Thursday, August 30, 2012

#1622 - Signs of stress?

I think I am somewhat experiencing stress coz I tend to eat a lot -_- If I only I can be anorexic during my times of stress but no, more food!

Well, assignments are piling up as I speak. And because of this, I didn't get to go to 3 open houses invited by my friends :( Well, I did thought of going but when I think about the workload, somehow I think twice. Plus, going to their open houses would also mean I have to travel twice back to capital. But that really isn't the reason that I don't wanna go to the invitations! -le sigh-

#1621 - Another week gone...

Maybe I should consider a weekly update instead? heh.

25.08 - Saturday

No MIB tutorial since our lecturer was kind enough to let it go for that week i.e Raya week. But it's going to be 2 presentations at a go for this coming Sat!

27.08 - Monday

Japanese night class and there's nothing unusual. I like night classes since I am a night owl but then the location for the class is so damn dark. Makes me wonder if there are really these ghosts.

28.08 - Tuesday

MIB in the morning. (As always), taking pictures and didn't really bother listening to the lecture. I half listened and for most of the time, it's out of topic! But the lecturer was funny though.

Then Chris' media class. I think it was okay. Well, I hope it will be okay throughout the whole sem.

29.08 - Wednesday

Datin's LE class. omg, I actually forgotten to do one exr but luckily she didn't check. But my goodness, so many homework from her! How I wish I was the 9 to 12 class. heh

30.08 - Thursday (Today!)

Alex media class was okay. Talking about malay wedding cards as a genre.

In the afternoon was Chris' tutorial. I think this is the best tutorial class yet. We were split into 2 groups and were asked 3 questions. We need to answer the question in our blog for the 1st question (ugh). 2nd question worth 300 words for penalty. The 3rd question worth 200 words penalty should be answer it wrongly. haha. But since we got it all right, the reward is 100 words less for blog entry. How nice~

Thursday, August 23, 2012

#1620 - This Week

Almost another week since my last entry! Well, due to the fact that I don't have any more 'free' wifi at my house makes blogging (and research) all the more not easy.

So~ Raya started on Monday here (whereas the rest of the world for most part started on Sunday) but it doesn't bother me much since I don't visit to a lot of houses.

But what I'm worried now is the assignments. They seemed to be piling on their own day by day.


I -thought- I would be focusing on my studies for this Raya holiday but I guess in the end, I need to help out with the preparations of cakes, etc.

Friday, August 17, 2012

#1619 - A week!

A week had passed by since my last entry. If I can remember what had happened so far...

Saturday (11.08)

Last Saturday for MIB tutorial, we were assigned 'positions' for every week for our class. Basically every week there's assignments, even if you do not have a 'position' because you need to contribute to the presentation. I got to present on week 6, report on week 2 (raya week, ugh), secretary on week 9 and chairperson on week 8. I guess the 'difficult' positions were the first 2 and the other 2 was all right, I hope.

Tuesday (14.08)

I entered Chris's semiotic class for the 2nd time. Well, I don't have to enter but I guess I choosed to? haha. I already knew semiotics since last 2 sems ago during my unibrige times. Then I skipped this lesson last sem coz we were given an option. But for this sem, I attended the lecture. It was from that lecture that I now all the more salute Coco Chanel for redefining femininity.

Weds (15.08)

First LE class at 8AM. I had to be in class before 8AM not because it starts at 8, but rather due to the limited parking spot. Went to pick up Joyceline and luckily there was a parking spot. We waited and it was passed 8. And I thought "Well, they said Datin is punctual about time but it's already passed 8? So maybe we won't have her." Suddenly, a lecturer entered and somehow, from her aura, I knew she was Datin! Me and Joyceline just looked at each other. haha.

This was my first time having a lecturer really lock the doors once she starts her lecture. A bit scary tbh. Seeing from her guidelines, I think LE should be smooth sailing. I mean, I know everything that will be taught for the semester so it should be all right if I work harder. Hoping to get A for this module.

2nd debate meeting had 4 members turned up. Like what Dr Kat said, it is a "trial". I just hope the number won't dwindle down anymore coz it's just nice to train them already. I debated as 2nd speaker and surprisingly, I reached 5 minutes. I forgot the vibe of debating and I still think I'm an average debate but I guess more practice might help.

Oh ya, at night I met up with Ivan coz I wanna listen to his stories of London and Paris. Paris seemed a better place to visit, even Nadiah agrees with that. Went to Q-lap mall hoping to watch Bourne Legacy but they don't have the movie. And I ate at Fleur-de-lys (I think that's how the name is spelled) for the first time! I knew they sell ice cream outside but I never knew there's a restaurant in it. haha. I don't think I wanna go back there anytime soon coz the food are so pricey and the portion is so little, not worth the price.

Thursday (16.08)

After media class by Alex, we had MIB meeting among the team mates. I'm glad that everyone helped out this time round. Then rushed to Chris's tutorial. Since there's only 3 of us, we went to his office and asked questions instead. Well, I asked the other 2 students to go ask first coz I wanted to formulate my questions. Coz on the way to his office, I told Chris that I am still confused over signifiers and signified and he gave me this "WTF" look. haha! But at least I got that cleared up now.

After another media tutorial, since there is still time, I 'barged' into the other Chris' tutorial group. I think he was asking a question to the whole class and when I entered, he repeated the question:

"Is signified the connotation?"

"Yeah, of course."

"Justify yourself."

And I had a slight problem in justifying the answer. I was stuck halfway then Chris was saying "you better give a good answer here because everyone is saying no and you're the only one saying yes. or you'll get an extra 100 words plus 1 more reference."

"100 words and reference? No problem."

"Well, not for you but the others will have problem!"

"OH!!! OK ok.. Let me see..."

But when I did my justification, I ended up with "Am I halfly right?" heh. Well, in the end, everyone got the punishment but since he hadn't post it up yet.. I hope not! haha.

Stayed a night at Nadiah's place to help her with her MIB speech. Had ayam penyet at a restaurant owned by her uncle. The food was nice. Then she told me something which I was a little sad to hear but I think it had changed my viewpoint of something in life.

Friday (17.08)

And now I'm here blogging this up! The room felt so cold since it had rained a bit.

Friday, August 10, 2012

#1618 - August Haul

So! The August haul 2012 is perhaps my first grand haul. Well, I -think- I purposedly did so to break my makeup spree record.

This time round I have products from TBS, TFS, HH, essence and MISSHA. Well, I almost added SKIN79 into this but nah, waiting for their 50% BB Cream thingy xD

But yes, as from the picture, that is a LOT of stuffs and I honestly have no idea why I even buy some of them. Well, discounts were EVERYWHERE and it was just so tempting :'(

I mean, look:

TFS - 20% for 2 items, 30% for 3 items and above
HH - 25% for non-members, additional 5% for members
MISSHA - 20% and 50% (for selected items)
essence - my own 15% discount card xD

TBS doesn't has discounts but the reason why I have 2 items from TBS was because of the free gifts (eye makeup remover and tea tree toner).

But yeah, those discounts were so damn tempting!

From all the items above, I had so far used that essence natural cover moisturiser. Fits well for my skin so I like it very much. And that tea tree pore minimiser which I don't see any difference at all. Or maybe I need patience. haha. But the product is so damn expensive again - $26.90! Ugh.

Oh yeah. I finally purchased that charcoal egg soap from HH. Claims to remove blackhead and tighten pores? Hmmm.. I wonder.. Well, it's $13+ after discount from $18.90 so yeah xD

MISSHA items were the best steal from this haul. Both items I purchased were 50% (Green tea mask which I picked the wrong one again and Aloe Vera Gel Mask or smth like that lah the name) Not sure when I'll be using the gel mask coz apparently I still have the volcanic self-heating mask from TFS that I had yet used.

I saw TFS new product, which was the New Zealand volanic nose strip thingy (I'm lazy to google for name now) so I just bought it on impulse. I was deciding to get 1 or 2 more items but I settled for just one, which is the false lashes. So total was 20% off in a single receipt.

I wonder when will I ever review the products again. haha.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#1617 - Week 2, Sem 2

I can't believe I already have assignments due soon (i.e Week 7).

And I hope I can do well.

First debate club was smooth today. Well, I didn't do a lot of talking since the seniors spoke a lot. Becoming Treasuer is fun since I got cash. lol

Today too was interaction with Kagawa students but I only talked with Nakayama-san who is from Soka daigaku. He seemed pretty sociable.

Friday, August 3, 2012

#1616 - I'm doomed.

Yesterday was the timetable meeting for Japanese 2. Saw some familiar faces but the number of students taking this course dropped to half from level 1.

I was hoping I could have one class on the original time slot (Thurs 4 to 6) BUT because of ONE person who has her core module lecture on that time, we have to cancel it. This time it is only one group so of course, most of the suggested time slot were occupied. Ended up having night classes instead. Hmm I wonder how will it be.

After the meeting, went to Mall with Joyceline. It was a last minute thing and initially we wanted to eat at Swensen but it was full for sungkai. Ended up having mini dinner at Bakerlyn.

Then shopped around the cosmetics store. My god. All these stores are having discounts. I told myself not to spend on those stuffs anymore but nope, I did and I felt guilty. Maybe this is guilty pleasure? Sigh.

Oh yeah, my exams mods were out and yep, I got both of the compulsory breadths listed. I felt bad for Nadiah who didn't get into LE :'( I mean, it was supposed to be the 3 of us taking LE and Japanese 2.

I also got elected as Treasurer and PRO for my debate club. Suddenly I felt like it was a heavy task. I mean, I haven't actually sense the teamwork within the AJK yet but I'm honestly hoping that by next semester, things will get better with some of the new members being elected so that my workload is split to half or more. I don't wanna do everything by myself, you know.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#1615 - Hello new semester

So the night before I officially moved back to my old hostel room, we had a sungkai buffet at Fun Wok, Kiulap. Overall the food were great.

Then halfway through the ride, I realized that I forgotten to bring my bag pack which were full of my reading materials and stationeries AND more importantly, my laptop. I was supposedly watching (or maybe finishing) 2 animes for the past 2 days. haha.

And for the days without laptop and books, I felt so "lifeless". Perhaps it was the lack of presence of the books that made me feel so.

First day of semester was somewhat a bit worrying due to the calculations of the MCs. But I think I got that sorted out.

Yesterday was the 2nd day of semester. And I didn't think MIB first lecture was boring. But, I never expect Chris to teach us media again. Of course, so many laughter and jokes incorporated to his lecture.

And today, had club meeting. I wished we have more AJKs. And effective student council body.