Tuesday, June 26, 2012

#1600 - 誕生日でーす

I have to do something today. I mean, it is my day afterall xD [Thanks to the greetings on FB~]

SO! I woke up at around 11-ish and since I know I'm going to be bored like the whole afternoon (aside from picking up my siblings from school and work) so I decided to meet my girlfriends last minute. Texted up Joyceline and she came with Yuen and Deborah (whom I haven't met for AGES!) and I picked up Kavitha, my bestie.

I decided to meet them up at CBTL coz I crave for the ULTIMATE. Heck, I even ordered extra large size. And I'm somewhat proud to say that I managed to pull Joyceline for her first Coffee Bean drink (despite not being a coffee drink haha) coz I've been trying to do so during our uni times. Oz Liew, Miko-chan's junior was there and he greeted me as well. Kinda surprised that he did so since I disable my birthdate at FB and he remembered it coz from FB xD

So the 5 of us chit-chat our ways and I loved hearing stories from Singapore (Joyceline and others went there for a trip. boo hoo. xD) and UK (Kavitha's and Deborah's). It was nice hearing their experiences and all.

Joyceline asked us if we are fine to go for movies. I was like "huh? Where?" "Seria lah! Where else?" haha. I sometimes forgotten that Seria already have cinemas to watch.

Then some commotion happened before I ended up at Seria at around 6PM. Joyceline booked Excapade and we had dinner there. I hate to say this but the services were slow and the food quantity is somewhat getting lesser? The Ebi Furai I ordered came late and in the end we had to tapau back coz we were late for our 7:30PM movie. But I'm happy coz I get to eat tamago sushi, twice. haha.

I didn't know what movie we were watching and I think Joyeline picked the best movie - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. We were like saying "let's hope the vampire doesn't sparkle or glows" (reference to Edwards Cullens) HAHA. And my god. IT WAS AWESOME! Screw the critics who give a low rating for this movie. Lot's of real vampires and killing and I swear, having this in 3D doesn't make it any better. I did closed my eyes for a few scenes coz I just couldn't bear watching it. So I relied on the BGM to tell me if the scene is safe or not. LMAO.

And thanks to this movie, I am SO curious about Lincoln the president himself. I wished I read up on Lincoln before watching this movie so that I could relate it to the movie i.e American Civil War, his politics career, etc. But even if I didn't, the movie makes it clear and obvious.

I didn't think I would met up with Roza and Rahim! It's been a while! I talked with Roza and I like how she somewhat got lost on New Years Day at 3 in the morning. It is scary but I supposed it's something you experienced outside your country. Funny and not funny at the same time. haha.

Sent Kavitha back home and had my late dinner while flipping the TV channel. TV3 was showing a movie titled 'Black Mask' (Cantonese-dubbed) starring my favourite actor, Jet Li. I know I still love him XD And I thought "What better way to end this day with watching my favourite actor on TV?" =3

I'm dead tired now and I have a lot of things to do. Excited for tomorrow!


Tamago sushi

Hana Set. Of course, I took the tamago sushi xD

Godzilla Roll!

Tori Kara Age

Late dinner =3

Prezzies and gifts. I shall blog about this soon....

Friday, June 22, 2012

#1599 - Inoo? OK!

Above title is a Japanese pun (well, more like) coz "Ii no? OK!" means "OK? OK!"

Anyways, this post is dedicated to Inoo Kei, my favourite member of Hey! Say! JUMP

Why do I like him out of all other guys? I think it's because he's older than me so I won't feel like a pedo? HAHA

Actually, I admire him as he can juggle his time between school (4th year university student!) and work (idol industry). I mean, he must have been intelligent to be able to study til his final year! Plus, working as an idol member does mean a lot of practises (coz HSJ always have concerts). So how the heck can he do all those??

Lastly, a picture of him. I think he looks pretty cool here!

Wherever you are, I always love you! xD


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#1598 - A day's life

Last night I was reading up on Adjudicators' guide for Australs since I'm going to be practising as a judge today. And it was great I guess? haha.

Practise session ends at 2:30 and headed to Hua Ho Manggis for a late lunch.

Had tamago sushi and it's only $2 for 4 pieces! Pardon the picture for only having 2 tamago sushi since I ate 2 of it (I was dead hungry). My breakfast was mee goreng at 9. haha. The tamago sushi was so cheap!

Gyudon rice for $4. This one was meh. Not that nice. I wanted to have noodles but opted for rice instead.

Went out laptop hunting with my sister at around 5:30-ish around Kiulap area. At least she managed to ask about what she wanted. Then she saw this "Boba tea" and bought one:

I stole her dinner since it was given free and she doesn't want it.
Busy day ahead!

Monday, June 18, 2012

#1597 - TBS Haul ft Lily Cole!

Referring from this post, I bought these 3 items!

L - R:
TBS Lily Cole Liquid Eyeliner,
TBS Lily Cole Shimmer Cubes Palette 24
Organic Cotton Cosmetic Buds
I've been eyeing on TBS Lily Cole limited edition items for ages ever since it came out in May over at the States. I googled for the pictures of the whole range, which isn't that much, and of course, reality hits me, the items (albeit how big the picture is) are kinda small in quantity.

Anyways, I bought the cotton buds for no reason i.e impulse. The liquid eyeliner only comes in purple colour:

And there's only 1 kind of shimmer cube from this line as well:

Shimmer cube is selling at $34.90 and I used my 50% discount voucher so it's $17.45 for me :P For the liquid eyeliner, it's $19.90 (kinda pricey?) but I used the 30% voucher from the TBS card xD Organic cotton buds is only $3.90 for 200 pieces.

Can't wait to try them and write a review soon~

#1596 - Prometheus

I know I'm not a movie goer but is it safe to say that I probably starting to be one soon?

So since I'm going to the city so I thought why not stop by Mall and watch Prometheus?

Large Dad's Root beer and cinema ticket

I kinda regret buying the root beer (large even!) coz by the end of the movie, it's no longer 'gassy' and it just lost its flavour.

2D Ticket?
Too bad the 3D screening for Prometheus was late or otherwise I could've bought the 3D ones. I settled for the 2D ones instead.

I think overall the movie was okay. Some gory scenes but overall, I'd give a 3.5 out of 5.

But! The actor, Michael Fassbender, who played David (the robot in human form) was hot~ haha. And apparently he acted as Rochester for 'Jane Eyre' 2011 drama film! omg! Fassbender as Mr Rochester!! Pardon the literature excitement.

I snapshot this as well:

And I think I know what my next movie to watch is going to be.

Of course, a TBS haul despite I did said I'm broke already. Blogging about the haul next! [Post about the haul here~]

Sunday, June 17, 2012

#1595 - Random

You know how cute kids can be when they do whatever their parents told them to do?

Well, I got kissed by my 2 year old nephew, Nicholas.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

#1594 - A Week!

It'll be another 30 minutes before I can declare myself not blogging for 8 days. Haha.

What happened for a week?

Hmmm.. Nothing interesting, really. Or maybe.

I wanna shop at TBS and TFS but then I'm broke (actually I'm saving up for an upcoming trip. Still... -_-)

Then I wanna clean my room but in the end, that's all there is. Not so spacious. I have to clear off the stuffs on the main table and mini table.

I wish to have a book shelve so that I can store my ever piling CLEO & RAY mags.

Haiz... suddenly everything needs money.

I gotta start saving up!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

#1593 - Madagascar 3

Yesterday I met up with Joyceline and Yuen since I haven't met both of them for quite some time. We went to Moi Nam and then somehow, the 3 of us headed to Seria to watch Madagascar 3 as it was the nearest available time slot upon our arrival.

It was in 3D and the cineplex was half full. I saw parents bringing their kids as well. The movie overall was very funny. I didn't regret watching M3 although I never bothered watching M1 & 2. Somehow the 3D effects at Seria was more, how I should I say it, 'real' than Mall's? Coz there's this 1 scene where the giraffe was like right in front of your eyes. I swear it was so surreal.

And maybe due to the 'real' effects, I somewhat teared up from halfway of the movie until the end. No, I wasn't crying because of the movie. I'm not sure if it's my tiredness or the effects. But Joyceline and Yuen seemed fine with their eyes. Hmmm...

Last night I watched Runway Beat featuring Seto Koji. And suddenly I have a thing for guys who know how to make fashionable clothings.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

#1592 - 20 more days!

I just realised it's 20 more days til the special day!

Hmmm I haven't got anything planned out yet. Not too sure as well.

I know what I want: Chocolate birthday cake and SUSHI. FUCK YEAH.

#1591 - Past few days

From my last update, the next 3 days including today was so-so?

I know I've been online for an average of 6 to 8 hours daily and sleeping late. So everyday more or less is the same routine which kinda bores me.

I woke up at 10 today coz I sent my grandma to Sg Liang clinic. So far but not that I have a choice, do I? Then I tried to asked her about the past i.e WW2, her life. It's so bizarre to know of such tales.

Then Violette got serviced today. I was such a noob when it comes to oil for car. Mom insisted to buy the yellow one rather than blue coz it's slightly cheaper. Maybe one day if I got employed I'll treat Violette well.

Tomorrow there's supposedly a debate meeting. I don't really wanna go but Mom told me to just go, even if it's far. It sucks really having to drive that far. Somehow my body does not mind driving up but on the way back is the worst one coz by then, my body won't have the energy to drive back and I might have to get some shut-eye on the highway. Coz I know by the time I reached Sg Liang, my eyes were already half-closed. With the stupid law of the max speed on the highway again means I can't drive fast. Like. really, highway where got speed limit one oh. Yeah, it sucks to drive that far.

It's OK. I just need to be more positive tomorrow. Yeah, that's it.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

#1590 - TBS mini-haul

Went to Mall yesterday coz there's this warehouse sale. 60% off.
Of course you have to purchase 4 items and above to be eligible. What a put off. I thought warehouse sale means to clear off old stock. Would've been great I ca just buy 1 item for 60% off instead of at least 4.
Bought CLEO Malaysia June issue. So boring. Like, really.
My mini haul: strawberry lipbalm, lip brush and sponge.