Monday, December 31, 2012

#1672 - NYE 2012

To be honest, I'm very sleepy right now. But since I ate some BBQ chicken, beef and lamb from my mom's workplace, I'm bloated. Talk about guilty pleasure.

2012 to me has been ups and downs. I am officially an undergraduate (a 'freshee') this year. So far my academics improved from 1st sem to 2nd sem. Hopefully my 3rd sem will improve as well.

Then it was the Japan Culture Week. It was my first and prolly last helped volunteering.

June was the Borneo Debating Cup in KK. It was an extreme culture shocked but nevertheless I learn a lot of new things.

Come November was another debate, a last minute one. We won due to the team effort exerted. I honestly don't know how to contribute to this club, well, more like I don't wanna anymore.

December was EA Con. I always heard cosplaying stories from Nadiah and imagine seeing my fav character being cosplayed! So this is how it feels like if I am in an anime convention, huh? I wanna go to at least 1 anime con overseas sometime.

Of course, in between was school and sometimes when being overwhelmed by it, I broke down mentally. Thanks to my friends who are always there to help and guide me, even just by listening too does help. I'm sure they know who they are :)

I also think this is also the year where I learn about makeup techniques and how you apply it. I set up a blog specifically for that but I think updates will be slow? And due to my hoarding nature, I have a lot of unused makeup BUT I'll be using them in 2013. So I guess this is one accomplishment? Haha.

Hopefully 2013 is another year blessed with good fortune. Now that I think about it, I haven't written a resolution for 2013 yet...

#1671 - My stuffs arrived!

I can't believe my CDs arrived so fast. It was only shipped on the 25th and I got them today xD

It's my Utada Hikaru DVD single and MatsuYu BEST album :)

I wanna continue support Hikki and Yuya since both of them, IMO, are great singers!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

#1670 - Money fly~

Went to bandar today to pick up my sister's new phone. Left house at around 9, reached Kiulap at 10:30-ish. My god. SO MANY CARS! I was lucky that I found a parking spot.

Claimed phone. Went to Mall to meet up Ainal-sempai for her CDs. I borrowed few DVDs from her too. xD Then shopped around.

 Oh ya. I had in mind to buy a makeup base after watching YT videos and how base is good to hold your makeup. And well, TFS is selling this base for 50% off! At first, I contemplated. So went to HH, Missha, Paloma, TBS just to check the prices of the makeup base. In the end, got TFS one since it's cheaper xD

Then! Went to this stall in front of Pizza Hut that sell contact lens. Bought the green one although I almost wanted a Hello Kitty one. lol. $12 for a pair leh.. Too bad cannot mix the power coz my other side is actually -2.50. haha.

Right before heading back to KB, entered Boba Tea. Tried out 'boba milk tea' with aloe vera jelly for $2.50. I used 'OhMyCard' and it's 10%. Thanks to my sister who gave me the ownership of OMC. hehe.

Me in green. Peace!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

#1669 - Benzoyl Peroxide

I have to say that, no matter how good a product is, surely there will be side effects, good or bad.

I trust Benzoyl Peroxide (BP) in treating acne. Well, that was when it was a 2.5% concentration.

And it has been MONTHS since the pharmacy has stock of the 2.5% BP, they gave a me a 10% BP.

I assume higher concentration means it may work more effective than the 2.5%.

And I was mistaken!

Instead, now I got like, 5 ugly pimples! And they're not post-PMS acnes either. I know coz I observed my face. It has to be the allergy reaction due to sudden extreme high concentration.

And knowing that my face can't take a 10% BP, I think it's still safe to revert back to 2.5% and use it religiously. Too bad I didn't have anymore of 2.5% in stock =_=

I guess for now I'll just discontinue the 10% BP.

Hello fucking ugly acnes and scars and blemishes.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

#1668 - Hospital trip

I went to the hospital again in the afternoon. The wait was long (about 30 - 40 mins) but the checkup is less than 5 mins!

I'm glad this doctor gave me antibiotics! I hope the swollen tonsils won't be that bad tomorrow.

Monday, December 24, 2012

#1667 - Happy Holidays!

I was struck down with sore throat 3 days ago. Well, at first I was a lil' stubborn, saying "drink this liang cha can already" since it helps eliminate the 'heat' from my body.

Who knew it turned up worst? Now, it hurts every time I swallow my saliva. Went to the hospital to get my meds and I'm not so convince with the med the doctor prescribed to me: cough syrup. Well, there's little redness at the tonsils (according to the doctor) but I was actually expecting antibiotics. Hopefully my throat will be better tomorrow or the day after that.

Yesterday, met up with YB, Denise and Tiffany. We went to 11Sports Cafe since YB requested it. After that, went to CBTL. I think it's somewhat a norm to go to CBTL after a meal or something. Haha. Too bad YB didn't bring his graduation bear that I wanted to look at. ;(

Lovin' my Hot Vanilla with X'mas feel
To everyone out there, enjoy the holidays and the upcoming new year! (While I'm trying to battle my sickness. LOL)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#1666 - Results day!

Apparently, this sem's result was out at around 5PM-ish. No matter coz I was on my way back from Miri.

And of course, the 1st thing I did when I came back home was to check my results. After 1 and a half hour of using IE, MF and Safari, I installed Chrome and it worked way faster (and more secure?) for checking results.

When I finally logged into the exams result tab, the 1st thing I saw was a '3.7' and '3.56'. Then scrolled down to see the grades without knowing the subjects, I saw 'A+'. Everything happened in a flash that I was speechless for a while.


Prior today, Mayyer taught me how to calculate GPA and I predicted a 3.5. Still an increment compared to my last sem's. But knowing that I got a 3.7 for this sem made me go "Unbelievable!"

Another shocking thing is my MIB grade: I got A+! I think I'm lucky coz my lecturer doesn't seemed strict at all xD Coz I predicted a B only, with my Malay sometimes sounded weird. Haha. Syukuran.

But I think LE kinda spoiled the grades, although I predict a B or a C, knowing that Datin expects 'perfect' English. I wished we have gotten a better lecturer! But at least I passed this compulsory module so no worries now! Need to sharpen my English further.

As for Japanese, I was scared that I'll get a B+. Seriously. I made little mistakes in the tests, screwed up a lil' for my oral interview (i.e sensei 'helped' me a bit which I don't like!) and studied very last minute for the exams (as I was busy with debates before the exams)! Next sem, I wanna try make sure I ace Japanese again :D

Major modules are doing like so-so. I kinda expected a B for Chris' and actually a C for Alex's since I didn't put in a LOT of effort. At least with the only group study with Pranika, En Ru and Julius, I managed to understand a little better of Alex's module (which I'm always seemed to be lost) and get a better grade. Coz last sem I didn't sought for help and I knew this sem I needed help. I don't wanna be taught by Alex again! Dx

Overall, I'm grateful for my results because my CGPA is now at least 3.5! I still need next sem's GPA to decide if I'm given the opportunity to study abroad or not. I need to work harder.

Friday, December 14, 2012

#1665 - Finder's Keeper's

Since I'm at the hostel now, I decided to go to Time's Square for my light dinner. I was waiting for Lof's 'Buy 1 Free 1' promo to start at 8 coz that's what my light dinner is: bread.

I arrived earlier and decided to go to Guardian and window-shopped around. Who knew that when I left Guardian, I felt my foot stepped on something and that something is:

TFS Lovely me:ex Design My Eyebrow in 02 Dark Brown

I couldn't believe it! Well, I wanted to take it initially but decided to just stand at a corner, scanning for anyone who may have a Face Shop paper bag. Because I think that the paper bag has a tiny hole and the pencil may just slipped out. After 2 minutes or so, I decided to take it. xD

Lucky? Maybe. I think this is 1 of the most 'pricey' item I found so far. I tried it and I love it! xDD

Speaking of it, yesterday I wanted to go buy nasi katok for dinner. I got lost initially and saw prince Malik's car drove past at the opposite lane of the high way. Then after I bought my nasi katok, I saw Sultan's car! He was driving a land rover (or maybe a Hummer, not sure) but a big car la! So lucky to see 2 royalties in an afternoon. lol

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

#1664 - 12.12.2012

Lately I spent almost 24 hours a day at home that I wanna go out and lepak. Doesn't matter if it's just the nearby kopitiam and chitchat or what, I just don't wanna stay indoors. Plus, when I noticed my dry hands few days ago, I realised that it must have been the AC too.

I wanted to spend this day with friends but realised, most of my circle of friends are not in radar. Well, there are some but they're busy with their own matters too so I haven't much choice either. 

Anyways, I ended up buying Double Chocolate and Chocolate Fudge Cake from Coffee Bean to sort of 'celebrate' today. I love chocolate and I wanted to have the best chocolate deserts for today despite being broke already. It'll be another 100 years til the same '12.12.12' and I doubt I'll live that long!

Those two were super sweet and I love it! Haha. Ignore my guilty pleasure, these 2 are just perfect combo for those who wants to smile again after feeling a bit down. lol.

Oh yeah! My favourite rock band '12012' (that's the band's name btw) had a SOLD OUT tour today! Omedetto! Every year at December 12, they will have a concert. I supposed it also coincides with the band name. I wanna go to their con 1 day!!! -forever weeping-

Another few more hours before tomorrow comes. I know I'm happy but I wish it could've been better. heh.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

#1663 - Life so far

It's 11:52PM as I'm beginning to blog.

Yes, my body clock shifts during the holidays. "Night is still young", my mind says.

So I always ended up sleeping at around 2 to 4AM. =_=

Not good!

But oh well..

So far, I did some productive things too so  I guess it's all right.

I finished watching 'Starry Sky' anime in one go. Since an episode is only 11 minutes & there's 26 episodes, it was about 4 hours long? haha.

I don't think I'll ever catch up with all those overdue and recent anime or dramas. I need to force myself to watch them!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

#1662 - Hello December!

I think this holidays will fly by very quickly. I'm going to have 2 volunteering sessions, plus some research so I guess enjoy this month while I can, huh? If only I can wake up early but sleeping late. You know, utilizing my 'day' time.

Aside from this, I managed to clean my room. Well, it's more like reorganise my stuffs and throw some stuffs. I know I can't buy new stuffs coz there's barely space but hey, how can I say no? lol.

Oh ya, one of the CDJ items aren't available, the Cecil keychain :( Oh well.. Waiting for Temptation Box to arrive for my bro's belated bday gift. I forgotten about the 5% import duty =_="