Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#1757 - New Year Eve

The last post for 2013.

A lot of things had happened, good and bad.

If I recall, my team won the Green Debate and I won Best Speaker. Then I remembered my solo trip to KL. And then there's Bandung in Indonesia, made it to the top 6 finalists. And lastly, Japan trip 3 weeks ago.

That's a lot of travelling for one year, personally. I love travelling although I don't have a lot of $. I guess this can be a resolution for me: Save money for travel.

Speaking of resolutions, I didn't make one for 2013 coz it's pretty much up to my mind and will power if I want to execute it. And now that I realised, New Year isn't anything 'new' since it's always the same old things happening (politics, bad weather, mother nature disaster, etc) but the new things that can be expected is what I find in things, how I see things.

But if there things that I wanna change about myself, it would be less doubting, less anxious, and be positive and decisive. I need to control more instead of letting things control me. This also means less social media usage if I can coz it's all public and people can judge me from anything I post. heh.

Welcoming 2014 with my Kuroko no Baske calendar and Cath Kidston diary.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

#1756 - For 2014

This blog is almost dead now, yeah. I'm so lazy to update nowadays.

It's like, when it's the holiday times, your brain just wanna laze away doing nothing, hence no motivation.

I had created a new personal blog because I was thinking of switching to the new one instead of blogger.

I guess it's a small change? I don't think I will abandon this blog just yet. Too much precious memory.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#1755 - Holidays!!

With my last exam paper ended on 2nd December, I am now enjoying the long holiday ;)

There's so many things to do and I think December will fly by very fast like that.

I don't wanna go out very often coz I think I'll spend a lot, so I would rather stay at home, watch all those overdue anime & J-drama, read all overdue manga. Basically being lazy I suppose.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

#1754 - Before exams

I have about 23 hours before my first exam paper and here I am, blogging. I am procrastinating if you can't tell. hehe. Ehem. I just felt like doing this collage:

Pictures from Google
These are 2 items that I want for myself as X'mas prezzie. It's about 1 month til X'mas so I thought of posting up my wishlist.

Firstly is the Coach Fabric Cleaner. I stopped using my Coach bag since there's visible dirt so thankfully Coach has formulated their own cleaner. It's USD10 excluding shipping so it's not that bad I supposed. The other item is Cath Kidston 2014 small diary. It's floral designs attracted me. But I guess any 2014 diary will do for me.

I have 3 papers for exams and I need to score well to pull my grades up. From the way I'm seeing now, my coursework for all 3 modules are between B to C. Surprisingly, my environmental chemistry coursework is higher than my major courses. Nevertheless, I will just do my best in exams.

I'll update this blog after my last paper which is on the 2nd of December. I have yet update my blog with my Siti Nurhaliza concert experience!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

#1753 - November

It's almost 2 weeks since my last update. What have I done the last 2 weeks.. I'm not very sure either but I do know that this month is hell month because...

Yeah, that pretty much sums it. Actually, I just had a new assignment in which I need to add on to this paper too.

I won't be updating this blog anytime soon coz everything is just so 'tight' to one another :(

Wish me luck!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

#1752 - My week so far


I skipped my Science class coz I am pro like that.

Tuesday to Weds

Stayed at home coz no classes, Weds was public holiday. So I ended up reading the article with difficulties.


MCQ for CCC. Realised that I can be even better. Followed C's car back to campus and asked about my studies. Hmmm...


Back pain due to PMS. Sleeping hour conflicted.


Doing nothing but tried read ethnographic research method I printed and it's sibeh boring. Even ranted at C. lmao. I think I will get killed.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

#1751 - Done

The past few days was mugging my essay from 12AM til 4AM. I am content with my essay since I submitted via turnitin, the website that detects plagiarism and what not. Whatever, essay submitted and I'm done!

Tomorrow marks the 2nd half of the semester. This also means I will be busy with my DY and academics. I am honestly scared I will end up in a limbo situation but I am praying to God for whatever that is best.

Initially, my 2 week sem break was to cage myself at the hostel but I guess I am so sick of the life there and life at home is of course better. Although I think became unhealthy here thanks to good food by mom. But I do miss walking everyday though. The tendency to become a hermit when I am back is too high.

I hope I am ready.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

#1750 - Miri!

Last week when my sister told me that she wanted to go to Miri this week, I thought, "why not? Since I'm on break too."

We left at 8:30am and reached Miri about an hour later. Thankfully there's plenty of parking so no rush about that.

The main purpose for me to go to Miri (aside from buying skincare products) is to find myself a pair of pants. After an hour of no luck, went to Watsons and bought quite some stuffs. I blogged about it here if any of you wanna read.

But y'know, there were so many items that were tempting for me to buy but after good reasoning, I ditched the buying altogether and felt slightly better.

There was this Silkygirl and KATE eyeshadows (but I have enough palettes already), then Hello Kitty mascara (but I have one in stock already), KissMe fake eyelashes (but I still have a lot unused!), Liese hairdye (but I may be doing new hair dye this coming January so alang alang if I buy and do now) and others that I lusted but for the better good of my budget, oh well.

I managed to self-control a bit I supposed.

After spending an hour or so at Watsons', went to Starbucks. I have to stop by this place everytime I go to Miri. But this time, I was there to claim my free drink, thanks to my dear friend who bought me Starbucks reward card. Apparently, I can claim one free drink in Grande size of any choice. I picked 'green tea cream' with whipped cream and it was alright.

While chilling, I remembered this hat that I fell in love at first sight when I was at Parkson few hours' back. It was RM49.90 but after discount, it was RM 39.90 (20% off) and I bought it after that. I don't know, I missed this feeling of 'love at first sight' for items, like it rarely happens so this was semi-impulse I guess? haha. Maybe I could use it for my trip next year.

After that, shopped around at Popular and clothes-hunting for my sister before we decided to make a move to McD at the petrol station. We queued for 30 minutes in total for our orders to be done but it's worth it coz it is McD alfter all xD

And now I'm all tired and beat. Holiday is ending in a weeks' time :(

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#1749 - Today

I went out to town today. I realised, I self-cage myself since Saturday and it's time for fresh air. haha.

Went to Face shop to use the voucher. Bought cleanser and sunscreen.


For my lips, I used Silkygirl in 06 Gorgeous and lipgloss on top of it from The Face Shop jelly tint in 02 Enamel Red. Used TBS blush too :)

When I went to bank, saw my cousin sitting outside for her bf. Since I had nothing to do after that, I accompanied her for about 30mins. It's been a while since I last saw my cousin so I thought might as well.

Monday, September 30, 2013

#1748 - Introducing Lawson

It's been a while since I listened to 'new' English music. What I meant by 'new' English music means new bands aside from my usual BSB songs. I don't know, I guess there are just too many 'lousy' music that are big and talented ones are underrated and you don't exactly get to hear them.

Somehow, I stumbled across the band, Lawson. I don't remember how did I even first heard of this band, or was it just random searches online? Anyhow, the first song of Lawson for me was 'Learn To Love Again':

Thanks to iTunes Festival, I managed to hear them played live, with live vocals. I'm picky about vocalist because for my definition of talent, vocalist must be able to sing and yes, Andy can sing! So what's next after watching their live?

Finding their music, of course.

I got 'Chapman Square' and had listened to the whole album. Totally loving it! I think I will be purchasing Chapman Square / Chapter II which will be releasing soon in October. =3

At first, I had a hard time trying to guess their age. OHP has no mention of how old they are, so some digging is needed and found this link. I couldn't believe my eyes when they're early 20s (except for Adam) but wow! Eyecandies alert! :D

I can't help but to think of Japanese convenience store franchise when the band name is Lawson. Apparently, the name of this band is dedicated to a surgeon who had performed surgery on Andy. Just click this link to read more.

That's all for this post. Oh before I forget, their upcoming single, 'Juliet' had the full MV up at YT!

Friday, September 27, 2013

#1747 - Semester break begins!

Although the official date for sem break is on the 30th, mine's somewhat started since yesterday after 2 because I don't have classes tomorrow. Whee~

So yesterday, 3 of us (Joyce, Nadiah and I) went to Mall to de-stress about our DY app. We looked around for lenses and had dinner at food court. At first I don't wanna buy anything but in the end, I bought $1 nasi lemak, with added bonus from J's butter chicken and N's noodles soup. It's like, a meal with love. lol!

Then went to TFS to survey price after Joyce complimented how flawless my face was without makeup. lmao. Does this mean the brightening rice water cleanser works? xD

Since I got some discount vouchers from my friend for TFS, I think I may be re-purchasing the brightening cleanser again. Then went to Paloma and bought essence eyeshadow base and eyeshadow palette. Can't wait to try them on soon. I was hesitant about the palette because I have the smashbox palette which has the neutral colours but for convenience sake, I bought it. Last time I had one but I gave it to Mayyer.

And today, being a rainy Friday, I'm just chilling my way when I am supposed to think of assignments. heh.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#1746 - DY Results

The long awaited results were released.

I kinda got what I wanted and of course, surprises.

I have to pay for my studies and it's something that I didn't think I would. I felt like a disappointment to mom especially.

There's always a silver lining benign the clouds, right? 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

#1745 - Saturday Night

I was listening to Britney Spear's 'Work Bitch' from YT:

I love it. haha. It's dubstep with her Brit accent. I don't know, I guess I just like the whole song. Like, "You gotta work bitch!". haha Another good song I stumbled across is this:

It's a cover version of 'First Love' by SOLIDEMO. Yes, weird group name but hey, they sing! That all matters. I LOVE this version compared to others because they harmonize it so well. Pure love =D

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

#1744 - New Library

For the past 4 hours I had been leeching off the new library's internet for downloads. The speed here is superbly fast when I installed internet manager for the downloads.

But it's too cold to stay in the library for long hours. The effect of new airconditioning, I supposed?

Not that I'm complaining about the coldness, it's just that I wished I brought jacket.

Anyways, downloaded lots of videos for my classes. Hopefully I have time to watch them.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

#1743 - Another week passed

I knew going back for the weekends equal to unproductive but if it wasn't for the interview, I wouldn't be back home.

Like seriously, you know it's changed but you didn't bother to phone everyone of the change. Wasted my time coming back all the way just to know it last minute.

On side note, we get to make macaroni with cheese as a family. I wonder if there'll be more time like this.

And now I am trying to focus on my assignments.

I hate how my week starts and ends. Ok, ironic.

Monday is super busy, then tuesday is completely free day but I need to study for Thursday's test. Weds is ok ok, then thursday is test and science module is eating me coz every week need to bring out info to group. team work mah, although i felt like i do everything loh. then Friday, sat and sunday is long weekend which also equals to trying to do assignments and reading.

yeah, that's pretty much my week is. mon to thurs is pack thanks to test and problem based learning. haizzz

Thursday, September 12, 2013

#1742 - Convocation

Today is my university's 25th convocation. It's special because of the theme, 'Celebrating GenNext' as the 1st batch of students are officially graduated today.

I signed up as volunteer for the sake of chops. Otherwise, I would be at home doing nothing non-academic work. Got up at 5 when I slept at 12:30 trying to finish up this poster assignment.

Walked with Rahmat and Nadzirah to CH. We were assigned as volunteers to take care of the stations. Mine's pretty boring. I was assigned at the security basement and all I have to do is to keep an eye of the food. Literally. But boring la! So I decided to walk around.

Graduates were assembled at the basement and row by rows they went up to the stairs. I managed to spot Kam, Mayyer and Seng Yee. Then at around 9, HM and DPMM arrived with the same car. I was already upstairs ready to wave at HM. When his entourage came, I waved at HM with a big smile and he waved back! I was so happy, like I'm the biggest HM fan alive or something. haha.

Then fast forward til the end of the convocation. I managed to find Kam and took a picture with him. omg book prize award recipient somemore! Too bad I can't find Seng Yee and Mayyer coz I really want to take pictures with the first class achievers.

Speaking of first class achievers, I want to be one of them too. It's for self-satisfaction I supposed. Or the minimum second upper. I want to study more coz I haven't found a purpose in life yet.

Oh yea, out of the blue, I was humming to this song. It's AKB48's 'Sakura no Shiori'. I guess that song associate well with graduation.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

#1741 - Wake me up when September ends

Hello September! Yes, time flies too fast, so as my semester. I think it's a good thing for the semester to fly by faster coz that way, no need to think of  assignments and exams. heh.

So, backtrack this post a bit from BBQ. We went to Nadiah's place for BBQ party/open house where a lot of other friends were there too. Stayed a night at her place. We had girl talk from 12 til 2:30AM-ish? haha. It was fun. And of course, teasing me and Mr. J together. hehe.

Then me and Joyce had to wake up by 7 as I had debate audition and Joyce had her family day. Debate audition was disapointing, I guess. After that, me, Kam, Jo and Bex checked out the new library before headed to KFC for late breakfast. I ordered cheesy wedges xD

After that, Nadiah picked me up with her car and we had Kaizen as dinner. I decided to have another night's sleep.

The next day, followed Nadiah back to uni since her mom drove. It was the day where crown prince came. I was glad I shook his hands (and managed to take 2 pics with Mr C) xD Tiring but worth the day.

Fast forward, Monday was CBTL day with Nadiah and Natsumi. Tuesday was Capers night where we brought the Japanese students to try out Capers' dinner. It was worth their money, so as for us.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

#1740 - Yesterday & Today

Yesterday after pol econ class, went to sensei's office to pay for N5 form. Yes, I think I'm crazy by registering for JLPT N5 test. Sensei even asked, "why are you in a hurry (for the test)?" Honestly, I guess I just want to do N5 since it is a qualification, and while my Japanese is still 'fresh' in my head. Or maybe I kiasu a bit.

Then it was the dialogue talk with the AVC. It was disappointing that not many came. It was an opportunity to talk to the administrative people so we just tell them everything and anything, with valid explanations and reasons. Just like a debate. I'm glad she understands why we talk that way, since she comes from a business background.

After the talk, supposedly go to ATM but passed by MPH where we saw Puan Sendi and the rest of the MPP invited us to eat as there are a lot of leftovers. Me and Kam had early dinner, while talking with the MPP. After that, we went to the beach.

At first, we wanted to go to Empire beach but there's the ASEAN Defence Minister's Meeting going on so I saw army men with rifles guarding the entrance, police personnel etc. It's like c'oup d'etat and Kam jokingly said, "if this country kena attack, they protect Empire Hotel first." But yeah, it was the 1st time to see a lot of army personnel all around the premise. Even the road to the golf course too!

So we ended up watching sunset at Jerudong beach, 'unleash' our stress or heart breaks. I was being all scaredy with the big rocks. My god, so scary! After sunset, I had trouble going down coz the rock looked like they'll be moved anytime soon! Kam recorded me being all sissy. haha. I did cried a bit though.

After that, we went to Giant Rimba for yamcha, and talk about relationships and personalities. I guess he's one of the many friends who can understand relationships that well so he understood my anxiety.

And today! Woke up early for some rehearsals and nothing much. I wished I attended my Science class instead. But yeah, seeing Chris being busy and heard him talking in Chinese is so... odd and funny too.

Weekly MCQ test is horrible. I scored the lowest in my entire life, heck, I failed the MCQ.

And now I'm getting ready for a BBQ dinner.

Monday, August 26, 2013

#1739 - Backtrack!

My weekend was all raya visits. Friday afternoon from 5 til 10+ I was at Amal's place. Waie was there too til 8 since he has curfew. I am glad both of them hasn't changed much. Like, there is still some topics we could talk about, no awkwardness or anything.

Then the next day went to Tikah's place from 11 til 4. Andrew and Pranika were there, too bad Julius isn't in. Then accompanied my sister for stationery shopping before I went to the hospital for my red-eye. Doctor gave me eye drops and I was so scared of putting the drops into my eyes (it was scary!) but now, I think I'm a pro at it xD

#1738 - Hot Afternoon

I almost wanted to skip my chem environ class at 8 but in the end, managed to drag myself out from bed. I hated walking to FOS/LC coz I will sweat like crazy. Stuupid. Even after a clean shower. Walked 5 minutes only my forehead sweat.

Anyways, chem environ was form 5 chemistry all over again. Everything is so familiar coz I learnt them before but of course, forgotten liao la. Class ended at 9:15 and talked with Faiz before I walked to LC at 9:45 for 10am CCC class.

CCC today is more of a cultural studies lecture and bits of socio. Everything is so alien to me that I almost blanked out.

Then funny thing happened at the end of the class. Chris was calling my name coz I am the student rep and ironically I was like in front of him, 2 metres away and he kept on calling til I say, "Here!" He looked at me and laughed. And I was like, "you see, I'm so not going to remind you of your mac adapter, where the class is" oh ya, he forgotten his mac adaptor again in which I think he went back to his office to get it. heh.

I'm super scared for this Thurs mcq horror.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

#1737 - Yesterday

Yesterday had BJFA interaction with Japanese students (Tenri and Kagawa) in the afternoon from 2 til 5. Event ended by then. But I was there for the sake of going there? lol.

Needless to say, I didn't do much, well, a bit of interaction.

Then after that, went to Jame Asr mosque before going to open house at night.

Open house is apparently sotorindu's owner's house. waah.. so grand! like, many gold decors loh. We were invited by the son when we saw them at the Mall. It was Wakayama's last day in Brunei so I guess the owner took the liberty of hosting the open house. No wonder got RTB crew la. haha

And while waiting for food to be served (dinner at 9pm!) a Wakayama student came to our table since we sat outside. And I swear, he looked like Tachibana Keita's younger self. haha. I was glad in the end I took a pic with him :D Can't believe Joyce's first impression of him is a bad guy. lol

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#1736 - Yesterday

Yesterday after class at 12, me and Nadiah went to have lunch at Excapade. It's her treat xD We had lunch at Regent Square's branch and it was my 1st time sitting at the other area.

After lunch, we had Gong Cha. Then Nadiah's mom called and said she's not going to be at home. So we had an improptu movie outing with Nori and Natsumi, as well as dinner at McD.

Watched RIPD and Nadiah's treat as well. The movie was great and I'm hoping for a sequel. Nori said Big Mac here is as delicious as the ones in Japan. I was a bit surprised though. hehe.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

#1735 - One heck of a week

Hari Raya as always was 'the same'. I don't exactly look forward to it anyways but I kinda wasted the 5 days of raya holiday (Friday til Tuesday) doing nothing academic-ish. I mean, it's holidays even though it's week 1 of the semester.

But on Monday night, my sis had a mini raya open house so I helped cleaning and preparing food.

Then Tuesday night I came back, getting ready for week 2 which starts on the next day. Brought Tenri students for Thien Thien Chicken Rice and Hua Ho Kiulap.

Weds was somewhat disappointing after timetable meet . Today was super hot.

And unfortunately I won't be continuing my ace subject this semester as there's lack of manpower. I don't know if I should blame the seniors for it. LOL.

Even though I'm taking 3 modules, I still feel like I have a lot to catch on. lol.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

#1734 - Day 3 and can still enjoy

8am level 4 class was... scary. Gary was like, "you guys are brave enough", as if I have a choice.

Then went back and had a nap before we left to Fratini with Joyce's car, with the Japanese students.

We arrived at 5:30pm so we walked around Yayasan area til 6+. A lot of those water taxis driver offered us a ride, maybe coz we bring in tourists. hmm.. I felt sorry to reject them though. They really admired the mosque's architecture. Should bring them in one day too.

Dinner was fun, really. Maybe coz we are of the same age group. They were surprised about the 50% off pasta and we explained that it was due to Ramadhan promotions. I really wanna bring them to Capers' and Kaizen one day.

After that we went to Gong Cha. I tried Alisan 0% sugar and I guess it's better to drink it with 30% sugar. I sat with Nacchan, Nori and Kouda while Nana and Joyce sat with Kazuya. I was learning more of Kansai ben and it was funny though. Nacchan was a bit anti social. Nori and Kouda are like tsukommi and boke, Kouda is boke and Nori is tsukomi.

Hopefully there'll be spare time to hang out with them again.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#1733 - Day 2 and still enjoying

Yes, it's day 2 and it doesn't feel like the semester had started, only because we haven't exactly have classes.

I saw the outline by Chris and the 3 essays titles are equally difficult. Haiz.. Makes me wonder if I'll ever do well. Might as well get started tomorrow since I have to wait for Joyce to do add/drop.

Since I don't have class today, I had the liberty of having my beauty sleep. Until the security go knock the door on 11, I was already half awake and reacted too slow when she was asking me about my room's condition. haha.

Eventually I got up, did my laundry, etc until Nana came and hang out sekejap at canteen before I decided to go to her place. Oh ya, we wanted to book for Capers but all full. Thankfully, Fratini waterfront isn't full so we decided to have the upstairs place.  I love her new room and she gave me and Joyce a precious gift (bag by C). Then we left her house with her car and she don't mind me driving.

After picking Joyce up, we found the perfect parking spot and camwhored with Nana's awesome camera. Ain't nobody has time for photoshop and that camera is perfect :D We went in at around 6pm and ordered pizza (buy one free one) and spaghetti vongole for myself, fetuccini for Nana and Joyce had pasta, as well as tomato buchetta. I love the tomato buchetta and I think they mix in olive oil with garlic together with the tomato on top of garlic bread. Perfect. haha. Thanks to Nana for the treat :D

We headed to Gong Cha at Kiulap. It was such a waste that I didn't get to try it when I was in KL (so I could compare. lol) I decided to try their matcha green tea with jelly. It's actually not that bad so  I guess I could go for another Gong Cha although pricey. xD

Can't wait for Day 3 tomorrow! It's pasta with friends again :D

Monday, August 5, 2013

#1732 - First day of semester!

Today was a good day. I never realised my 1st day of semester is fun xD

I slept at 2 and woke up at 6:45 coz I got an 8am class and I wanna be the first to enter, knowing that seats may be limited. By the time I reached the Science class, it was 7:30 so I guess I was a bit too early for it.

Dr Joey (as he wanted us to call him) was awesome, although I think he spoonfed us a bit too much. I hope this module will be smooth sailing coz I never like Sciences so much. There's going to be PBL and I'm kinda scared but I hope with 2 seniors in my group, I will be able to understand PBL better.

The class ended early so I managed to do the manual add/drop slips for my 2 media modules before heading to Chris' class at 10. SO many people took CCC this time, compared to last year. Actually, the number doubled from last year's batch. And this time, I'm not the only PA to Chris and Munir and Fathin is joining me. haha. But he's gonna owe us lunch though. lol. I'm honestly worried looking at CCC, especially the content coz there's gonna be this MCQ test every week like last time. But I guess no effort, no gain.

After CCC, hang out with Fook, Jeebs, Jekizan and Mars at CLT. I guess I wanna try to be more social, plus Jeebs kinda invite me to the table so I thought, "why not" since I'm free for the day anyways. It was about 30 minutes or so before I decided to head to the library to do some photocopying. After that, went back to hostel.

Supposedly I am bring Nacchan only for dinner with me and Nadiah but I guess it's impromptu that the other 3 guys (Nori, Koda and Kazuya) went along. Almost every sungkai places are full at Times Square so we decided to just lepak at Coffee Bean before heading for dinner. Booked for steamboat and they'll promise to call me if got spot but stupid no call one. We were at CF from 5:30 to 8 and I decided to just bring them to Excapade since it's next door.

Initially I don't wanna bring them to Excapade coz I thought, "I wanna bring them to a more diverse place to eat instead of Japanese food." but I'm glad I bought them there. Nori ordered ramen and he thinks the ramen here is better than Japanese' and all of us were surprised! Haha. He himself too was surprised. And we were like, "now you know where to eat good Japanese food in Brunei." But the look of their faces when they eat Japanese food was happiness. It's like, they prolly haven't tasted 'high quality' Japanese food yet and I guess it made them felt like home. So I was glad they enjoyed the meal. ”幸せな感じ” is what they felt. You could see their pure expression of it.

Oh yeah, from CF to Excapade, we talked a lot in English since they're here to study English so I hope they'll improve faster. It's very interesting and a lot of funny stories were shared, like my impression of Japanese house, cooking, music, anime, daily lives, travel, English, etc. I really enjoyed it and thanks to Nadiah too coz she's definitely the conversation starter for most of the times.

I ended up paying the bills for the meal coz I wanted to treat them at least once. So I guess when they were conversationing, I just left the place and paid for the meal while waiting for Harry to pick up Nadiah back coz I need to bring all the Japanese students back home as we live in campus. So when Harry came, we all left and I could hear them whispering like "No payment?" Nacchan came up to me and ask about it and I just said "It's alright." Well, I didn't tell them I paid but I guess they understood that I had paid when I said "It's alright. (大丈夫)"

Now that I think about it, this is indeed one of the best 1st day of the semester. I don't know when I could hang out with all 4 of them coz I think after Raya, things will start to get very busy so I just wanna cherish moments I have with them while I can. Life is too short to think about what others will say when I go out with Japanese people (for a lot of times maybe) but hey, while I'm enjoying the moments, I feel happy.

Here's a picture taken by Harry before breaking the fast. I'm glad I made new friends :D

Jya ne! (See you)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

#1731 - A (another) new beginning

I always regard the beginning of a semester a new beginning to achieve the goals I set.

Tomorrow is officially the start of the new semester although for 3 or 4 days only before Hari Raya comes. Nevertheless, there's a lot of things to do this semester.

I decided to settle for 4 modules only, although I wanna take the 5th module because a lot of my friends were saying how 'easy' it was. But because I'm planning to take a level 4 I guess I better off not gamble it. I know level 4 is no joke and why did I take it? I don't have a lot of choices this time. I will be maxing out my breadth modules, regardless whether it's 16 or 32 MCs for DY. So I guess I might as well go for level 4 now.

I hope I'll make the right choice and being able to find the right friends to mix with for level 4 module. I'm honestly scared.

Thank goodness I got into one of the Sciences module I selected, a level 1 somemore! So I had done my level 1 by the requirement. No fuss. But I remembered my friend had a lot of reading for that science module, made me think twice about taking the 5th module mentioned.

Anyways, I wanna work hard this time, not just academics but loosing weight too. I had been procrastinating about that and never made an effort to it so this time I need to really beat myself.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

#1730 - The last days

It's nearing 2am as I typed this. Well, my sleeping cycle isn't reversed back to 'normal' just yet.

Earlier on, the new baju kurungs were brought back. We had them tailored a month or 2 months back. I wished I didn't forget about his because when I tried on, they just couldn't fit. Suddenly I was drenched into depression and even thinking of vomiting the food I ate for dinner (self-vomit). But of course, I didn't. Coz I watched this BBC documentary few days before on anorexic children and I thought to myself, "I'm crazy".

I sincerely want to loose weight but I guess I never had that in mind.

And yes, I'm horrified of eating. All of the sudden eating is guilty.

New term will start this coming Monday. Oh yeah, results for modules will be published by 12pm today. I'm seriously hoping I'll get listed to 'how things work' module. I want just one Science module and get it over with.

New term.. I'm not ready. I don't know what to expect, now that I have an extra duty as the VP of the debate club and no coach. We need more members too or the club is gonna die. I don't know why but I felt like my seniors hadn't done enough job promoting the club. But yeah, woes are woes.

I really need to be more healthy this time.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

#1729 - Today

I was feeling so tired when waking up for the last day of club's exhibit but I was glad that I could make it.

4 Japanese students from Tenri University came to the freshers' week. Harry bought them to our booth coz Seng Yee was there. Well, more like Harry told Seng Yee that Japanese students are here and she wanted to meet them.

All 4 of them are taking English here for a year. I was glad that Natsumi (Nacchan) was in female hostel so at least I could bring her out some times.

New semester starts.. I'm not ready.. OTL

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#1728 - KL Trip Days 2 til 7!

I realised I won't have enough time to describe everything of what I had done from my 2nd day trip til the end so I guess I'll just shortened everything. More importantly, I had it written in my notebook so at least I had left my memories in it.

Anyways, day 2! (Monday)

I went to Zoo Negara because this was something I had in mind. I guess I love animals so seeing them in real life makes it a good experience. I spent about half of my day there coz I waited til the seal performance at 3:30. Fast forward, I was in Pavillion again but this time, I watched my first movie in KL, which was 'White House Down'.

Day 3 (Tuesday)

I went to Genting Highlands. I think I spent the most of my $ here. Took the first bus to Genting which was 8am from Sentral and reached Genting 2 hours later, after bus transfer. Met up with Xiang Ling and she bought some cakes for me. We dined at Starbucks and I got to try the latest drink. She also gave me Starbucks souvenirs and a card. Then we went into First World and she gave me a quick tour before she headed off to work. There was street performances on stage and I tipped the Japanese performer the most that he was shocked. And I was glad I get to talk to him after the performances. Hopefully I'll get to watch his performances in Japan one day! Oh yeah, I bought myself an ESPRIT purse, finally something that is of my taste. It was on sale so I thought this was a good chance to buy something that I will use for a very long time.

Day 4 (Wednesday)

I went to Berjaya Times Square since it's nearby. I watched 'Badges of Fury' starring Jet Li as that's the movie that I had been eyeing for even before this trip. Glad to be able to watch the movie! Then I went to KLCC in the afternoon, 4:30pm. Saw Datuk Siti's concert poster and I felt regretful for not doing research earlier before the trip. I was at Kinokuniya for an hour, resting and bought myself 2 books as well.

Day 5 (Thursday)

Met up with Peter, a friend that I met when I was in Bandung. He showed me around Putrajaya and UPM campus. We stopped by Alamanda for dinner at Old Town. We had a great chat over Baskin Robbins ice cream too. Then, he showed me his laboratory stuffs. It felt slightly nostalgic for me to enter a lab after 5 or 6 years of not entering since I don't take Sciences anymore.

Day 6 (Friday)

The day I decided to watch Datuk Siti's concert. Had morning breakfast at a Chinese restaurant. Then I saw this stall selling all sorts of drink by a Chinese lady. She was shocked to know I traveled solo and advised me to be cautious. She had been selling drinks for 20 years at the same spot, at the end of Jalan Alor. Amazing! There's sugar cane, luo han guo, liang teh and some other drinks that are 'cooling' for the body. Hopefully the next time I go to KL, she'll still be around. I went to BB Plaza and bought a decent pair of shoes as my foot had developed blisters all over. Then walked back to hostel, brought clothes that are more suited for the concert and went to the bus station. There's this bus that operates for free to KLCC and I managed to hop on to the right one. Another kind lady on the bus told me to be careful as well. Watched Despicable Me 2 at the cinema while waiting to kill time for the concert. Initially I wanted to watch Lone Ranger but the timings isn't right.

I'll save another post for my experiences with Datuk Siti's concert.

Day 7 (Saturday)

I didn't have anything written this one in my notebook so I'll blog whatever I can remember.

Saturday was Bon Odori day. Bon Odori is a Japanese summer festival, mark the beginning of summer season. I was eyeing on this event too because since I love Japanese culture and it's the right timing as well. Or rather, I timed my trip so that it coincides with this event.

I left after lunch to the KTM, knowing it may take a long journey to Shah Alam (where the event was held). I actually waited at KTM Shah Alam for an hour or so since there will be free bus shuttle to the stadium. I saw a Japanese lady which I think I had seen her few days ago on the monorail. She does looked like her and when we arrived at the stadium, I approached her since she was on her own. I told her that I saw her few days ago and she was surprised. We introduced ourselves and my new Japanese friend's name is Yoko-chan.

So me and Yoko-chan spent the time together around the stadium, getting to know each other. She is a very friendly person and I never believe her when she said she's 32. I was like "Ehhh?? Uso deshou!" (you're lying!) all over. Coz she doesn't even look like 32! I was guessing her age to be mid-20s! But yeah, we had fun at the festival. Apparently, she's in Malaysia for 4 months to study English. The festival ended with fireworks and I love the fireworks so much, the best fireworks display in my entire life so far.

That's all for this post!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

#1727 - Happy birthday Tokugawa!


カズヤは私の大好きな人です! 笑



Happy birthday to my favourite character from the New Prince of Tennis, Tokugawa Kazuya! I love you because you were voiced by my favourite seiyuu, Ono Daisuke (Ono-D)! I mean, I could never get enough of your sexy voice xD

I guess my obsession towards him was so critical that I started building a shrine for him! Like, buying his items only from the series. I think I had spend more than $150 altogether.. OTL The most expensive one has GOT to be that blanket ($40) from CDJapan. But it's all worth it :D

A close up of the items I have so far:

And my shrine! Midorima has a share on it too. Poor guy. But yes, everytime I woke up, I'll go take a look at this shrine and smile :D

#1726 - Opinions and Issues

I believe there are many opinionated individuals out there, keeping things to themselves.

Freedom of speech here is low that I guess it's normal for people to not express it, fearing it will backfire ideas.

Somehow, I sometimes think that by engaging into sensitive issues in a more rationale manner, people will perhaps understood the perks of voicing out opinions. It'll make them feel more belonging to a community.

Well, maybe I'm just blabbering.

#1725 - The past few days

25th Thursday

I went up to uni for the club meeting for FW. Unfortunately, I was the only one representing the club coz well, I rather not list down reasons why. Jo could make it but late. By the time she arrived, the meeting adjourned. lol

Then, when I drove all the way back, something wasn't right. I know I was super tired and having PMS doesn't help so I went for a nap. Who knew after nap, I caught fever instead.

It sucks really. I wasn't feeling hungry and don't wanna eat. I loss my appetite I meant. I drank honey and had panadol before I went to bed at around 10-ish.

Woke up at around 1:45AM coz I happened to have diarrhea. Had panadol coz I still feel feverish. I shivered in bed somemore.

Then prolly around 11 or 12 I woke up, fever gone but diarrhoea is still in me. It's worst that I actually took in solid food.

Today, since I still experienced diarrhoea, I decided to not take any food but water and dates. It kinda worked from 10 til 6 today.

As of now, I no longer have cirit birit and I'm hoping it'll stay like that! Gonna drink lodsa water too!

I think it's a sign that I should eat more healthily, since I'm suffering from diarrhoea for the 3rd time this year! :( 

Monday, July 22, 2013

#1724 - One more week

It hit me that my 2 and a half month holiday will end by the end of the week. Well, not exactly 'end end' but because of the university stuffs that I have to deal with before the official date starts for me, I guess it kinda seemed fitting to say my holiday will end this week.

Next week, there's booth set-up, modules selection, accommodation setting and payment. It's no fun at all dealing with all these, really.

Speaking of modules, I think I may have to take 5 modules -again-. Well, I could take 4 but as I am typing this, I wondered if it is possible to graduate early...

omg.. 1 more week of freedom!

Monday, July 15, 2013

#1723 - Rant

Sometimes, people are not sincere with what they do. At first they said OK, then later on, they'll back out. Only those who truly supports you will try to make the effort and stick with you.

I find it rude if the person I'm expecting a reply does not give their feedback to me. Really, they don't consider my time and effort into it. It's give and take, y'know. I mean, sometimes, they just don't understand that their reply is seen as a form of literal support to me.

Otherwise, I'll ended up feeling like a "one man gang" when the work is supposedly done in a team. It sucks, really.

And sometimes you'll wonder if all those sayings of "people will need each other in their lives" or "we are not alone" are true. But I think they are only true at certain times. You will need your own space at some times of your lives.

But when it's supposedly team work and no one's replying, that's a different story.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

#1722 - In A World Like This by Backstreet Boys

This song is very meaningful, especially at some parts of the song.

I personally like the opening chorus: "In a world like this where some back down, I know we're gonna make it" and this: "In a world like this where nothing comes from the heart"

Raping the repeat button!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

#1721 - Solo KL Trip Day 1

I'm going to blog about my KL trip post by post. Perhaps this is a better way to motivate me to write more.

So, why go KL? I guess I just felt like it, plus it coincides with SALES and my friend's semester break. But, SALES wasn't the reason why I decided to go, it's more to visit my friend and some of the places.

This trip was somewhat 'unorganized', all the more going solo. Unorganized mean I didn't exactly plan where I wanna go from Day 1 to 2, etc. It's a bit more 'loose' so for some places I visited, they're impromptu decisions on the spot.

Going solo is just a challenge to myself. Yes, I am aware of the crimes happening in KL so going on my own is not a good idea. But if you ask me, there's no safe place anyways so you just have to be conscious of your surroundings and the items you bring where ever you go, be it solo or in a group with friends.

I bought my tickets from AirAsia website about 2 months before and cost me RM350 from Miri to KL. It's considerably cheaper than leaving from BSB to KL with AA and with other carriers. I would have bought my tickets from MAS but it's expensive =_= plus I heard from my friends that AA always have flight delays which I don't like personally.

Nevertheless, it's my first time using AA and my friends were right. They indeed delayed the flight from Miri to KL by 30 minutes. And by the time I arrived LCCT, it was slightly hazy. I could actually feel the smoke in the airplane. We walked all the way into the Arrival Hall to claim my luggage.

I know I need to go to this KL Sentral but I didn't know which public transport to go with because they're so many. I picked up KLIA Express since it will reach KL Sentral. When I reached LCCT, it was 12:30PM.

Onto the bus transfer and KLIA Express, I think by the time I reached KL Sentral, it was 2pm plus. I wanted to activate the xpax line I had but when I asked celcom, the guy said I had to go to Mid Valley and I was like "OK.. where is this MidValley?" I wanted a M'sian line myself so I bought a Hotlink line and top up RM60.

Once that was settled, I had a late lunch at Burger King. Only then I decided to go find 'Monorail' coz I needed to take the monorail to the place where I stay, Bukit Bintang (BB). Apparently, the monorail is outside of Sentral and not in like LRT, KTM are. Thankfully my luggage is only 11KG so it's somewhat light to bring around.

When I reached BB, I am literally lost. I don't have a map of the area and my instincts isn't telling me anything. By right, I should go left when I got off from the monorail but instead, I headed right, to the direction of Pavillion. Obviously when I saw Sephora, I knew I am headed to the wrong direction. So I turned back and hoping to catch a taxi because I seriously have no idea.

Even catching a cab wasn't easy coz there wasn't any proper taxi stand. I was lucky enough that a taxi had just dropped off passengers and I was hesitant whether I should hop in or not. Eventually I did and told the taxi driver my place. He knew the street but we had a hard time finding the place. After asking some other guesthouse, then I found the accommodation. I stayed at Serenity Hostels (SH). It wasn't easy to see the sign either.

It doesn't help that I have to walked up 3 floors with the heavy luggage. The manager, Anwar, gave me a tour around the hostels and going through the rules. Eventually, I settled down at my room. Unpacked few stuffs and off I go explore the area.

When I said unorganized earlier, I didn't have the time to Google up reviews of SH, mainly because this was last minute booking. Initially my plan is to stay at my friend's but I realised, it may not be a wise decision so I searched for cheap accommodation and found SH. As I walked around, SH is located at the street where drinking bars can be found. Like, the whole street is drinking alley. So at night, it's prolly the most happening places at BB. I kinda missed that.

Anyways, I just walked and passed by Jln Alor where the taxi driver told me it's food haven by night. And then walked past massage areas and back to the monorail. I wanted to explore Pavilion and Sephora for that day.

I squealed when I saw Sephora. It's like a dream came true when I entered the building. All these times, I read plenty of makeup/cosmetics/skincare reviews and some items can be bought from Sephora so it's kinda like a must-visit for me. I recognised almost all the brands sold in Sephora but in the end, I didn't buy anything. Why? It's bloody expensive! Maybe next time =_=

Pavilion is super huge. OK, all malls overseas are huge. I remembered my sister told me to do shopping only on the last few days but I did quite some shopping already. lol. My legs died from walking and luckily, I found some places to sit so I sat there while looking around. All branded items.

Up I go and I saw Tokyo Street on 6th floor. Browsed around and I bought 2 Calpis Water, RM8 each. Definitely not cheap but I like the drink. They didn't have Cider, too bad. Oh ya, I saw Ochado too and they were offering limited edition Doraemon member card for RM15 and you get a free regular sized drink. I signed up right away because it's Doraemon after all xD

Saw Times Bookstore and bought magazines. It was 7pm and I decided to have dinner at Tokyo Street. The restaurant's name is 'Cafe Taka'. I had chicken katsu curry rice with apple mojito. I craved for Japanese curry rice out of nowhere back then. It was my first time trying apple mojito and it's surprisingly good. I'm not a fan of mint flavour but when mint mixed with apple, it taste OK to me. But the curry rice I ordered was spicy! I mean, Japanese curry isn't supposed to be spicy but yeah.

I walked all the way back SH with my heavy items. I think it took me a good 30 - 40 minutes before I reached my room. And when I saw the street I'm staying was so lively, I wondered where do all these people come from. haha.

Yep, that's all for Day 1. Hoping to update Day 2 tonight or tomorrow. Some pictures in random order from Day 1:

Interior of Cafe Taka

KL Sentral

My receipt from LCCT to KL Sentral

Doraemon Ochado member card!


It's not easy to spot SH!

I wanna visit this street again!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

#1720 - Blogging = Diary

The thing about online blogging is that it can be treated like a diary, except that this diary is widely viewed by many, strangers and friends alike.

Well, I know I need to blog for the sake of my future self but sometimes I couldn't be bothered.

I just posted a long post of my first trip to Indonesia. That's something for me to read again, perhaps the next few years.

And, I came back from my one weeks' trip from KL and that means, another long (overdue) post will be coming soon and something to remember, although this time, I actually wrote down what I did throughout the week.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

#1719 - Bandung! (Long post)

My first trip to Indonesia is 'business' like as I represented my uni for a speech contest. To be honest, I wasn't prepared to enter the final as they only select 6 out of 20 participants. I was all the more worry after I saw the scoring criteria and decided to just wing it.

The programme officially started on Monday but advised us to arrive the day before. But due to the awesome work ethics and management, we flew on Monday, had a 12 hour transit in Singapore before heading to Bandung. And the day I arrived Bandung is the day I will be giving my speech. Last one to present somemore.

So, after arriving at Singapore, it took us (me, Khairul and Sir Faisal) about 2 hours to settle on accommodation. Initially we wanted to settle at Crowne Royal but it was $300+ for a night and not worth it. And we later realised that we can stay at the Ambassador Transit Hotel or Lounge, granted that we have our boarding ticket.

We checked in our luggage at 10-ish when our flight was 8:30AM the next day. Even the lady at the immigration check-in counter was like "once you enter you cannot leave" but yeah, stuck at airport and didn't get to go to the city. I settled for the Ambassador Transit Lounge at Terminal 2. Total price was $76 for 6 hours. For some reasons, I checked in too early and only fully utilise the place for about 3 hours.

After check in, go all the way to Terminal 3 for Burger King. Yeah, a late night supper before I head back to the room to have some shut eye. I knew I wanted to sleep at 12 and wake up at 4 but I managed to sleep only after 1. I guess I was worried for my speech. So I checked out 4:15 (extra hour is $16!) and just roam around the airport. Some shops were closed and some were 24 hours.

Boarded the plane at 8:30 and arrived at the Hussein Sastranegara International Airport, Bandung 2 hours later. There were a lot of tourists arrival too. Before our flight, a Malaysian airplane landed and after ours' from Singapore, another plane from China arrived. I was sleepy on the flight and Khairul told me that the plane circled around Bandung for 10 minutes due to the lack of space for airplane to land at the airport. The airport is small as there is only 3 check in counters for international arrival. And everything has to be done manually, from tourists get on or off the plane (you walk) to luggage claim (there were people pulling the bags out from the conveyor).

The first shock I had when I arrive was the traffic. I swear, Miri's traffic is better than Bandung's! It's like, everyone treat the road as theirs' so they are more likely not to give way to others. We had the car from the embassy's and went to the accommodation. I think it took us about 1 hour since it is heavy traffic (and it's like that all the time!).

After settling the accommodation, we met with our Liaison Officer (LO) Jamika. She followed us to ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung) campus with the embassy's car. Then I was brought to a room with some of the speech contest delegates. I know I talked with the Japanese, Maki-chan and Sakura-chan and was introduced to Peter, the Malaysian student from UPM. I also talked with Arif, the Indonesian student from ITB himself (and a debater xD) so we had a lot of common things to talk about.

My turn was the last one as I arrived the latest so yes, it was nerve wrecking. But since it's only a speech, I just did my best and like how I normally would do, somewhat already have in mind that I won't advance to the next round.

After the speech is over, I felt relieved. Then there was tea time before we head back to the accommodation. Walking in Bandung isn't a problem due to cold weather, something I missed dearly as I typed.

The night was dinner at a restaurant uphill in Dago. It was even colder uphill! The result for the speech contest was also announced during dinner. When the announcer said he will announce it according to surnames, I knew mine will be the earliest should I get into the finals.

And yes, I got into the Finals as my name was 1st to be announced. Not only I arrived the same day of my speech, I got to know that I am a Finalist. That feeling was very 'different'.

[Before this, the post was typed on 23rd June. Today is 10th July as I'm typing the ones below. There will be inaccuracy but I'm just typing whatever I remembered.]

The next day was fun day where in the morning we visited Saung Anklung Udjo (SAU). SAU is definitely a tourist attraction. There were traditional dances and playing the 'anklung' together. Our visit that day was accompanied by 2 school visits so the performance place is packed with visitors. I would love to visit SAU again because it promotes the Indonesian culture.

Then in the afternoon, it is free day. And we went to 3 shopping places: Pasar Baru, Rumah Mode (Mo-de) and Paris van Java (PVJ). I called these the low end, middle end and high end places of shopping respectively.

Pasar Baru is the cheapest place to shop if you are not particular of brands. There are a variety of things to buy and you can even bargain for a lower price. I know I got 5 T-shirts for 100,000 Rupiah so each shirt is 20,000 ($3 or less!). That has got to be the cheapest T-shirt I ever bought. I know I didn't want to bargain because to me, it's already cheap enough to purchase so why ask for less? I may sound like I'm bloody rich at that place but when I see people trying to make end-needs on the street, it kinda open my eyes to how fortunate I am compared to them. So naturally, I won't ask for a lower price unless they offer.

Anyways, next destination was Rumah Mode. A lot of tourist came to this place too, although I think there's not much to see, except for beautiful design and statues. They have branded clothings like Uniqlo, F21, etc. But I kinda think it's a rip-off place coz my LO, Jamika, told me that the scarf (she showed me) here sells for 50,000 but from Pasar Baru, it's 10,000 and they're the same material. Basically, some items can be bought at Pasar Baru for a much cheaper price. Oh yea, Pasar Baru isn't some place where tourist would go because the whole building isn't like a modernised mall.

Speaking of modernised mall, PVJ is really, a super mall and that's the place where EVERYONE would go. It's the biggest mall in Bandung so no doubt, it is high end shopping place. We were only there for 2 hours because it was already 8 pm when we arrived. All those international franchise and brands are here: Starbucks, Auntie Anne's, KFC, McD, etc. You name it. From what I heard, this mall has a zoo and ice skating ring as well.

It was the only free day in Bandung so I did some shopping on that day. And I actually forgotten that the next day was the Speech contest. After the speech contest was the educational forum where each delegate present their cases. This is mostly presentation. Everyone's presentation is almost similar except for Hamz from UPM. He talked about 'mind reconstructing' and how it should be carried for better ideas, etc. I don't remember the exact details but I do know it's definitely the most odd ones out of all others. And the thing with odd ones is that one tends to remember it more than others.

Then later on, we were tasked to come up with some recommendation (I don't remember what) for joint statement. Given only 2 hours, I realised that working in a group does give more impact than working solo.

Drafting a joint statement takes a long time, from perfecting English grammar to the semantics of sentences. I done this before but I didn't contribute much. The whole process took us 4 hours before everyone finally agrees.

I remembered the farewell party. They announced the winners of the speech contest in which I didn't win but it's OK, a good experience. Taking a lot of pictures, receiving souvenirs and simply enjoying the last night in Bandung moments. I know I felt sad leaving that place coz I only get acquainted with some people and made new friends, plus I wanna stay there for an extra day! haha. I felt very welcomed at Bandung.

I know I miss the late night talks with Sakura-chan when Intan and Yuri slept early. I miss the cool weather in Bandung. I missed speaking in Bahasa Indonesia to Indonesian (although some Indonesian shopkeepers know I am not an Indonesian, imitation failed xD). I missed some of the friends I get to know at Bandung from different countries. I kinda missed speaking 4 languages interchangeably, (English, Indonesian, Japanese, Bahasa Brunei, although I think I mixed up all 4 of them xD). I missed my LO, Jamika who is very humble. I missed going to Circle K, the 24 hour convenience store located 15 minutes on foot to buy stuffs.

The whole trip to Bandung is a good experience. It made me realised how complicated my life is, materialistically, compared to the many Indonesians who live a simple life as they are finding difficulties to live day by day. I also realised that I like to know more about the daily lives of the locals, something I get first hand and without the need of the media. I know I wanna visit Bandung again one day :D

Ending this super long overdue post with some pictures:

Go to Bandung with 15KG. I know I overpacked stuffs.

Bandung's airport

1st meal in Bandung. '4 sihat 5 sempurna' is the saying of the Indonesians for a balanced diet.

Me and our LO, Jamika :)

1st Haagen Dazs in PVJ. Belgian Chocolate.

With Sakura-chan!

Flooding in ITB. Heavy downpour.
The guy with the different approach in presentation, Hamz.
I think after his presentation everyone started calling him 'Professor' and 'Scientist'.
ASEAN+3 nation flags, plus ASEAN flag

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

#1718 - Hello from Changi!

It's 04:30 and I'm at Terminal 2 of Changi International Airport. Yep, my first time at this hour in an airport!

Yesterday's adventure was something new. Upon arrival at Singapore, we have no one to pick us up. We wanted to stay at Crowne Plaza but $300+ per night, we thankfully found this Transit Hotel for $76 for 6 hours. I paid from 10.30 - 04.30 but I managed to sleep only at 1.00-ish.

And later on will be my real purpose in Indonesia; speech contest. I'll do my best and hope for the best.

I was really hoping that I can be in the city to meet Elaine but alas, no Fate this time xD Elaine, if you are reading this, gomen ne!

Monday, June 3, 2013

#1717 - Altador Cup is back!

The summer games of neopets, Altador Cup, is back. For it's eight edition, I am and pledge to one team, Shenkuu.

It's unfortunate that this edition, Stealth/SOTAC decided to join team Altador (AL). AL was placed last if I'm not mistaken for the last AC but I think AL will be sweeping all teams. Well, we were swept by them for yesterday's game. I kinda expected that.

Anyways, I am now in Rank 2. I wanted to achieve the All Star rank (Rank 20, the maximum) and I counted that I will need to play 63 hours of Yoyuuball (YYB)!

1 games = 3 minutes so 1267 wins translates to 63 hours. Suddenly it's achievable during this June holidays! haha.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

#1716 - Exam Results!

So, the results were finally released today. It was supposedly released yesterday but it never happen, what a shame.

Anyways, I am kinda shock to see 2 modules having the grade that I didn't think I deserve? Hmm..

My GPA was decreased by 0.1 from last sem to 3.6 but my cGPA increased by 0.01 to 3.57. So I guess it's stil a good sign that my cGPA increase. Mayyer told me that it's easier for cGPA to increase.

The only 'A' I score is Japanese 3. Well, to be honest, I was a bit skeptical about this grade because I know I didn't do very well for interview. But I am glad that I am still keeping a straight A record for Japanese. Definitely aiming for another A for Japanese 4 next sem!

Advert in Comm got B+. Well, I'm not expecting anything lower than a B for this module because the classwork was HELL. So really happy for this as it kinda balances my major to an average B. Hist of media on the other hand scored a C+. I don't know what happened but yeah.

The next 2 grades are the shocking one. My geography got a B. I know I missed out a 10 marks question during the exams but I supposed my classwork helped a lot. I guess it's not bad for a breadth. But getting a C+ for understanding culture was the biggest surprise. I really have no idea why a C so I am speechless, my heart died a little.

Overall, I am grateful for this set of results. Now, I'm looking forward for next sem and DY!

Friday, May 24, 2013

#1715 - Furniture Hunting

I have been rather unproductive these days, if not for my room cleaning.

Waking up past 12 sometimes, man, my 24 hour seemed short.

Anyhow, I went to 2 furniture store to look for cabinets to store my things.

So expensive! I'll need at least $300, even that the quality isn't assured.

But the $450 cabinet is a better quality, but less storage than the $300. Hmm....

I want moneh.

#1714 - Kami7 of PCM

I received an email regarding about doing an internship at one of the prestigious company over at KL. However, I don't think I will apply, as much as I would want to just 'try' my luck because:

  1. Results aren't out.
  2. Doing my DY earlier has a high chance of causing havoc within the system
  3. I wanna spend time with my 2 besties for semester 4 XD
But yeah, this email was sent to 7 people whose cGPA is 3.5 above. And when I look at the students' names, I knew all the other 6. And ironically, my name is the last of the 7.

I do think the arrangement of the names are important because the pattern I saw is our cGPA. And knowing my cGPA and the first person's name's cGPA, I can say I am the borderline one.


The 7 names are of local students, not including foreigners coz I know one person who actually scored higher than all 7 of us.

But yeah, I had this idea to call myself a member of the 'Kami7' for PCM. lol! Too much AKB fandom and the election fever.

Speaking of the 4th election, I hated the prelim results. I'm hoping Yuko will rank #1 coz no one should rank 1st except her. I'm glad Ami ranked #50 But her ranking #49 is better so that she'll be the center xD

Gosh.. I missed Excapade-ing with my other 2 friends like how we used to do every week? HAHA.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#1713 - Papers everywhere

I was sorting out my uni papers earlier, the most dreaded one.

Can't believe there's a lot of papers to deal with. haha.

I was thinking of buying a cabinet or shelves for my room coz I do think it's high time for me to buy one.

But I guess I will need to visualize what I will be putting first. hehe

Sunday, May 19, 2013

#1712 - Room Decluttered

So I managed to throw away 4 big rubbish bags tonight.

Most of them are things that I'll never use in the neat future. Heck, I threw away all the chocolate boxes I collected over the years.

Such a hoarder =_=

Now I don't know how to deal with these magazines.. Well, I do have a plan: Tear the interest articles and throw the mag away. So lazy to recycle them.lol

#1711 - Room Decluttering

Reading about Politics versus room decluttering, I go for the latter, although both are equally important.

Coz I found myself facing the laptop screen all the time, not doing either one of the mentioned two.

I bought this garbage black plastic bag ($6.50 for 50 pieces) coz I wanna start throwing a lot of items.

I guess I have too much items in my room, especially those boxes from CDJ and magazines! lol.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

#1710 - Updates! (With lotsa pics)

I think this post has got to be the post with a lot pictures for this year.Trying to back track some of the happenings of my life. Let's see...

9th May (Thursday)

Had a meeting with SAS. Then decided to have Kaizen with dear Kamza. It was all good until we receive an important phonecall (and ruined the night.)

We sat at the bar side coz all the tables were reserved!

Spicy Bacon Asparagus Maki - $7.20

Omellete Sarada Cheese Roll - $3.60

Tamago Sushi - $1.80
Hanai Tuna Mayo Sushi - $4.50
Inari Sake Sarada - $3.60

Ebi furai sushi - $3.60

Wackou Maki! - $5.40
I rarely dined at Kaizen unless it's with Kamza coz my two besties love Excapade to death. Well, me too since it's cheaper? lol. True though, Kaizen is pricey =\

10th May

The debate selections to go to either KK/Manila was forwarded to this date, a day earlier. Truth to be told, I kinda expected myself to go to KK since my skills were rusty. And after 3 rounds, seeing my score was the same ol' average, I don't feel motivated to do a 4th round to change that score. I don't know. I just don't feel like doing. But in the end, KK debate from our side was rejected.

11th May

I can only remembered going home in the afternoon and seeing my room after a month and a week of not going back home. And yes, my room is like a storage :O

12th May

Mother's Day! My uncle paid for Bucaneer's buffet. Everyone came to our place since it's like double celebration (Grandma and mothers)

Bucaneer Buffet at $10 per head. Minimum for 30 people.

I don't know what you call this but in Chinese it's 'ban tiao' or 'chai gue' xD My aunt made them. Filling was bamboo shoots.

Buccaneer's oreo cheese cake is the best! Creamy!
13th May

I tried KFC's Spicy Korean Crunch and I won't try it again. It's too spicy for my taste. I ended up running nose (i.e too spicy) and the drink and salad didn't help much in reducing the spiciness either. I swear, after that dinner, I actually had Tutti Frutti to 'calm' my stomach. To think that back then, I had this meal on an empty stomach..

14th May

Mini farewell surprise party for our debate coach. I'm glad she didn't knew we planned this. haha.

Chocolate Moose Cake from Patisserie, Kg Mata Mata

Fast forward, today.

I crave for Lee Loi Fatt's 'keladi, udang, sotong' for a long time and finally had it! $4 for a small plate.. So little and expensive sia! haha. So far, KB is the best lorh, tauke yg buat and cheaper :D

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

#1709 - Procrastinating much?

I know I should be enjoying my holidays but I think I'll only get to truly enjoy it after 1st of week of June? haha

Debate selections is this weekend to determine who is going to KK or Manila competitions. To be honest, I don't mind KK coz I get to shop at MAC. lol. But either competition seemed OK. Personally not ready for selections yet. orz.

Then, I will be going somewhere for the 1st week of June. I'll reveal it later but I have to do some 'assignment' that is due in 2 days' time. oh the horror.

I wasted my whole afternoon browsing through online websites, fantasizing to buying them then only to realise I cannot rob the bank for my wants. HAHA.

Monday, May 6, 2013

#1708 - Iron Man 3

I planned this way before my exams, that I will go watch Iron Man 3 after my last paper (today).

So I booked our tickets at 8 in the morning. Then went and pick Nadiah up at 2pm.

We had a mini lunch/tea at Swensen since she felt like having the fried mushroom:

Fried Mushrooms for $5.90
It wasn't that oily so not bad lah. I wanted their fries since it is like the best fries in town (2nd is McD for me xD) and we asked for the upsize one. It was a lot for 2 people!

Upsized Hot N Dip Fries for $7.50 ($2 upsize)
So we chat and eat. We wondered what Joyce would be doing now. Haha.

Iron Man 3 wasn't that bad. I didn't watch the 1st 2 installments but nevertheless, watching it in 3D is perfect. hehe.

#1707 - Hello summer break!

I know we have summer all year round but I can't help but to think that this long holidays is somewhat a summer break.

Anyways, I finished my last exam paper earlier at 11AM. As C was collecting our papers, he was like "so how was it? Easy peesy?" My response: "I hate you." The  he laughed away. lol.

I hate to say but even though I'm having 5 exam papers, this time the modules were somewhat 'easy' to answer, mostly common sense applied. Hmm oh well. Looking forward for the release of the exam results.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

#1706 - Go For Gold!

I was watching MTV Asia earlier and this particular video was aired earlier:

When I saw the song title. 'Go For Gold', I thought, "Hm, must be something motivating" and I watched. I thought the guy is a cutie pie and looked SUPER familiar. So after that, I went googling his name, only to realised that he was the vocalist of The Click Five!

Wow. It's been a LONG time since I even encountered TC5, only to know that they were disbanded January, 4 months back. No wonder he looked familiar because I listened to TC5 'Modern, Minds and Pastimes' album only and I remembered I like the vocalist coz he's the frontman of the band and I tend to remember the vocalist image more than the other band members. I don't even know his name when he was in TC5 which is why 'Kyle Patrick' doesn't ring a bell =X

But yeah. As I was saying, I listened to the whole song, paying attention to the lyrics and I fell in love. Immediately after that, I went and purchased his song at iTunes. Thankfully it's in the store! hehe. I was thinking if I should purchase the whole album but I guess I settled for just the song. 99cents which is about $1.30 isn't that pricey, digitally. What more to stan him by actually tweeting to him? And omg, he retweeted back!! :DD

I want to buy the physical copy of his EP since he self-produce everything for the album. It's only 5 songs and I can't wait for more of his music. He just earned himself a new fan ;)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

#1705 - Today

I felt like going out today, when I should be still 'caged' in the hostel. I had this urge to go to see what MISSHA had to offer from today til the 5th of May. 

So many cars to Gadong

Took this when I was waiting for the traffic light to turn green
There wasn't a lot of cupcakes today, or maybe this is the only one:

I browsed through the store and was only targeting one item: MISSHA Signature Extreme Cover Concealer. I realised my two liquid concealers are already expires. I looked for reviews and it does seemed promising. I had the tester on my red-marks and yes, I love it! But, it'll cost me $35 after discount (original price is $47!)! omg. That's like the priciest concealer ever but the consistency is great. Hmm... =_="

#selca with MISSHA's pink lipstick and lipgloss from the testers xD
Suddenly I felt like eating Takoyaki and I bought $2 for 4 pieces.

I think the takoyaki was just cooked. OK lah, just to satisfy my cravings. Oh yea, I stole took 4 samples of this. hehe. The saleslady just look at me and didn't say anything.