Sunday, July 29, 2012

#1614 - Toy Story 3 Ending

I just watched this video and I cried terribly.
I told myself not to cry but by the time Andy showed his Buzz Lightyear toy, I broke down.
It just happened. Haha. :'(
I guess some things are better off not changed. I wish TS3 ending isn't this.
Edit: I just saw my July 15 2010 post (It has been that long??) and I mentioned that I will cry the 2nd time if I watched the movie. Truthfully even after 2 years I still did, even if it is just the ending.

Monday, July 23, 2012

#1613 - Mayday! School is starting soon!!

As much as I refuse to believe it, the new term is starting soon.

That also means there are so many things to do this week and enjoying my last week of holidays. heh.

I've been sleeping at 3am and woke up at noon. Felt like I had wasted my morning. Oh wells.

Grrr.. Can I like just enjoy 1 more week of holidays?

Friday, July 20, 2012

#1612 - Batman + Reunion

Yesterday I didn't know which movie to kill time til 7 to pick up my sister and I saw this:

And since it's July 19, I totally forgotten it's the premier of Batman so I thought I should just go watch it. Well, it was unexpected so I got the furthest right seat. Needless to say, my neck stiffed a bit coz I always book my seat as center as possible to prevent neck cramps.

Anyways, I love this movie. I never watched the 1st and 2nd movie of the Batman trilogy so not so sure about the whole storyline. It's okay. I like Christian Bale's Batman voice more than Bruce Wayne's. haha! Seriously, Batman's voice is just so intimidating! Anne Hathaway played The Cat and she's so good in acting as well!

Overall, a 4.5 over 5 for my ratings.

Then today, we had a reunion with some of the ex Sc 2 mates. Since it was last minute, not everyone could make it. There's me, 2 BFFs, Malek, Khai, Amal and her bf and Waie. I guess not many changes from the guys. Everyone is the same. haha. We were at WYWY for 3 hours and time flew very fast. I mean, all I did most of the time was just listening to stories and didn't realised the time.  It was great to know everyone is well.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

#1611 - Tretinoin Cream

I guess I am intrigued with the dermatologist's words about how tretinoin cream can remove acne scars.

And I did a bit of research about the nature of this cream. The medicine I was given was Stieva-A which is a 0.025% concentration of tretinoin cream.

From News-Medical:

"Stieva-A Cream helps to: 
  1. Make your skin less oily 
  2. Loosen blackheads and whiteheads so that they come out more easily 
  3. Stop new blackheads, whiteheads and spots from forming 
  4. Lowers the number of red, inflamed acne spots."
And I can't wait to actually see the effects of the claims! I mean, if it's from a pharmacy, it should be better than the ones being heavily commercialized, right? Well, there's no telling about it until I used it for at least 2 months. I wonder if tretinoin is better than benzoyl peroxide, another ingredient for combating acne..

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#1610 - TFS Haul + Idols

Following from the previous post, I finally got myself a TFS haul with the last 20% voucher. So what did I buy with that?

4 pieces of face mask and a lash curler! Reason being, I'm broke. Plus, I'm waiting for member sale which is 25% off all items and  I think it's worth buying during that time coz you'll get extra 5% off instead of just 20%. Yes, every discounted percent counts! :P

Speaking of masks, I bought 2 apple 2 cucumber masks from my KK trip last month and had yet used them. Oh yea, I still have 2 more at Joyceline's. xD

Got these 2 BB cream samples as well. I'm not sure if it will suit me or not. Hmm..

Then, I stumbled upon this DVD! It's AKB48 and SKE48 joint performance at Macau way back in 2010. It's only $14 so I thought, "Why not?" Oh the temptation.

And the best purchase today is Utada Hikaru's 13th single 'Dareka no negai ga kanau koro'. It's only $5!! I didn't think I would see Hikki's single here!

But lmao at 'Chinese' when it is a Japanese original CD.

#1609 - Super Woman

I am half-dead as I am typing this (literally).

Yesterday, hangout with BFFs, Xing Rong + her bf and Li Shi. It was supposedly at the padang but then no place to sit and eat (unlike previous years) so we ended up having dinner at Procter. I was somewhat reluctant but I guess it was okay. Then lepak somemore at Coffee Bean til 11pm+.

And just as I was about to doze off, I suddenly remembered I have a dermy appointment in 5 hours time from the hour I slept (Slept at 2AM).

Managed to wake up and went for the appointment. The dermatologist said the tretinoin cream can remove my acne scars! And I have to urge to have my million dollar smile showed up right after that. Haha. I never used that cream despite being subscribed to it but I think I shall use it religiously. So yes, I am that desperate to remove acne scars coz they are fucking ugly on the face.

After that went to BSB for some official business before I lazed around the 3 Malls area at Berakas. Got myself a TFS haul, AKB48 DVD, Hikki's single for $5!!

I have no pics now, but I guess I'll upload them later or whenever I felt like larh.

Monday, July 16, 2012

#1608 - 2 more weeks

In exact 2 weeks time, I'll be starting a new semester for uni.

I can't believe it though coz I felt like I wasted my 2 months break with Internet instead of watching J-dramas or trying to complete that paper mache. Ugh.

But going to KK didn't felt wasted at all, since I learn new things and gained experiences.

Still! I need to kick start my 'study mood' soon. I mean, I need to increase my GPA and study smart.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

#1607 - Clothing or Makeup or Skincare?

The moment I bought that cheap $3 plus black eyeliner pencil from 'Follow Me', I guess it's safe to say that my life turned to a new point: (Artificial) Beauty.

I wasn't a makeup junkie til this year, I think. The past had been me experimenting this stuff, that stuff. Suffice to say, it's the wrong products. Then somehow I don't know how I managed to equip myself with makeup knowledge (Oh wait, it's been those CLEO magazines I bought). But even there were times I wanted to use makeup, I think twice about whether or not I should really apply these foreign, chemical things into my face for a glam moment.

Prove is, I actually packed the essential makeup stuffs I needed for my face to KK last trip. I thought I would use at least ONE item (BB cream, eye shadow, eyeliner, etc) but in the end I dumped them altogether and go through everyday with a bare, natural face. So yes, wasted that amount of space for my luggage. I even thought of dolled up myself for the grand dinner during the last day but in the end, I only cleanse my face. Somehow, what kinda drives my esteem down is looking at a high schooler ACTUALLY using makeup on her face. I was like "wtf?" Suddenly I thought my face my fugly without something to hide those scars and blemishes.

Even if I spent such an amount of time artificially beautifying my face, I don't like the fact that my forehead sweats the most and fast. Whilst applying compact powder that promises matte finish, it still won't do. I don't know if I should try a high-end brand to ensure the powder 'stays' and don't melt but then I thought "why should I spend so much on beauty if that means speeding up my face age?" And that's just not one concern.

I have yet found the perfect colour to blend my skintone. Like, I really don't know which colour blends me well. I felt like my yellowish skin tone colour is hard to find coz so far, I've seen orange finish, or light brown finish or even worst, pale white finish. The thing is, putting the wrong colour looks so odd that I need to find a top that covers my décolleté (the body part between neck and chest) coz when taking a picture, you can tell the shiny, radiant beauty skin tone is the one that has been put on makeup (not oily shine) while the other plain, dull looking is the original skin tone. Of course, anyone apply makeup on the skin will realised that their face is more 'prettier' than the neck or arms or décolleté. Which of course, sucks. I mean, who the heck wants to see that? I know I don't. Of course, the easy solution is to find something that can cover every parts of the body except your 'pretty' face. Easier said then done to be honest.

Back to the point about blending, I'm not sure if I have faith in cosmetics now since I think I should be focusing on skincare regime i.e removing scar, blemishes, etc Coz honestly, investing on these is WAY much better than artificial beauty. But can I say that I somewhat gave up hope on that as well?

I don't know what really works on my face right now. I do want a blemish-free skin but hey, hormones to be blamed for this fugly face. I tried this cleansing foam that claims to give you acne-free face but guess what, acne still exists in my life! Like what?? If I finished using that, I swear I won't buy it again. Acne destroys my life, 'nuff said. Nothing is worst than having these ugly spots on your face during pre or post PMS. If I'm given 3 wishes, 1 of it is definitely no more ACNE. I just wish my gene is the ones with pretty face. Like, seriously. Without much skincare regime (and makeup and photoshop) your face still looks like those being edited from the magazine, except that I want pores.

One of the worries I think every girls (not sure about guys) have is clothes. Yes, I never gave a thought about this til I actually study in uni. I mean, I honestly don't mind wearing the same clothes over and over again (knowing about my financial status, plus I don't seemed to see myself being oh-so-fashionable anyways. What's more important is intelligence what.) but I wish I could find pretty tops for my size. Like, the pretty tops are always for slim girls. Still, one piece of clothing is pricey if I want to revamp my wardrobe. I seriously need to buy more clothes for appropriate events. I have yet have a black dress or a white office wear, these 2 things which I consider a must for formal wears. Still, they're all not that important, are they?

All these 3 are related to improving one's self-image. I guess I'll just do whatever I want (why should I care about other people), along with being mindful with the cash and I should be okay. After all, "ones who owe no money at all is the richest person of them all".

#1606 - Cloudy Day

These days has been rainy and cloudy, making me wanna sleep all day.

But! I felt adventurous to actually go for a haul from TFS but failed, due to the unpredictable weather. By the time I felt like going for a haul with my 20% voucher, the weather turned bad.

I managed to buy this particular item after much hesitation: GARNIER's Pure 3 in 1

Click picture to view claims
Now, really. When this product hits the shelves, I wasn't so optimistic.Perhaps Garnier's R&D is so great that they came with this 3-in-1 product. I don't think I've seen something like this before, where you can use one product for the 3 most important skin care regime. I haven't used it yet and most likely not so soon, since I still have cleansing foams to finish it.

I guess this means I should go research which TFS products I should really, really buy since I want this to be the last!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

#1605 - Laptop woes + Dramarathon

I abandoned my laptop for 5 days coz I've been busy with the new toy.

And I realised I got a lot of things to watch despite my holidays ending soon. omg.

I only managed to complete watching 1 Japanese drama, no animes.

Yeah, says the person who wanted to finish watching all her animes and dramas during the summer break. Somewhat wasted.

That aside, my laptop is nearing 2 years of age. I'm scared. But I think Acer laptop can tahan gua... Hopefully larh coz I don't have money to buy a new laptop just yet.

What prolly will scare me is both laptop and old nokia phone condemn at the same time =_=

But yeah, I thought of having to reformat my laptop but then again, where am I going to store 44Gb worth of music? I don't mind my 120+GB worth of videos gone (coz I can just ask from people? lol)


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

#1604 - Monday night

It was full of awesomeness. I realized that I am not alone about some issues that I worried about. Guess people do share the same dilemma.

But aside from that, I was glad to meet up with YB, Ming Hang, Xing Rong, Li Shi, Denise, my 2 BFFs and unexpectedly Mervin.

Friday, July 6, 2012

#1603 - Hauls from TBS and TFS

I felt so damn rich when I know I'm not but I decided to use 2 of the 3 remaining bday vouchers today.

First off was this 50% off for 1 item from TFS. It's the 'Infinite Powder Foundation' from the Phytogenic line. I think I picked the darkest shade out of the other 3 (there's NB 21 and 23) and NB 25 appears to have the heaviest coverage? I haven't exactly use it on my face just yet. And I only realised that this is a mineral powder (yeay!) after I bought it back home.

Click on the pic to read the claims.

It's casing is of mirror-like which you can see the reflection.

I still have TFS 20% voucher left and not sure what to buy. Coz I told myself to not spend anymore from cosmetics after this. (Dear God please let this be true!)

The other 20% voucher from TBS for all items was spent on 2 bottles of Tea Tree Oil. Heck. It was somewhat hard to pick for which items to be well spent on coz I was thinking of trying those night time moisturisers but then again, I still have that cheap essence moisturiser. Wanted to buy that tea tree skin clearing lotion but it's $26.90? =_= heh.

Last last settle for 2 bottles of tea tree oil coz it works for drying pimples the next day. Not sure about clearing off blemishes. Argh, screw it. Blemishes can only be covered by Photoshop or makeup. 'nuff said.

But!! I bought this waterproof mascara since it's 30% for members. My god, it SURE is waterproof coz when I took a warm shower earlier, it doesn't wanna be removed! And it perfectly stays on the eyelashes until I remove it with baby oil (not so effective) and water-based makeup remover (works better).

I guess I'll do reviews soon, that is if I bothered to. haha.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

#1602 - KK Trip

I only told the 4 girlfriends who were with me on my birthday that I will be going off to KK 2 days later. I still can't believe I didn't tell my BFF Sie Ying about this! Gosh I felt so bad now. m(-_-)m

Anyways, thanks to Jordine for booking the tickets a day later coz we somehow saved $20. heh. Our flight on the 27th was on 6:40PM and I wished there was a morning flight so we have some times in the morning or afternoon to shop or something. Surprisingly, the journey to KK only took us 20+ minutes, not even more than half an hour! I was like "WTF?" coz that's just SO DAMN short compared to my first not-so-horrible trip via bus for 8 hours!

Upon arrival at KKIA, I was looking around for some guy holding a piece of paper with 'UBD' on it or something. But luckily, I got hold of the guy who's in charge of transport, Yatchi, and asked Julius to call him with his Malaysian number. Thank god for at least someone having a Malaysian line, really saved a lot of $. By the time we got onto the bus, it was 7:30-ish. The bus picked up some other participants from the other terminal before we made our way to the host university, UMS.

Mother of God, UMS was so effing huge! Well, I passed by that uni last year when we went to 1B but never actually entered into their campus. I wish I studied at a large uni campus like that. haha. We arrived at one of the engineering faculty for the debate briefing. To my surprised, everyone in the meeting room were students, except for 1 or 2 who's in-charged of the high schoolers. Now, high schoolers in a debate competition even! O.o Even the adjudicators are all students, like me! I swear that's just not the first of the many surprises I encountered.I was even told that it's no surprise if high school debate team can beat uni teams.

By the time the briefing finished, it was 11-ish and we had an early start tomorrow. We settled to our apartment and went to McD for the wifi. Thank god for the 24 hours McD just nearby the place we stayed. I tried the chicken McFolder thingy which wasn't sold here. Well, I could get it if I drive 30 minutes to the nearest McD but it's just not that 'near'. We all had supper then went to this 24 hour convenience store. I bought my very first item, a RM1.50 1.5 litre water which was ripped off coz at the other store, it was sold for RM 1. heh.

I'm pretty sure we stayed up til 2-ish talking before waking up less than 5 hours later for the first round of competition, titled 'Round Zero'. It's just a warm-up session before getting onto the real thing. I was glad there's such thing called 'Round Zero' coz after that round, I was utterly culture-shocked with the way they debate. It's just SO different from the way we do here. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the format (i.e we do AP, this competition is Australs) You know when you have to note down everything and analyse it within a set amount of time? The hell they can do so with noting down the points VERY NEATLY and managed to analysed it picture-perfectly. Mine was all over the papers.

I think I got the hang of adjudicating their way per se after Round Zero and the official Round One. But I think the team got it big time. There were 2 more rounds after round one before it was called Day 1 of the competition. While waiting for adjudicating, I get to meet several other student adjs like me and made friends, something that I honestly didn't think of doing so at the first place. Yeah, making new friends. Not that I am anti-social, just that I'm not so willing to step out of my comfort zone just yet.

So! Day 1 ended and we went straight for sea food dinner with other participants. The night market was so lively. I got to ate the largest prawn ever at RM 25 each. I asked for masak panggang but they put in some sort of paste but it wasn't that bad. The prawns were priced at RM 100 for 1 kg so it was just perfect that 4 prawns were 1 kilo. I ordered this seafood kuey tiaw and well, I still think my mom's cooking is better. Along side with the dinner was this crab. The last time I ate crab was like 10 years ago? So I have no idea how to eat crab, so I simply used my ancestral instincts i.e stone age way of eating it. lol Sounds so ridiculous.

We eventually walked all the way to Warisan Square in search of wifi. So the 4 of us decided to be at Starbucks at 10. We got split to 2 groups and I walked with Julius around the area. WS was so weird imo coz the 'mall' seemed to disconnected. I entered SaSa, a cosmetics store since they're having Sales. I blew off RM50 for the gel eyeliner that I've been wanting to buy: Heavy Rotation. Coz Nadiah tried the gel eyeliner on me and I somewhat experienced the effectiveness and I concluded, this is my HG eyeliner. Thank god the store sold this!

We stopped by Times Bookstores and of course, I bought CLEO for RM 7.70. Still cheap compared to here selling at $5. Cheap, but content-wise, I still prefer Singapore version one loh. Too bad Ray July edition isn't in yet, or I would have bought it. Oh! The premiere issue of ViVi was in stock too and I happily bought it as well. lol. I browsed around the bookstore and I found one classical book that I wanted: 'Far From the Madding Crow' by Thomas Hardy. I love Hardy's work and is determined to buy them all, despite being lazy to read them.

Eventually the 4 of us met at Times bookstore but since I'm so bored at the bookstore, I searched around for Sabah Coffee. Thankfully, this dried meat store sold them and I bought all in all, 7 packets. I wish I could buy the dried meat but most of them are pork. We went to Starbucks and I tried out this new green tea blended drink. I don't think I fancy it much coz they put in the grass jelly into the drink? What a weird combo but okay lah, I don't get to drink Starbucks at here what. Internet wasn't that good at Starbucks that Skyping with Daniel, our lecturer, couldn't pulled through. I think we stayed for 1 hour plus before decided to go to McD for a better connection. IM him more instead. Then I guess it was few more hours of chit-chat til the wee hours before the next day.

Day 2 of competition witnessed more debate rounds, and it was also the day of the Semi-Finals. It was only 1 round before the long lunch break. Since it was Friday and there was a break for those who performed the Friday prayers, the rest of us walked to 1B. It was that far, more like less than 1 KM walk I think? If only The Mall is located next to UBD or something. Yeah right. Well, thankfully it was sunny but as we walked it a large group, it didn't felt that far.

Do I miss 1B? Certainly! I mean, there were just SO many shops to shop and window-shop but I think I will miss Vivo at Singapore more. Anyways, thinking that I won't be coming here again, I think I blew off quite a few RMs here and there. I went to SaSa (again) but the services were so slow that I had to cancelled off 2 of the items :'( So sad. Also bought a top for RM30. I think the price not bad lah. I mean, 1B has so many clothing stores! My sister should really come here instead of asking me to buy clothes for her. lol

Back to UMS for the semi-finals. Thankfully I wasn't adjudicator anymore so I could go watch 2 debate rounds. One was the 'Silent Round' before tea break and the 4 teams that managed to entered the semis were announced after the tea break. During the semis, I was SO sleepy that I let Becky in charged of recording, whereas I was at the other end, layin' my head on the wall and slept through for 15 minutes. By the time I woke up, the debate was over? I couldn't tahan anymore coz I was already dozing off halfway of the debate so I decided to just sleep at 1 corner.

After the announcement of the teams who proceeded to the Finals at the meeting room, there was a discussion about the Socials the next day. It was the trip to the islands. I don't mind the islands coz isn't that what made KK famous? Perhaps I am out of the zone that I didn't realised there were invitations by some unis for dinner. It's an opportunity to get to know them more which at this point, I wasn't that resistant anymore (to talk).

And well, the dinner was still Pasar Malam food. We went back to the same stall the night before and the employees recognised us. I was like "Boss! Ada discount?" "Ada!" haha. Not sure how much was discounted but for an average RM18 for a delicous dinner, I do need to go back there again! We ordered this big plate of butter prawn and I was like SO HAPPY that Aishah (Sarawakian) can see the big smile on my face. The thing about me and prawns is that I fucking love prawns that I'm proud to say that I ate away 1 kilo (or more) of prawns back in 2007 at Singapore to avoid wastage. And I think I swept away half the plate of butter prawn as well that night coz everyone was enjoying playing mind games and I was there, munching on prawns. Oh yea, 9 of us were playing mind games and no, SO not my cup of tea. I just couldn't get the logic at all. =( Still sad over it tbh. I only can understand 1 mind game out of 4. Blergh. 

The next morning was the islands. Before heading to Jesselton Point, some of us went to McD to tapau breakfast. I had tea which I regretted. We went to Manukan islands this time. The last time I went was Sapi and I prefer Sapi over Manukan tbh. Coz there ain't no big rocks by the beach at Sapi. I guess I was too engrossed with nature that I didn't realised I scratched off my left leg. The scar right now is so fucking ugly. I hope could get medicines (or just anything) to clear it off. Like, it's so fucking ugly lah. Anytime I see this scar, I felt slightly down. heh.

But the islands were full of people. I mean, you don't call that tourist destination if there's no one. I didn't get to see a lot of fishes and zero corals this time round but I think I drank enough salt water. Pfft. But I guess I got something else as well: tanned legs. Seeing the skin colour of my legs changed was amazing I supposed? I don't normally get tanned legs, well, more like I never had the opportunity to evenly tan my legs. Hmmm I think I will need some time to realised it wasn't that 'white' anymore. xD Oh, I survived the islands with a sausage muffin burger with hashbrowns. Hmmm perhaps the fats were burned in the middle of snorkelling.

We had lunch at UpperStar at Suria Sabah since it was very near to walk to SS. OMG UEMURA SHU WAS THERE!! (1 of the famous cosmetics brands like Shiseido) But I didn't get to enter the store. Kik dao. Upperstar food were cheap, without tax. The meal I had was RM7.95 and it was quite satisfying. Screw the 16% tax overall, I'm SO going to this place again.

Went back to the apartment and rested. I think I slept? lol Don't remember liao but I do know we left to UMS for the Grand Finals and grand dinner at 5:30-ish. It was the last night at KK and I'm glad I made full use of it ;) So! Congratz to UTMARA for being champions coz I think I bonded with Elli, their student adjudicator most. So glad they won and we even took a pic with the champions. hehe. Oh, they got my cert IC wrong so I hope I'll receive it sooner. =_=

I like how we spent the last night at KK and I don't think I regret it. I mean, being sheltered in this country is just SO not life lah. But, the best night so far after turning 21. hehe.

In a nutshell, this competition and trip made me learn a lot of new things in debates and life. How could I forget the average 3 to 4 hours of sleep (and no sleep for the last night) for amazing things? I met new friends as well and I hope to visit their states or unis soon!

#1601 - I'm back to blogging!

Hello world! I've been out of the blogging world for a week plus now and I guess I'm back to this virtual writing.

So what had really happened aside from being a lazy ass some other times? I went to KK just recently and maybe I'm still suffering from tiredness despite it being 4 days after I returned.

Or is it just my health getting deteriorated?

 It's possible too since I don't think I ate healthily lately, like too much sugar and fats. Sigh. Fasting is soon and so I guess I'll make full use of it to loose fats.

After this post, I shall be blogging about my KK trip. Hopefully I will be able to blog about it like soon?