Friday, February 22, 2013

#1685 - My husband(s) in my dream!

The idea of owning a LIFESIZE wallscroll in a room can be very odd. I mean, I'm talking about LIFESIZE and each are 2meter in height! So yes, put that onto the wall and you know the characters are of your height or taller!

Between these two guys i.e my favourite characters, I don't know which one to buy. Well, not that I have $ now but...

Midorima Shintaro from Kuroko no Baske

Tokugawa Kazuya from New Prince of Tennis
I like both, not just because they are voiced by Ono Daisuke but Midorima is green-headed ("Because he's green, I like") and Kazuya is just cool! haha.

Each cost about $120 - $150 shipping inclusive. So damn pricey to 'buy' my husbands~! LMAO. As mentioned in previous posts, I'm building a shrine for these 2 and I think the wall scroll is all the more better for the collection.

But if I have to choose between these 2 (I know I can't) I would pick Tokugawa Kazuya coz his items are more than Midorima's. All the more to complete Tokugawa Shrine. HAHA. But I also want Midorima's! GOSH.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

#1684 - Impulse buying!

So I was browsing CDJ 'toys' section and I can't help but to buy this:

Reason being, the preorder deadline is tomorrow! Plus, it's Tokugawa Kazuya!! He's a new character from the New Prince of Tennis (I prefer calling it SPoT - Shin Prince of Tennis) AND VOICED BY ONO DAISUKE.


I'm currently building a Tokugawa Shrine. xD Some of the items already arrived but I haven't paid them. I buy them from a seller over at LJ who's kind enough to hold it for me, as long as I promised to make payments. So far there's:

  1. Swingstrap 
  2. Plushie 
  3. Metallic Plate 
  4. Voice Mascot 
  5. One Coin 
  6. Ball charm (image above)
  7. Blanket (His face! Link. ) xDDDD 

Okay.. now that's a lot! lol. I can get most of the items by end of March except for the Voice Mascot, Ball charm and blanket. hehe. July 27 is his birthday and I know how to celebrate his bday now xD

#1683 - Let the Sem Break begins!

Although the official date for sem break is on the 24th, I guess it's safe to say that today is the start of sem break since National Day is on Saturday and tomorrow being Friday.

Which also means deadlines for assignments are coming soon! I hate this part of the rollercoaster ride. I can't wait to finish them!

Last night I pulled an all-nighter to do some PS. I don't know much about PS so it was quite challenging. At least it worth the time when we showed our ad concept to Chris and he likes it. Staying up til 2AM was worth it, but downside was I had class at 8. I really didn't wanna attend but knowing that today is considered the 'last' day, I just forced myself to wake up.

I finished my work at 1 but when I was browsing through the website, I found this.


OMFG. I was hoping for something lifesize from him since I love him but... it'll cost me $150! T_T So much for a fandom.

But can they sell dakimura instead? xD I bought myself Tokugawa Kazuya blanket so if there's a Midorima bedsheet, that'll be great :D -flail-

Excuse me while I go fantasize owning a lifesize Midorima~ lol!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

#1682 - Just some life updates

Nadiah came over for CNY and stayed at my place for 3 nights.Truth to be told, she's my 1st friend to have a stayover. I don't mind if she wanna do that again xD I never knew having close friends for stayover can be that fun.

CNY was enjoyable while it lasts. 1st day was about family visits. 2nd day was just over to Joyce's aunt place. Lion dances there were the best! I saw green lion too xDD

And today, 3rd day of CNY but since I'm back to uni, I don't feel like celebrating anymore. Knowing that I have assignments, debate and some stuffs that I'm forced to do, I named the return of my CNY as 'No Life'.

And thinking about how having 'no life' can somehow suit me.. Hmmm...

Anyways, semester break is in 2 weeks' time but it's just a name where in fact, there's no 'break' really. I was thinking that if I'm already this busy now, I think after sem break can be worst i.e DEADLINES.

I havent started on 2 reports yet. I need more time.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

#1681 - Welcoming week 5

Weekend wasted.

I plan to do a lot of uni-related work but no, somehow they are always distractions.

Let's see..

I came back around 3pm. Went to town to do misc stuffs for 2 hours.

At 7 went to town again to buy clothes. Back at home at 9:30.

Talked for 2 hours with bro about his 'solo' trip. Slept at 12..

The next day i.e today woke up at 9.30

Doing my siblings a favor i.e I'm the DRIVER. Bro went for haircut, sis went for clothes shopping.
By the time finish was about 12:00

Watched MELODI from 12:30 to 1-ish.

Salon from 2 to 4.

Then pack. left house at 7:30

Only came back here at 9:30


And I have to wake up early tomorrow to do something important. I just wished I didn't withdraw that 20 bucks earlier. haiz...