 - Beach!

Today in the afternoon there was a gathering among students who took History. I thought of Yuen since I'm going to be alone if I don't ask for company. xD

Dibah, Yuen and me.

Coincidentally the 3 girls above the pic wore blue. haha. It wasn't planned or what.

Today's weather was just perfect for beach. It's not too hot like the past few days where I was able to have my paper mache dry faster.

Just wish I could have gone to the sea to have my legs feel the water but naah.


It was nice to chat up with Dibah and Yuen since I haven't seen both of them for quite some time.The whole gathering ended at around After I sent Yuen back home, I went to the pasar malam and bought this:

Sotong sumbat for $1.50. Kinda pricey.
It's called 'sotong sumbat' literally translated as 'stuffed squid'. The ingredients inside was potatoes. It wasn't that bad but a bit expensive. I don't mind buying it again though. haha. It looked like sushi from far.

Friday, May 18, 2012

#1578 - SPoT OVA! Demi-god versus Emperor!

I remembered watching New Prince of Tennis and was anticipating the match between Yukimura and Sanada i.e Alpha Pair. But! They didn't aired it, only showing Sanada lost the battle.

Of course, as a fan of SPoT, I was dissapointed.

And! The OVA releasing this June 22 will be featuring their match!! YES.

How could I not miss chibi Yukimura and chibi blushing Sanada?!?! They're just too cute! Oh yea, this OVA will also (I think) provide snippets of the Fuji brothers match.

But who cares about the Fuji brothers. Alpha Pair is what I'm looking forward to!!

#1577 - Paper Mache (Part 1)

I don't know how many parts will there be about paper mache but here goes~

Today, I decided to paper mache the boxes for my project. Initially I added 1 part flour and 4 parts of water so the mixture is somewhat liquid. I was kind of scared that the paper won't stick on the box but it did after 30 minutes of drying.

However, I tried another method which is of equal ratio. This time it was 1 part of water and 1 part flour. The mixture turns out to be really thick and I don't like it coz it's so messy and heavy.

So my conclusion is the 1st method, 4:1 ratio. I only covered 1 part of the box and there's 3 more parts to go.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

#1576 - DermTV

1 day I was looking up videos on the differences between whiteheads and blackheads and a video by DermTV showed up.

Amazingly after watching about 10+ or more videos from DermTV Youtube Account, I learn a LOT about skin care, particularly about makeup, acne, ingredients and many more. Basically, all the things that I'm curious about were answered by the host of DermTV, Dr Neil Schultz. Seriously, a lot more than my meetings with the dermatologist once every 3 months.

I think the best part of all those videos from DermTV is that Dr Schultz explained things in basic English, albeit there are some scientific terms used but nothing to worry about since he pretty much explain what it means after that. Also, he answered questions from viewers at his website which sometimes can be relevant to me. 

I am honestly glad to know DermTV! 

FaceBook account here. Official website here.

Not paid to write this post. I'm just shamelessly advertising DermTV for free. xD

#1575 - What In The World

It's been 10 days since my last exams.

Honestly, I haven't done anything productive yet.

Well, I tried reading Cecelia Ahern's 'The Book Of Tomorrow' and I don't think I like it. Maybe I should try reading other books instead.

Actually, I had a crazy idea when I was staring at the unused boxes. I'm not sure if it'll work but I'll do it tomorrow or whenever I feel like.

My room's state is like catastrophic. Yeah, I know my room has A LOT OF THINGS but I don't know where to place them. Even my grandma who entered my room said so many things. Yes, I know ok.

CLEO's Singapore May issue had this booklet on tips of how to manage room cluttering and what not. I guess if I do need to make my room more of my feel, I need to spend a lot of money. $500 is a lot.

Yeah yeah, everything needs money in this world. But of course, we cannot have too little (like my state) or too much money. Maybe just enough to get by day by day and savings is enough.

Don't know lah. I know I feel very shitty everyday for unknown reasons. I think I have to stop thinking too much.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#1574 - Happy birthday to....

Kis-my-Ft2's Yokoo Wataru a.k.a Watta-chan! He's 16 y.o. today ^^ The 1st letter of his surname (Y) is part of 'my' for their band name xD Too bad I'm not a person who likes to save a lot of pictures so I couldn't find a better Watta-chan picture ^^" 誕生日おめでっとございます!

Monday, May 14, 2012

#1573 - [review] essence my skin mattifying cream lychee & blue grape

NOTE: Not a paid review. Product was bought on my own.

So! this product caught my attention as it was 1 of the new things arrived at Paloma. It's been around for quite some time already before reaching this country.

Introducing essence my skin mattifying cream lychee & blue grape! It was only $3.90 (less than USD 3!) for 50ml.

Description behind the box
This products promises to mattify my skin in 12 hours! And I used it last night before I went to bed. When I woke up this morning, surprisingly, there wasn't a lot of oil at my forehead. I have really oily T-zone, especially my forehead and the amount of shine today was not as much as prior-usage. I know coz every morning I rub my forehead to feel how thick is the amount of oil.

I think I'm starting to love this way much than TBS Seaweed mattifying cream which doesn't mattify as much as this product. Plus, it can be used as a makeup base which had definitely saved my money. I treat this as my face moisturiser as well. The drying time upon application is a bit faster compared to TBS seaweed mattifying cream. As of now, I think I'll purchase another pot for savings xD

#1572 - Mother's Day, surprise!

Yesterday was full of surprises for mom. I have to thank my sister for planning this out. Earlier of the day mom went to visit a friend and she texted us that she'll be back home around 4.30PM. Initially our plan was to leave house at 4PM. But, mom came home at 5PM and immediately we left to BSB. Mom was shocked coz she really thought we were going to Gui Ling Gao at KB (that's what my sister told her). And by the time we reached Kiulap, it was around 6PM. We sent her another surprise: Spa and massage. Since she never had one so we thought it will be a great idea for mom. The whole spa took her 2 hours+ so we went to Mall.

Right: Ultimate Mocha
Left: Ultimate Vanilla
And I like how they spelt my name despite me telling saying "L-I-Z-A" already. xD
I didn't choosed to go watch movies with my other siblings but instead I window-shopped around and bought some goodies. Prior to movies, bro treated us coffee bean and I choosed the 'Ultimate'. Too bad they don't have the small size one so I picked regular. Funny though, I picked Ultimate Vanilla while my other sister picked Ultimate Mocha and when both of us tried each other's Ultimate, we liked the other one instead of the one we ordered i.e I prefer Mocha over Vanilla. But I didn't offer to trade coz I wanna try Vanilla once in a while. Best Eastern texted me about the arrival of Ray magazine and I bought CLEO Singapore edition too. Met Yong when I was about to leave the store. He was with his girlfriend. I didn't talk long with him though. And since I was a bit bored, I went to food court and started reading my magazine. Well, more like flipping through it since I don't feel like reading the whole mag yet. Plus, I like to enjoy reading mag in my bedroom. xD

Right: CLEO Singapore featuring Adele
Left: Ray magazine
Then I went to TBS since they started this voucher thingy. For every $10 spent, there'll be a stamp and every $40 spend will be entitled to have 1 of the items 30%. This is like SO marketing strategy. I wish they had this kind of chop system half a year ago. Haha. Coz I think I spent more than $100+ on TBS products. Initially I wanted to buy 'Born Lippy™ Stick Lip Balm Strawberry' but it's sold out, together with the strawberry lip balm. Really, that strawberry lip balm has been 'no stock' for about a month plus already. I think the next time they have stock of that thing, I am SO going to buy at least 2 pots! haha. So! I bought 2 items from TBS: Sweet Lemon Hand Cleanse Gel for $5.90 (60ml) and Smudger brush for $12.90. Even my sister was shocked at the price of the hand sanitizer. there were strawberry, lemon and orange but I thought orange was a bit too strong so I picked lemon. Didn't bother to try strawberry one for no reason. So for this purchase, I earned myself a stamp.

I also went to Paloma coz I wanted to but a face mask. And somehow I stumbled upon 1 of the essence product that was newly arrived: essence my skin mattifying cream lychee & blue grape. Yeah, it;s a long name but hey, it's only $3.90 for 50ml! SO CHEAP. Compared to TBS Seaweed Mattifying Cream for $19.90 for 50ml that I bought few months back as well, essence one IS SO CHEAP. haha. I bought this coz it's cheap I need a moisturiser for face and this one seemed the right one. I did bought a mask from essence as well and it's $1.90 each. I think it's the cheapest one available.

When mom was done with her spa, we went to i-Lotus to have dinner. It was about 10PM by the time we reached there, plus we were slightly lost. I think overall not bad la that place.

I'll blog about the products soon. Nights!

Look of the day

Saturday, May 12, 2012

#1571 - 熱い!

今日は本とに熱いです! 先、郵便局へ行きました。

Sent 4 postcards today. 1 for マサキくん and the other for w-inds. worldwide. Hopefully the 2 receivers will receive them!

Friday, May 11, 2012

#1570 - Holidays Ahoy!

Am I going to be dumb during this holiday? lol. I haven't even bother to start reading on novels yet. -_-

I went to town today to buy 5 pieces of postcard (60 cents each). 3 is for w-inds. members and the other 2 are for my Japanese friends. There's this projects by w-inds. worldwide that I wanna participate, and by showing them pictures of this country, hopefully 1 day, w-inds. management will consider having a tour around SEA! They have fans here OK!!

And I've been turning to a night owl recently. This is super bad. I mean, dark circles and puffy eyes come and I STILL HAVEN'T FIND A CURE FOR IT! Well, I read up on some simple remedies but I'm somewhat lazy to do it i.e putting cold spoon over eye, using teabags, etc. LOL

Ahh.. I should really save up my money now. I mean, I wanna see my bank account becoming more fat and fatter xD

Thursday, May 10, 2012

#1569 - New specs!

I took my specs yesterday, right before the store closes. I was supposed to take it 2 weeks ago though.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#1568 - Avengers!

I was supposed to sleep at 11PM but I got distracted by skin care info and it dragged me til 2-ish. Woke up at 7.30 and only got readied 1 hour later. I had a cup of Nescafe before leaving for my hostel to pack.

My god. Visually it doesn't look like a lot of stuffs but now that ALL those stuffs are at my room, it's all the more messier and SO MANY STUFFS! haha. I think it's unavoidable not to bring a lot of stuffs when you're staying away from your house. At first I parked way front but I decided to drive over to the road nearer to my block (Need signature again to enter that road) and had several trips to and fro from room to car. Initially, I wanted to shower after moving my stuffs but I forgotten to bring extra clothes.

After that I went to return my keys. The wardn actually asked for the coupons. Reason being: Auditing purposes. I mean, if they want it from the days we returned the key, they should have put up a notice or something what. Have to deduct from next sem's coupon. What a bummer.

Then, I went to Mall to have my lunch. Took my Avengers 3D ticket before that. And I must say, my first 2012 movie is the best!!

I LOVE AVENGERS! Especially Captain America =3 Chris Evans IS HOT!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#1567 - SS501

It's great to be back home after 2 weeks. I know I miss my queen size bed and airconditioned room as well as the messiness in it.

I signed up for a competition and the training will be held at campus. Which in other words, I will need to stay at the hostel more frequent during this long vacation if there are intensive training, which I think we will. Sigh. Now I'm somewhat doubting myself as to why I signed up.

So, I woke up at 11am, had brunch and read a couple of newspapers. I sure missed a lot of news for the 2 weeks. Then I watched one of the DVDs I bought which was 'SS501 FIVE MEN'S YEARS IN 2005 - 2009 MBC DVD COLLECTION'. Get to see them in KK where they had fun! And lucky fans who gets to have their signatures~ Ah I wish for their comeback soon, despite not fully knowing their songs. I mean, they're my 1st Kpop boyband so I wanna see them on screen as 5 again =3

Mom earlier asked me if I'm going to Singapore or not but I was like 'eh..' and she said 'no money is it?' haha. Caught me there. I don't know. I mean, maybe end of year if Kis-my-Ft2 is coming? Oh gosh when are they coming to Singapore?!?! Better in November or December i.e during my holidays!

Yes, I'm SO watching Avengers tomorrow. I heard it's a 2 hour 40 minutes film and I didn't think it'll be that long. But I'm sure it will be the best movie for 2012!

Monday, May 7, 2012



I was giving peace signs to Nadiah in which she gave me a 'wtf' look. HAHA.

Chris highlighted his hair a bit, looks kinda nice since it's one or two shades lighter than black. Makes me wanna highlight my hair too. Hmmm....

Anyways! I already packed my clothes and my god, why did I have SO many clothes?? I'm lazy to pack now since I'm so sleepy. I mean, I only had 5 hours of sleep while memorising some of those theories. It's worth it though since the questions came out.

And now all I need is to plan a list of things that I wanna do for this long break!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

#1565 - Takumi-kun Series, Ano Hareta no Aozora

Ano Hareta no Aozora is the 5th installment of the Takumi-kun series movie.

I can't wait to watch it~!

After exams, I shall have a movie marathon.

Thanks for making this post popular!

P.S Comment if you know what you want ;)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

#1564 - 1 more to go!

Yesterday as I was studying for English, I saw the 3 dogs hunting for food. So I ended up observing them. In cartoons I always see dogs digging the ground to hide their bone and I saw the exact tsame thing too, just that they're not hiding any bone but searching for food. I suspected it was the frog and yep, one did popped out from the ground after the dog managed to dug one.

The exams today was 'pretty moderate', quote from Daniel. I actually predicted one question and it came out the exact same thing. I hope I did okay.

Comm text was out. And why do I have the feeling that the questions can be difficult for this one compared to the past questions?

Nevermind, like what Nike said, "Just do it."

Thursday, May 3, 2012

#1563 - Kantan ya!

Despite for 5 hours of sleep, I'm surprisingly not sleepy. I even tried to take an afternoon nap after lunch but instead had a 20 minute power nap. I read elsewhere that power nap is better than an afternoon's sleep? Hmmm...

So! Today was my Japanese 1 paper. Needless to say, it was easy like pie ;) I finished the whole paper in about 40 minutes time but of course, it's just way too early to exit at 9.40AM so I just checked my paper twice, correcting any mistakes. Then it was 10:15AM and I just can't help it anymore. Thankfully, Nadiah called teacher and I used this opportunity to give my paper and said "arigato gozaimashita." Can't wait to start Japanese level 2 now!!

Some of my friends finished their exams already by today. How nice. I have to sit for 2 more papers.

I already had blocked nose, thanks to me sitting in front for my first paper. And I even consumed cold drink today without thinking about my health. Now I'm hoping my mini-cough and runny nose won't be terrible by drinking hot or warm water. =_= [This instead of -_- for I have double eyelid. LMAO]

English oh English. Why art thou cause miserable to thy? (Ohkay, that's literature.)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#1562 - Monkeys

I'm kinda happy that I woke up at 8.30 today after only having 5 hours of sleep. From my previous post, yeah, I was tired at 12-ish but somehoe the majestic Internet dragged me on til 3-ish.

During those dead hour time, I saw a phone for my liking. It's SE Xperia Acro HD SO-03D. It's the latest model from the Xperia family I supposed. Manufactured last month. And I stumbled upon this when I wanted to find one SE model at QQEstore.

At least $1000! Heck, it's more expensive than my laptop (Lappy is 1k) AND IT'S A FRIGGIN ANDROID PHONE EVEN! I really want it, not because it's my fav phone brand, IT HAS NTT DOCOMO imprinted behind the phone! NTT docomo is a phone service from Japan. Yeah, obsess much with stuffs from Japan.

Anyways, today I am Liza the Explorer. What I discovered today was truly amazing.

Firstly, I saw the largest anteater of my life. The length is at least 1 meter, but I think it has the same length as me if I lay down. So yes, the size of an average human being. I'm pretty sure it was an anteater since I saw its tongue in action, like licking the floor or something.

So,  I opened my window to allow air circulation in my room and at 1 point of the day, it rained a bit. I was studying on the bed when I heard a sound of the tree branch being snapped. I looked around and ta-da, a pack of monkeys! Like 8 of them I think. It's definitely a family.

And since I have experience dealing with monkeys (well, not really) I slowly closed the window. That big tree in front of my window is very near and I think the monkey will be able to swing in. Plus, if a monkey had an eye contact with ya, you're doomed. I managed to close the window and it did made a bit of squeech sound. Then their heads turn over to me, who's sitting in amazement.

Then somehow they left the tree to the rooftop. Scientists said that the primate shares at least 90% of DNA with us humans, right? Well, I kinda not help but to agree. Coz as each of the monkey was leaving the tree to the rooftop, the eldest of the monkey actually waited for all of them before leaving. How do I know that monkey is the eldest? Well, I had almost been chased by it once when I was taking pictures of them, and its features kinda give away. But basically, as the leader, you're the last to leave. Just like us humans, right? Somehow it just amazed me.

Believing the monkeys are gone, I opened the window again. Then left my room for a while. As I came back, 2 of the monkeys were actually at the other end of the staricase! They were so damn close, if not the door gate seperated us. I think they are terrified to see me coz I'm 'entering' their territory. I know I'm scared that the monkey will approach me or something coz I did said I almost got chased right? The last time I took pictures of them, I was actually on top level and the baby monkey cried for help when it saw me, then the eldest kinda chased up. Of course, I ran up one level then the monkey just left.

But yeah, me and the monkeys were so damn near to each other. But somehow, I quickly entered my room and closed the window. Instead of trying to revise, I was observing the primates. So some of them were eating the grass. I guess most of us likes to eat the soft part of a food right? Surprisingly that's what the monkeys were doing too! They just pulled up one of the grass and ate the roots of that grass. The roots or the lighter colour of the leave is the young one, or perhaps should I say the more soft ones.

They left the area by climbing up the gate. Yes, the leader was the last one to leave. I was glad I get to see them again since I haven't seen them ever since the dogs came in to the hostel. But too bad I didn't bring my camera to take pictures of those monkeys!

#1561 - Everybody GO

Above title is one of the song title from Kis-my-Ft2. =3

Anyways, earlier on (technically yesterday) I had my first exams paper. It was 'Intro to Media Studies' a.k.a media module. I think I did okay... (nervous laugh) The past year papers questions were so common sense. And the paper earlier wasn't that difficult at all. "But I wish I studied earlier" is a regretful thing to say so "I did my best, it's up to Fate" sounds more positive in it.

So, 24 hours before, at around the same time, I had the urge to look up for my next sem's module. Yes, hunting for modules in the midst of exams when that can be done AFTER exams. I hope the timetable doesn't change but I guess most likely it will. Still, I need to research for more ideas about those modules coz taking 1 mod from FOS/IHS is a pain in the ass, really.

I swear, if I were to take first aid mod, I will most likely kill that person instead. HAHA. Plus, all these health mod isn't my cup of tea. No exams sounds cool but I don't know. I'll see how things work out next sem.

Papers left: 
  • Japanese 1
  • Intro to English Language & Linguistics
  • Intro to Comm
Japanese 1 may be a piece of cake but somehow there's this unease feeling. Hmmm... The other 2 mods, I had been reading and memorised bits, not sure if my brain wanna cooperate with me or not.

Bleh, exams sux. Time to sleep.