Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#1661 - It's the holidays!

'Tis the season to be jolly~ haha.

Anyways, holidays started two days ago and I felt tired. I guess it's lack of sleep. haha. But I know I will be sleeping soundly tonight :D

Today, I went and watched 'The Rise of the Guardians'. Jack Frost is love :D

Sunday, November 25, 2012

#1660 - From CDJ!

Since winning the debate, I used up more than half of the cash prize. I mean, how can I say no to CDs?

Well, I pre-ordered:

1 - SCANDAL Temptation Box LE with Photobook - 4286 Yen

This one is a belated birthday gift to my bro. I even phoned him to ask if he's OK with this gift. Haha, I know, no surprises. Seeing that his SCANDAL's albums are all with photobook editions, I think this will be perfect for his collection.

2 - UtaPuri Cecil Ajima phone strap - 762 Yen

His colour in UtaPuri is green so I bought it! Haha. Well, I need few more hundred yen to make my order reach 5000 yen (for 600 bonus points!) and this one seemed perfect for the order so yeah. xD Plus, I wanna have at least one item from UtaPuri.

3 - Utada Hikaru Sakura Nagashi - 1048 Yen

I'm a BIG fan of Hikki and this single release comes as a surprise! She's on hiatus still which is why suddenly she's releasing a single made me go "OMG must buy coz it's Hikki! 1st press lagi!" This release includes "B-2 size poster with illustration of Utada Hikaru newly drawn by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto". So basically, DVD single + poster la. B2 size is HUGE!

4 - U - BEST of BEST - [2CD+Photo Booklet/Limited Edition Type-B] - 4286 Yen

I wanted to have at least one Matsushita Yuya's album and I had a hard time thinking if I should go for LE A or LE B. Decided to pick LE B due to photobook. Well, LE A is DVD and I think I can go download it. haha.

3 & 4 costs more than 5k Yen too but I did separate order. Reason being, the bonus point.

If it's 5k to 9999 yen = 600yen 


10k to 14,999 yen = 1000yen. 

So 2 5k yen orders = 1200 yen bonus points xD
(enough to buy a regular edition CD for free! hehe)

 But yeah, blowing away that much money... Oh well, I'm supporting the artists and I'm happy for doing so :D

Can't wait for these goodies to arrive. Prolly in January but it's OK, I'm willing to wait xD

#1659 - Almost done!

Tomorrow shall be my last paper and I'm still procrastinating. lol.

Well, me, Julius and Andrew had a group study session 2 days ago and I sorta understand quite a lot

 (which is why I haven't started my revision despite having all the time in the afternoon.)

Ahem. My sister said she was 'forced' to buy $130+ worth of cosmetics during Black Friday. Poor girl.

And it's MICABella, UK brand mineral cosmetics. I hope it's original though since the place wasn't a proper stall but like those vendors in Mall.

But I think it should be original la.

Friday, November 23, 2012

#1658 - My Beauty Blog

Check out my beauty blog at

hehe. I started blogging it today so I hope I'll consistently blog it.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

#1657 - Almost there!

I'll try to remember things from my previous post! Here goes!

The night of our debate victory was awesome~ The after-party (more like makan makan lah) was outside the Senate Room. The kebabs were so nice! And I tapau'ed the pulut panggang (which reminds me, it's in the fridge!) since there were SO many leftovers. We went back to hostel at 15 mins past 12.

Ironically, I can't sleep til 3:30am-ish. Maybe it was the 'debate' fever coz I had to wake up by 9 to get ready to claim our prizes  at 10-ish at JP. Off we go to JP with Kam's car. Too bad Mayyer can't go with us. So it's me, Seng Yee and Kam in a car. We wore formal clothing coz we don't know what to wear. And it was odd when JP was filled with people wearing sports attire. haha.

We claimed our prizes i.e Baiduri Bank Cash Card worth $375 :D I planned out what to spend liao. lol! But yeah, after that, we went to Kaizen for our lunch. I think this is my first lunch with all debaters + coach Nabilah. But yep, it was fulfilling. Thanks Kam for this treat!!

Fast forward to Monday. LE exams at night. I wished I plan my time properly! Ugh. I finished the paper but not sure about the grades.

Then, Japanese and Media 1 exams the next day. It was OK-OK la. Upcoming is exams is on Monday!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

#1656 - We did it!

All the late night training practise was worth it :)

And I can't help but to see the 3 as inspirational debaters. I should learn from them too!

Thanks Julius, Seng Yee, Kam and of course, Mayyer!

P.S All the pictures taking made my jaw hurt from smiling too much. LOL

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

#1655 - Revision Week!

I think this sem is busier than the last's. I didn't really 'feel' the Revision Week, I guess because I still have to go to campus for tests and busy with debate.

Theoritically speaking, RW should be the time where most will be at home or room studying.

But realistically speaking, not everyone can do that.

Japanese listening test OK. Hoping I won't score lower than 8 (out of 10). And I know I'm not ready for my interview this coming Thursday...

It's windy and sunny outside now and I had observed a dozen of bees flying about.. Scary!

I wished my exams is like, 5 days after Saturday, the final debate. I know I'm not exactly debating but still...

Oh yeah, Joyce said my face looked different since she hadn't met me for quite some time. (Really? It was yesterday at canteen la! haha) She recommended me not to change my face wash routine. haha.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

#1654 - Saturday

I woke up late today for the debate competition (co-hosted with baiduri Bank) but (as usual) event started late anyways. It was a unanimous win for my school but I wish I contribute much. Well, even as the floor speaker, I fumbled a bit too much. And Mayyer, Ayla said I looked angry. -_- oops. I don't meant to give that kind of impression but I guess I need to tweak that a bit.

And here I am, trying to finish up 3 more entries of my last assignment...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#1653 - Busy

I don't think I've been this busy.

I have two important things going on and they're equally matched: debate and exams.

Well, I hate to say this but I wished I didn't say yes to debate (despite for the sake of experience and cert, not so much for the prizes) coz I didn't think the 'new' style of debating would be that in-depth. Like I have to think at some other ways than my usual 'straight line' thinking. And I envy those who nailed the point when I was still there, searching for it i.e I am slow to catch up.

But I guess I'll try to focus on my exams too.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

#1652 - Shopping with Mom

I woke up at 8:30-ish coz I'm going back to bandar. This time, for shopping.

Ironic. I wish they told me earlier so that I don't have to go back to KB. haha. But it's all right. I'll get to taste some home-made food.

My bro didn't wanna go coz he has test tomorrow (& something about failing the test will not get promoted next sem) so 3 of us (mom, me, sister) had brunch at Emperor's Court dim sum buffet. Free flow of dim sum although the ones that my mom and sister wanted (har kaw) has to be ala carte. But yeah, satisfying brunch indeed!

Did a lil shopping before heading back to KB. tiring. I slept from Tutong til KB coz I only had an average 5 to 6 hours of sleep for 5 days!

#1651 - Woes for a hoarder

Erin wanted to see my makeup collection so I decided to take out everything that I have..

I was almost speechless myself when I see THIS much of things ranging from cleansers to eyeshadows. I never realised that I have this much. Well, I supposed everything is at different corners that I thought it's little.

And on top of that, I have quite a number of unused products. If I can recall them, there's 3 unused cleansers, 1 for mask, 2 for toners and 10 pieces+ of face masks, 1 foundation powder, 1 hand cream, 2 cases of eyeshadow, 1 moisturiser and 3 pairs of unused fake eyelashes.

Wow. That's a lot... =_="

And yesterday (the girl's day out I meant) Nadiah talked about skincare and how I should actually invest time for my face. My defence is that I rather do something else. But now that I think about it, no matter how tired I am, I have to have a proper skincare regime i.e not skipping masking twice a week!

I'm tired. To think that I came back yesterday and going back later. I didn't have 24 hours of home time~

Friday, November 2, 2012

#1650 - Girl's day out!

Kaoru-chan and Nana-chan and I went to Excapade after our Japanese class. But, since the shops will only open after 2 (as in accordance to the new law), so we went to Nadiah's place for a while before heading to Excapade.

We spent quite some time for a late lunch, ending it with macha ice cream. But it was always interesting to listen to Nadiah's story while she was in Japan. So lucky! haha.

After that, we went to Mall since TFS is having member sales. Well, I didn't buy anything there but bought this brightening mask. Actually, there were 3 variations: Yellow's brightening, pink is for dry skin and green is for oily skin. I got the yellow one, Kaoru got the pink one and Nana's the green. I have to say though, I bought this on impulse. =_="

Then! Went to Winmark and I saw this tea tree oil cleanser! Of course, I immediately bought it since it's only $3.50 xD Also on impulse.

Guardian was the last stop where Nana recommend bio essence cleanser as it removes makeup and cleanse face. (And I think Nana's favourite brand is bio essence now since she trust that brand so much!) Well, I didn't wanna buy it at first and I couldn't resist it when it's 30% off! Them both bought their's in the store while mine's outside the store where they're having some anniversary sale. It's the same stock so yeah. I thought it'll be like "okay.. God doesn't want me to buy it" but after knowing it was outside the store "Fine. I guess it's fate that I should have it." Damn. A $9.90 cleanser become $6.89 or something. omg... Oh well, all 3 of us bought the cleanser xD

And this was the first time where the 3 of us spent time together, doing shopping for facials. hehe. ほんとにたのしかったです!

Today's haul

Thursday, November 1, 2012

#1649 - Hello November!

I welcome November with busy-ness!

November means it's the assignment deadlines and exams! omg. I'm only left with 2 assignments. One is Japanese composition which is easy~ xD But the other assignment consist of many different journals i.e Chris' blog!

 MIB test next week. Don't know what to study, honestly!

Then there's a last minute debate competition. I was at first reluctant to join but since Mayyer and Seng Yee are in, I guess I don't mind. haha. Well, I'm joining it for the cert and experience too, despite the dates are nearing exams! How I wish the competition is sooner.

I went shopping on my own earlier too. Haha. Stuffs I bought:

CLEO Singapore and Malaysia, essence cucumber wet tissue and anti-spot gel AND a pair of Bata wedges at 30% off xD The shoes are a size smaller but it just fits in my giant leg so I'm happy! hehe.