Friday, March 29, 2013

#1696 - Today

I slept at 3, woke up at 7:20 since I have a class at 8. I was awakened by the shadows of 2 adult monkeys. Thank god I have the curtains.

After class, went to library to clear off debt of $2.40. Now owe Joyce $2. hehe. Then went to SC to have a look at the IAW. A lot of free laminated bookmarks for grabs. Quite a lot of events happening there as well.

Had a nap from 12 til 2:30. Then struggled to do socio essay coz there was a forest fire and the smoke became haze. And yes, doing assignment in a stuffy hot room with no ventilation. It was so difficult to breathe.

Then me and Mayyer went for dinner outside. It was between McD and food court but we picked McD instead.

And I happened to met C! omg.. I really did avoided him when I left McD. It was very obvious that I avoided him since I exited the place very quickly. haha.

TBS member sale is today and tomorrow. Bought these 3 items :D I prolly shouldn't have taken the lip balm though :O

Then, when we were about to leave, I was searching for keys and he came out from the ATM.. I just said hi. Not much conversation but yeah. "Of all places, why are you here?" "Paying bills and shits" HAHA.

From IAW

Thursday, March 28, 2013

#1695 - Solo day

Today was a good day I guess. I woke up late even though I had a discussion at 8:30+ Media class ended 1 hour earlier and this was when food hunting happened.

There's this food fair happening at CLT so I went and checked it out. Too bad I only bothered to come on the last day. Apparently, there's this place that sell colour cons for $8 and free casing! Cheap I tell you! But unfortunately none of the cons are of my power (2.75), there's 0 degrees but I have to wear glasses.. Hmm.. But, I bought the casings though xD $1 for 3! That's a steal ;)

Yesterday Nabila let us tried this green tea cupcake and I stumbled their stall too. It was $2 each. Kinda pricey but very sweet! The stall's name is 'Sweet Distraction'.

Among the cupcakes they sold
Then I tried AHOA Burger that Erin and Joyce talked about. They said their burgers were very delicious so I had one myself. Ordered the Kambing biasa one for $3. I gotta say though, it wasn't bad but I can sense 50% fat and 50% meat for the patty? haha. But ok larh, wished I bought one more burger too xD

After all the lunch, I went to BB to get my cards settled. Then, I had a 2 hour nap. It felt great xD I don't remember having an afternoon nap for a while, maybe it was due to assignments, projects and debates.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

#1694 - Just Food

I decided not to switched on my alarm since I wanna sleep as long as I wanted. Well, I know I can go for the DimSum lunch but I told myself, if I managed to wake up before 12:30, I may as well go.

Indeed I had. I woke up at 10:30 and got ready. 2 hours later, I was already outside Dynasty waiting. We only got in at around 1pm.

Kam and Julius were the only debaters came, plus me. Then there's Kat, Nabilah, Irzal and another M'sian guy (adj). So 7 of us. DimSum at Dynasty was the best. They close at 2 and we left prolly 10 minutes before? Then we went to Coffee Bean which was next door anyways.

I ordered The Ultimate small. Thank you to Kat for the treat. I wanted to pay but when I saw her took cash out from her purse, I guess the most I can do is offer TBS card for 10% off bill. We stayed there for an hour since the M'sian adjs need to leave at 3pm.

After that, me, Kam and Julius walked to Mall. We settled at Ochado and I tried Vera Lychee that Nadiah said was good. Yep, it's not bad. Love the lychee in it, although one third of the cup is filled with ice. hehe. Julius left at 4 and it's only me and Kam. Both of us were like, let's go to McD! haha

McD for 2 hours from 4:30 before we left. We talked a lot of things, but mostly about debating larh. hehe

This Sunday was great. I realised I don't usually spend my Sundays outside coz it's either I'm at home or just don't go out.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

#1693 - Post Debating Syndrome!

Wow.. It's been 9 days since my last update! I can't believe I was that busy... It's ok. Less than 2 months to go!

Just last Thursday was our Seminar event. It was successful because the turn up was more than 150 people! :D Achieved Chris' target despite not having our ads in the newspapers. lol. He even asked us for that and we were like "urm.. we only have press release?"

Then it was debate training in between. We were only given the dates for the finals on the 14th and it'll be on the 23rd. Of course, all of us were panicked. I mean, we haven't been really doing training for the past month since the prelims. And suddenly we have to get back to the debate momentum on Monday. It was tough since you kinda 'forgotten' how to do debate.

Thanks to lack of sleep and pressure to give a good show for the final, I broke down to tears in yesterday's training. Perhaps I think too much. But I do know that me and lack of sleep don't go hand in hand. I feel more pessimistic and cranky when I don't have enough sleep.

And today was a blessing in disguise (as my coach said) because my team won, and I won best speaker :D I still felt surreal. I mean, I know the other team is way better coz they just do things better, although coaches said both teams are equally matched. And I really thought Julius can win best speaker, be it prelims or the finals. But shockingly, a UNISSA student won best speaker for prelims. Damn them. heh. But yeah, I wasn't thinking about winning coz I still think we are slightly 'weaker'. Even Jo said yesterday that Team A will win anyways coz they are better. True but it just happened that we won.

Happy? Of course I am. I won't lie, still shocked over this. Even though I do wanna win since it's my first GD entry, I didn't think my team had the chance coz like I mentioned before. Beginner's luck, perhaps?

But after the debate, everyone is congratulating each other. Friends and teachers congratulated me as well. Thank you everyone. I like how the ITBians were saying I was way better here coz I was calm then the last time when we met (i.e slam table, angry, etc) lol. Then SMSAians came. So glad teacher Ummi was there too. She said I inspired the students. I felt honoured, I guess, to be able to inspire the SMSA debaters who were there.

Even so, I felt so 'lonely' after everyone congratulated me. I mean, I know I was talking to other debaters but I wished my 2 bitches were there watching me, so as my mom. The other members have someone close to them, at least watching them on stage. Hmmm... But it's ok. Not like I won't meet them anyways. hehe

More trophies to be added to the collection!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

#1692 - 14 March

14 March
This date is of many memories
Lingers along the seasons of the year

The fun, joy, despair we shared
Was it meant to be this way?

On the highs
Comedy, laughter, trust, sincere.

On the lows
The disappointment, the truth that hurts, the mistaken actions.

Alas! I surrender to Fate.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

#1691 - Assignments MayDay!

I know I am screwed as I am posting this. Well, my blog needs a bit of updates for my future self.

Assignments pending:

  1. History of Radio essay  (1k) - 14th March
  2. 2 Geo essays - 21st March
  3. Last minute typography ad - 24th March
  4. Socio group essay - 30th March
  5. Group geo essay - 8th April
  6. media individual report - 28th April

Sigh.. One thing after another! How can I breathe?

Pimples are starting to surface now. Must be due to stress. T_T I felt so fugly now.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

#1690 - If Only I Could Turn Back Time

 If Only I Could Turn Back Time

If only I could turn back time,
this wouldn't happen.

If only I could turn back time,
I will choose the right path.

If only I could turn back time,
things wouldn't be the same like now.

If only I could turn back time,
I will choose to be 'me', not others.

If only I could turn back time,
It is only "if", right?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

#1689 - "Cycle of Life"

It's been a long while since I wrote a poem. I guessed it was since form 6? Back to the days when I was taking Literature and had the time to write poems because I'm a Lit student. xD

Anyways, there were instances when things inside me are about to burst and I felt like 'writing' them out. I'm sick of screaming so I thought, "words may convey my emotions too".

And I wrote this right after I received a bad news about my assignment:

Cycle of Life

At the Horizon, calm and serene.
Deep within, worries engulfed.
Tears uncried, Hearts unbreak.
Life; The Unexpected.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

#1688 - A Day's Out.

After Japanese class at 2, I was hesitating whether I should go to GIANT with Joyce & Nadiah. For some reasons, I kind of anticipating that I will be back after 9pm.

They had lunch at KRR and their verdict: It's their first and last. As for me, I ordered sandwich since I already had lunch. Then they decided that they wanted to watch 'Jack the Giant Slayer' and initially we booked the 5pm show. But when Nadiah came a bit late from her class, I went and book the 5:30 show.

The movie was alright. I wouldn't mind watching the 2nd time though. Then had Ochado for the 1st time as well. I tried 'Milk Tea' ($2.80 for medium size). I think it was just ok. Nothing special. We chatted a bit. They saw me and my stress-looking face. lol.

They went to Best Eastern while I headed to buy TBT coz I'm in the Youth Speak edition. xD After that, went to BE as well. I initially bought ViVi February issue (last one!) then to my surprise, 'A Streak of Colour' was sold there too. It was pricey ($32.90) but I bought it anyways for a reason I wish not to reveal now xD

And now I'm back facing my ever-piling assignments. Honestly, I felt a little better now than 2 days ago. I guess when there's an expectation, you can't help feeling stress about it.

Monday, March 4, 2013

#1687 - Nightmare?

Last night I had cramps so I slept from 6 to 7:30PM, to ease up the pain. Thankfully it works.

Tried to do assignments. 40% success.

I wanted to sleep at 2, but ended up sleeping at 3-ish.

And because one of the assignment, the ad, needed to go back to square 1, I tried to think of something.

Ironically, I didn't sleep well at all. I guess it's due to these reasons: 1 - Stress about assignments 2 - My body was heating up last night.

I actually had think weird sensation where I was 'suck' into a dream that I didn't want. It's like trying to fall asleep but can't because I'm falling into a deep hole. Then I heard the azan Subuh. So I estimated that to be 5-ish. Then another dream: I woke up with blood in my eyes because I didn't remove my coloured contact lens (I slept with it).

So scary. I'm currently stressing out for this advertisement. Idk.. It's so hard! We thought we had it, and it was semi-trashed. Sighs. I knew my instincts in the beginning was right: Don't even take a module that require crafting! No use regretting it now.

Friday, March 1, 2013

#1686 - Welcoming March

Sem break will be over in 2 more days officially and I know, I'm screwed.

I guess I just don't have enough will power to do my assignments.

And now I'm tired to be productive. I wanted to get something done tonight.

And since it is March, we are still waiting for the dates of the Green Debate finals. Seriously, for how long? I initially only agreed to partake because I thought it will be over by 2nd February, but who knew it was still in postponed status. It just keeps dragging. I know what the logistic issues are but shouldn't they have taken care of this matter way before they organised the prelims? Haizz.. If I know this will happen, I wouldn't have joined. Like, it's dragging and c'mon, I got other things to do, right.

Sigh.. Suddenly it's difficult to balance life -_-

1st exam paper on 30th April. Am I ready? Nope.