Sunday, April 28, 2013

#1705 - Today

I felt like going out today, when I should be still 'caged' in the hostel. I had this urge to go to see what MISSHA had to offer from today til the 5th of May. 

So many cars to Gadong

Took this when I was waiting for the traffic light to turn green
There wasn't a lot of cupcakes today, or maybe this is the only one:

I browsed through the store and was only targeting one item: MISSHA Signature Extreme Cover Concealer. I realised my two liquid concealers are already expires. I looked for reviews and it does seemed promising. I had the tester on my red-marks and yes, I love it! But, it'll cost me $35 after discount (original price is $47!)! omg. That's like the priciest concealer ever but the consistency is great. Hmm... =_="

#selca with MISSHA's pink lipstick and lipgloss from the testers xD
Suddenly I felt like eating Takoyaki and I bought $2 for 4 pieces.

I think the takoyaki was just cooked. OK lah, just to satisfy my cravings. Oh yea, I stole took 4 samples of this. hehe. The saleslady just look at me and didn't say anything.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

#1704 - Revision Week

I had my last presentation regarding C's module earlier. I did the presentation and yep, we got grade A. However, I still think it's the real scores matter. Nevermind, it's done and Aunty Sendi and Chris loves it. =D Other teams were great too. Theirs' are more colourful in terms of design.

At the end, C announced our grades and give a general overview of each team. He commented ours along the lines of "You fell and rise, fell and rise and finally did a great job with no budget." Other teams had budget except us. Yep. The way C said was so inspirational, I can't help but to actually believe in it. Maybe coz he had a PhD at such a young age and achieved so much makes me wanna do a lot too, and be inspired.

Then we had a group photo taken together. It was awesome! He said "See you in Hell next semester!" LMAO! I think I may, again, take his module :D

Now I can FINALLY start revising for exams. Why are the first 3 exams papers are the 'heavy duty' modules one?? After those 3 is Japanese and C's module. Well, not worried so much about Japanese and C's module but yeah, everything in a squeeze :O

On top of that, there'll be debate selections soon. I wanna do very well so I can choose to go to 2 places instead. Best members go to one and the other, the other one. But if you are the best, you can choose to go to 2 places (I think). And I got selected to go somewhere also in June. And suddenly I have this idea to do my thesis earlier before the semester starts!

Wow, my semester break is so packed already!! All education-based somemore. So interesting~ lol. Am I turning to someone that I knew? HAHA.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

#1703 - BSB 20th Anniversary

I'm so jealous of my sister who was actually there to see the boys over at the Fonda Theatre. But she told me that she didn't wanna pay $150 VIP package because it's just not right without me there. Awww sis :')

My sister took the picture of Nick for me. The 6 years old in me giddy at the picture. I mean, Nick is still my favourite member in BSB, not that I don't like the other 4. His SMILE!! Nick is my bias xD

Oh, she bought me their 20th Anni poster too. Can't wait to have it up on my wall this summer when she comes back. I only have 2 posters of BSB; one is the Never Gone poster and another is NKTOBSB. Gosh, I need a BSB wall!

Is it okay if I have a wishful thinking of BSB reading this post? haha. This is what I wanna say:

"I'd go anywhere for you because this is all I have to give as a fan. BSB is the One that showed me music since I was a lil kid (when I was 6 y.o tbh!). Yep, Backstreet's back and you got in goin on for years! My life is incomplete without the BSB and here's for another 20 years and more because I know you guys are never gone in my heart."

I have yet go to their concert but hopefully for this world tour, they'll be coming to either KL or Singapore. When they do, I am SO gonna buy the VIP ticket! I wanna see them up close too xD

Their new album's preview is up. I like the first song better but hey, it's only preview so I'm sure it'll turn out great! So looking forward for this album's release! I am hoping they'll release a greatest hits chapter two or something like a compilation? I mean, it's about time they do so! I don't mind breaking the bank for these boys. lol

Thanks BSB for the great music you guys have given us for 20 years. KTBSPA!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

#1702 - Today

Right after the submission of our final ads, I decided to go to Mall. I told myself today is the last day of me hanging out. I hope I won't have to go anywhere further than Giant that is xD

I decided to to Karaoke BSB song because today is their 20th anniversary! But ended up, I sang few other songs too. I don't think I wanna go Karaoke again. Too pricey IMO, plus I don't have good vocals.

私はOOO48のリザです! (笑)

My fav guy from BSB: Nick!
After karaokeing, went to have my lunch and dinner. I forgotten about lunch today. I had this siew mai. Wah, $2.50 per tray! Inflation much? I mean, really. I can't help it. I crave for something steam. Then I had this nasi campur (rice + 2 veges + fish) for $3.50. $1 per dish and 50 cents for rice. Okay la.

Went to UG and had the intention of just window shop but lo and behold, I bought items~ 

 I wanted to try out those coffee coz really, black coffee? hmm. And of course, CLEO April 2013 Malaysia issue coz I enjoy the makeup sessions. lol

Then, I went to have another round of dinner. lol I don't know why but I just did. Maybe because I didn't have lunch? Hmmm.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

#1701 - Backtrack things a lil.

I have to blog about this date the 3 of us had last Tuesday.

Prior to that, we were like contemplating if we wanna go out and eat or not. I mean, there were so many things to do right..

It all started with the innocent coffee bean trip. Then somehow we ended up having a heavy dinner at Capers. And then, decided to go to Mabohai since it's "near".

I now know Gundams are selling at Toys R Us! Well, not so cheap so I think I rather buy from HLJ.

Friday, April 12, 2013

#1700 - Today

I slept at 1 and woke up at 6:45 since I had a Japanese test at 8. I have been sleeping for an average of 5 to 6 hours without afternoon naps this past 3 days. I have no idea how did I ended up having such unhealthy sleeping cycle.

And of course, I fell asleep during the test. I don't know how long I slept but I really dozed off that when I woke up, I was asking myself "What am I doing again? Oh right. Japanese test." I hope I'll score at least an 8 out of 10.

After the test, went back and had a 30 minute nap after lunch at 10:30. Went to Nadiah's place coz she wants help with her LE presentation. Plus, I have my own presentation later that day at my lecturer's house nearby.

Arrived at lecturer's place at 2+. A lot of peers were there. My group was the first one to present and I only did the intro part. Scriptless and just say whatever that is right. I hope other groups will rate us well since it is peer-assessed. The whole afternoon of 9 groups' presentation ended at around 5:30. It was a tiring afternoon since I don't have enough sleep. I did focus for what the first 5 groups said and asked questions. Then my energy just drained up that I was half-listening already.

In the end, me, Sabrina and Khairul hang out at Y's crib. We talked for a lot of things for an hour or so. It was very interesting. I wished I could do this at C's place. haha.

And I thought my socio test is tomorrow but it is actually next week! Thank god! I can have my beauty sleep tonight xD

Saturday, April 6, 2013

#1699 - Get The Girl Back by Hanson

I'm always a 90s fan for music (and prolly will forever) and this post is me fangirling over Hanson.

Hanson? Who? Well, they're really the 'Jonas Brothers' of the 90s, except that in the 90s back then, boybands were the in-thing and not 'pop bands'. And as a kid, I watched MTV. Yes, it's prolly not common for 6 y.o to watch MTVs over Cartoon Network.

So anyways, I can remember my first video of Hanson, which was 'Mmmbop'. Oh yes, I still love this song and kinda request this song for the Goldies segment. Eh-hem.

I really thought Taylor (vocalist) was a girl. I mean, I was 6 and knows no Biology. haha. I still have a crush on him though even though he already married. xD

As back to this blog's title, their new single is coming out on April 9th! It's titled 'Get The Girl Back'. The lyrics are very simple: Guys out there, appreciate your girlfriend(s)!

I think I was lucky enough to dl the video before it was made unavailable for this country's viewing. Hmmm. But hey, at least the promotion clip is up~

Can't wait to give my support for them by purchasing the songs from iTunes! I really like the beats from the chorus of this song.

Friday, April 5, 2013

#1698 - Friday's Out

I asked Nadiah to pick me up today and asked her if she can drive today. Little did I knew that she wants me to be the driver for her car. xD After Japanese class, both of us went to Mall to chill a bit. Joyce can't join us coz she has other family matters to do. (And yes, she is stalking reading my blog as always) I knocked myself as I got into Nadiah's car coz it's too low. Really not used to low cars xD

I enjoyed driving her car. Even when I speed, I didn't get to feel it. Simply because her car is very heavy so when I drove 130, it felt like 90. No kidding. I love how the car can sensor itself if you are driving too close to the side.

Reached Mall at around 10:30 and we ordered our lunch from the Kebab's stall (I don't know the name) at food court.

Nadiah's lunch: 1/4 chicken with rice for $6.50
Mine's: Rice and fish fillet for $6. Too pricey IMO.
We chat a bit then went down to UG to find deck of cards. She needs them for her last Art project. I like the idea and can't wait to see the real thing. After that, we were thinking if we wanna have Coffee Bean or Ochado but decided to settle for Ochado.

I bought Honey Green Tea for $2.30. To be honest, it taste similar to Heaven and Earth's Green Tea, only a lil' more bitter. Even Nadiah agreed when she sipped a bit. I know I wouldn't buy this drink again.

And a picture of le me before I dive into the assignment world. I realised my blog posts hasn't have a lot of pics lately. xD Wow.. I can't tell what's my hair colour now. Or maybe it was because of the yellow lighting above? Hmmm...


Monday, April 1, 2013

#1697 - Hello April

This month is a tensed month I supposed. Assignment deadlines, tests and of course, exams before marking the end of the semester.

And now I realised, I won't have much time to spent with my seniors who will graduate this semester. Not that I didn't spent time with them, it's just the irony that by next sem, I won't be seeing them as often as now.

Mom asked me a crucial question: Have you saved up your allowance?

I need to start now.