Sunday, September 30, 2012

#1634 - Earlier

I bought these two items (Oxy Icy Cool Wash & Garnier's Zinc Self Heating Mask) coz I am curious of the 'coolness' claim of that cleanser plus, my cleanser's almost running out here.

And since I didn't bring my ash volcano face mask thingy, I bought that zinc mask instead. Hoping to clean my pores (*^^*)

Since today is a hot weather and I was exposed to the sun (I forgot my umbrella) I was tempted to buy whitening cleanser instead but this 'instinct' is telling me that they're useless. But I wanna be fair! Well, at least by one shade lighter. -sigh-

Saturday, September 29, 2012

#1633 - Yesterday and Today

Just a quickie.

Yesterday (28.09)

TBS Member Sale! Went to Mall. I only aim for 2 items: Sakura perfume and Tea Tree Oil. Only got the perfume but fucking no tea tree oil. Tried at Times Square and Giant. Also no hope. Hoping they are having it tomorrow.

Then today, went to look for the item at Times Square only. No luck i.e no more stock. Since this item is so damn popular, then I assume the branches I went yesterday won't have stock too.

Seriously TBS, what the fuck that u have no stock when u  are having member sale?? U practically lost an extra $30+ from me.

Now that I think about it, I wonder if they really are waiting for their 'shipment' to arrive. Oh well. Better luck next time.

But I'm still PISSED about this!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

#1632 - Today

I swear I can't reverse my sleeping cycle yet.

I woke up late and rushed through the rain for my class. I love how the wind was blowing my face. It was cold!

Skipped my tutorial like a boss. Went to Baiduri to get some of my stuffs done. Met Chin Ting there. It;s been a long while since I last saw her.

Walked around Kiarong coz I never been to this area. I saw Icklebooks, Kaizen. A restaurant named 'Cengkih' seemed nice. Maybe I wanna try to eat at that place. And some other cafes too.

Then went to Manggis coz I wanna see if Best Eastern there is selling CLEO Singapore edition. Tough luck. I mean, August edition isn't coming anywhere. And Huo Ho is apparently selling hangbags at 'buy 1 free 1' basis. I didn't bother to ask if I could mix with other bags or not.

It was 4:30-ish when I left Manggis and yes, traffic jam. No biggie. Just take it slow and steady and reached Mall, hoping to find the Sept issue.


Oh yea, I forgot to mention. Apparently Mubarak Emporium (I think I got the bookstore name right) does sell CLEO Malaysia and it's cheaper! $4.30 only!! Maybe I should just go there and buy the CLEO mag instead.

Anyways, I friggin' got a copy of CLEO S'pore edition! Can't wait to read it later to de-stress.

#1631 - Random Thought

I only realised today that I have classes everyday, including Friday.

I don't have a life! heh. Mayyer joked about how I am "the female version of Chris" since Chris admittedly in class that he doesn't have a life.

But I don't wanna be like him!! HAHA. 

#1630 - Time is always jealous with me

I shall blog about what happened yesterday.

Thankfully there's no LE class coz I know I will be bombarded for not doing anything of the assignments yet. They're just too many at a go! All the handouts and one 700 word essay. Not worried about the essay since I have content but prolly a bit for the references. The handouts are like a pain in the arse, really. And why is this a compulsory mod again~?

I skipped debate today for the sake of my night tutorial. From what Mayyer told me, I sure missed out a lot of fun. -le sigh- Hoping I could enter next week but... I'll be like, exhausted!

Coz next Weds schedule goes: 

8 - 11: Class

11 - 2: Break

2 - 4: Debate

4 - 6: Japanese replacement class

6 - 8: Night media tutorial

I don't recall being this busy for one day! Hmmm.. Maybe I should skip Japanese? Ugh..

And the night tutorial went badly. I somewhat believe that the easier the topic it seemed, the harder the questions will be. I only got 2 out of 10 i.e I flunked this test badly. I don't know what to think anymore.

I had my 2nd dinner at 8 since my 1st was at 4pm. I told the waitress that I want butter chicken but I don't know how on earth they served me butter milk chicken. I was, for a moment, not being appreciative but then I said to myself: "oh well, it's free food so nevermind."

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

#1629 - Today

How I wish I have more time to blog about my life.

Anyways, today was Hafizah's birthday. She treated us pizzas from Pizza Hut. And I forgot it's double Tuesday thingy going on too.

The MIB lecture was interesting coz most of the stuffs doesn't exactly touch on 'MIB' but somewhat geography-ish. So I think I should be able to do my best as pembentang, I hope.

Media lecture on visual narratives seemed easy to comprehend but I really, really hope I could nail through the MCQ.

24.09.2012 (Monday)

Yesterday was the start of the 2nd half of the semester til end of Nov i.e exam season. After having Japanese class, went to PH at the airport mall.

Then went to Tony Moly. They're offering free membership cards for ANY purchase! What else to do? Buy something la~ haha.

I bought this snail eye mask for $7.90 (was on discount, O.P $9.90) and in exchange, I received another free mask, and some samples of snail skin care. I was given the options between that, tint, wet tissue and BB Cream. Wished I took the tint instead coz I never seem to use the samples.

Now I can't wait for my lifetime Tony Moly membership card~

70% discount next month for members! Uaaa...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

#1628 - For Elaine

My goodies =3
Months ago, I didn't expect my SG friend to actually willingly buying some of my fandom-related items on credit. I kept on telling her that I will pay but it ended up as a late payment and she doesn't seemed to mind. God bless her soul.

Thank you Elaine! I really, really hope that I will get to see you soon!! I mean, now we are fangirling the same Team K now. HAHA. Oh, the letter was a shocked! I don't quite understand the Japanese but I think you wrote something along the lines "I did this Aamin letter myself"? hehe. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#1627 - Busy

Ever since I went home last Friday, I remain internet-less til today. Currently I am at the hostel using the wifi. Well, I'm here coz I got class tomorrow. Sad life.

I know I got a lot of things to blog, but hopefully I can do it this week or next.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

#1626 - Pizza Hut

I'm typing this at 1AM. Surprisingly I am getting a bit sleepy.

So, today was somewhat free since I have night class. But! Since I slept at 2:30AM, I purposedly didn't set any alarm so that I can sleep as much as I want.

But who knew that 6 hours later at 8:30AM, the grass cutters (is that what you call them? Workers who uses machine to cut the grass) were at around the block and the

noise woke me up! Grrr.. But I guess at the same time I wanted to use the toilet. Thankfully I can go back to sleep for another 2 hours.

Had lunch at 11am. Then at around 3-ish went to datin's office. I think I don't wanna miss class again and won't ask her anything. Even asking for clarification is like

pain in the ass. heh.

Then went to Chris' office to have my permission letter signed. Went to library for an hour and had light dinner at 5:30. Class at 6.

Katakana test was okay. I think can score full marks. xD

After class, me, Kaoru-chan and Erin went to Pizza Hut Times Square. Is it me or everytime we went to PH with Kaoru-chan, there's always a birthday celebration going

on. Haha. I ordered this 'Chicken Tender' for $6.90 since we were sharing pizza and free unlimited salad! Wow. I love this. haha.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

#1625 - Why

I slept quite early yesterday. Well, early as in 12:30AM coz I usually slept later than that time.

Woke up at around 9-ish? I guess it's because I didn't closed the curtain properly, letting bright sunlight penetrating my room and my eyes. I did have a good night's sleep.

Since I decided to cook today, I defrost my sausages, crabstick and chicken. While waiting for the food to defrost, I did my laundry. Thankfully the weather was being a little kind despite there was rain for 5 minutes only.

I used Maggi's spaghetti sauce, the one in packet coz all I need to add was chicken and water. I think I put a bit too much water so the paste isn't sticky (does it make sense?)  and it's somewhat bland. I guess I don't mind coz I don't like salty food. The spaghetti on the other hand, I cooked a bit too much for one person. I had this at 12-ish.

And surprisingly, I was already hungry at 4:30. Needless to say, I went and cooked spaghetti again for my early dinner. After lunch, I decided to clean my room. Then my sister from the states called me. We talked for about 40 minutes. I missed her. :'(

After dinner, here I am, procrastinating my way for assignments... I don't know why I don't feel like doing it. I wonder if PMS is also part of me feeling very lazy.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

#1624 - Today!

A cloudy morning greeted me when I woke up. And after that, heavy rain.

Media class from 10 til 12. 'Psychology and Genre Analysis'. Seemed interesting but hoping I could memorise some of the stuffs soon.

MIB discussion for an hour after that. I wasn't contributing much I guess.

Tutorial: was all right. I like Dr Sharifah since she makes things clearer for me and everyone I presumed.

Oh yes, Elaine DM-ed me at Twitter saying that my stuffs had been sent! Prolly take 2 weeks to arrive since it is a heavy package. I sure hope the package will arrive at the PO safely!! So excited to have them. tbh, I forgot how many mags are there but I know there's a lot. xDD

I went to the library to claim a book that I had reserved. Then somehow went to read one journal titled 'Policy and Politics'. Somewhat mundane coz I don't get some of the ideas published.

And after dinner, I went to this website that sells book presumably cheaper than Amazon. Well, I supposed some books are cheaper. And I actually want to buy at least 1 book. Problem is, it is US-based so maybe I might as well just buy it from the local bookstore.

#1623 - Weekly Update

To be honest, I have vague memories of what happened last Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If I remembered correctly, I sacrificed my Friday for my assignment. I supposed it is worth it coz I can't believe an academic blog entry took me 4 hours. Well, there's time wasters but at least I had that done.

Saturday (1st Sep)

Went back home after tutorial, lunch and nap. Hmm.. I brought back a big load of laundry coz I didn't bother (or maybe not enough time) to do laundry here. Plus, doing laundry here is such a pain in the ass, especially since there is no automatic washing machine! Yes, it is still manual washing machine. I wish the estate provide all blocks with auto ones loh.. I mean, the manual one so damn old liao, got algae somemore And some of the spinners condemn la.

Sunday (2nd Sep)

I know I spent 3 hours on TV. And I guess that's how much of TV I actually spent on an entire week. Well, no TV here so yeah. Not that I bother so much.

Monday (03.09)

A Malaysian friend of mine, WXL came! I haven't seen her for 9 years since 2004 and since she's in Miri for a short trip, she decided to stop by here as well. I brought her to Mall and Times Square since we left only in the afternoon. Thankfully she had an overnight's stay here so I could bring her up to the capital. Otherwise it would've been just around KB/Seria which is somewhat -boring-. No actually, there's nothing much to offer here. heh. But yeah, as the result, I skipped my Japanese class.

Tuesday (04.09)

Skipped the 2 hour MIB lecture coz I can. haha. I assumed I have class at 4 so I left quite late, around 2.40-ish. Halfway up to the highway, Chris called in and said class was cancelled. I had this feeling that he would cancelled class but I don't know why I somehow forgotten about it.

Weds (05.09)

Skipping Datin's LE class for DPMM. haha. DPMM officiates the Pesta Convo and I wanted to see him. I mean, how many times of my life will I be able to see the future king right in front of my eyes? xD Hoping I would get my permission letter soon!