Thursday, May 30, 2013

#1716 - Exam Results!

So, the results were finally released today. It was supposedly released yesterday but it never happen, what a shame.

Anyways, I am kinda shock to see 2 modules having the grade that I didn't think I deserve? Hmm..

My GPA was decreased by 0.1 from last sem to 3.6 but my cGPA increased by 0.01 to 3.57. So I guess it's stil a good sign that my cGPA increase. Mayyer told me that it's easier for cGPA to increase.

The only 'A' I score is Japanese 3. Well, to be honest, I was a bit skeptical about this grade because I know I didn't do very well for interview. But I am glad that I am still keeping a straight A record for Japanese. Definitely aiming for another A for Japanese 4 next sem!

Advert in Comm got B+. Well, I'm not expecting anything lower than a B for this module because the classwork was HELL. So really happy for this as it kinda balances my major to an average B. Hist of media on the other hand scored a C+. I don't know what happened but yeah.

The next 2 grades are the shocking one. My geography got a B. I know I missed out a 10 marks question during the exams but I supposed my classwork helped a lot. I guess it's not bad for a breadth. But getting a C+ for understanding culture was the biggest surprise. I really have no idea why a C so I am speechless, my heart died a little.

Overall, I am grateful for this set of results. Now, I'm looking forward for next sem and DY!

Friday, May 24, 2013

#1715 - Furniture Hunting

I have been rather unproductive these days, if not for my room cleaning.

Waking up past 12 sometimes, man, my 24 hour seemed short.

Anyhow, I went to 2 furniture store to look for cabinets to store my things.

So expensive! I'll need at least $300, even that the quality isn't assured.

But the $450 cabinet is a better quality, but less storage than the $300. Hmm....

I want moneh.

#1714 - Kami7 of PCM

I received an email regarding about doing an internship at one of the prestigious company over at KL. However, I don't think I will apply, as much as I would want to just 'try' my luck because:

  1. Results aren't out.
  2. Doing my DY earlier has a high chance of causing havoc within the system
  3. I wanna spend time with my 2 besties for semester 4 XD
But yeah, this email was sent to 7 people whose cGPA is 3.5 above. And when I look at the students' names, I knew all the other 6. And ironically, my name is the last of the 7.

I do think the arrangement of the names are important because the pattern I saw is our cGPA. And knowing my cGPA and the first person's name's cGPA, I can say I am the borderline one.


The 7 names are of local students, not including foreigners coz I know one person who actually scored higher than all 7 of us.

But yeah, I had this idea to call myself a member of the 'Kami7' for PCM. lol! Too much AKB fandom and the election fever.

Speaking of the 4th election, I hated the prelim results. I'm hoping Yuko will rank #1 coz no one should rank 1st except her. I'm glad Ami ranked #50 But her ranking #49 is better so that she'll be the center xD

Gosh.. I missed Excapade-ing with my other 2 friends like how we used to do every week? HAHA.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#1713 - Papers everywhere

I was sorting out my uni papers earlier, the most dreaded one.

Can't believe there's a lot of papers to deal with. haha.

I was thinking of buying a cabinet or shelves for my room coz I do think it's high time for me to buy one.

But I guess I will need to visualize what I will be putting first. hehe

Sunday, May 19, 2013

#1712 - Room Decluttered

So I managed to throw away 4 big rubbish bags tonight.

Most of them are things that I'll never use in the neat future. Heck, I threw away all the chocolate boxes I collected over the years.

Such a hoarder =_=

Now I don't know how to deal with these magazines.. Well, I do have a plan: Tear the interest articles and throw the mag away. So lazy to recycle

#1711 - Room Decluttering

Reading about Politics versus room decluttering, I go for the latter, although both are equally important.

Coz I found myself facing the laptop screen all the time, not doing either one of the mentioned two.

I bought this garbage black plastic bag ($6.50 for 50 pieces) coz I wanna start throwing a lot of items.

I guess I have too much items in my room, especially those boxes from CDJ and magazines! lol.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

#1710 - Updates! (With lotsa pics)

I think this post has got to be the post with a lot pictures for this year.Trying to back track some of the happenings of my life. Let's see...

9th May (Thursday)

Had a meeting with SAS. Then decided to have Kaizen with dear Kamza. It was all good until we receive an important phonecall (and ruined the night.)

We sat at the bar side coz all the tables were reserved!

Spicy Bacon Asparagus Maki - $7.20

Omellete Sarada Cheese Roll - $3.60

Tamago Sushi - $1.80
Hanai Tuna Mayo Sushi - $4.50
Inari Sake Sarada - $3.60

Ebi furai sushi - $3.60

Wackou Maki! - $5.40
I rarely dined at Kaizen unless it's with Kamza coz my two besties love Excapade to death. Well, me too since it's cheaper? lol. True though, Kaizen is pricey =\

10th May

The debate selections to go to either KK/Manila was forwarded to this date, a day earlier. Truth to be told, I kinda expected myself to go to KK since my skills were rusty. And after 3 rounds, seeing my score was the same ol' average, I don't feel motivated to do a 4th round to change that score. I don't know. I just don't feel like doing. But in the end, KK debate from our side was rejected.

11th May

I can only remembered going home in the afternoon and seeing my room after a month and a week of not going back home. And yes, my room is like a storage :O

12th May

Mother's Day! My uncle paid for Bucaneer's buffet. Everyone came to our place since it's like double celebration (Grandma and mothers)

Bucaneer Buffet at $10 per head. Minimum for 30 people.

I don't know what you call this but in Chinese it's 'ban tiao' or 'chai gue' xD My aunt made them. Filling was bamboo shoots.

Buccaneer's oreo cheese cake is the best! Creamy!
13th May

I tried KFC's Spicy Korean Crunch and I won't try it again. It's too spicy for my taste. I ended up running nose (i.e too spicy) and the drink and salad didn't help much in reducing the spiciness either. I swear, after that dinner, I actually had Tutti Frutti to 'calm' my stomach. To think that back then, I had this meal on an empty stomach..

14th May

Mini farewell surprise party for our debate coach. I'm glad she didn't knew we planned this. haha.

Chocolate Moose Cake from Patisserie, Kg Mata Mata

Fast forward, today.

I crave for Lee Loi Fatt's 'keladi, udang, sotong' for a long time and finally had it! $4 for a small plate.. So little and expensive sia! haha. So far, KB is the best lorh, tauke yg buat and cheaper :D

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

#1709 - Procrastinating much?

I know I should be enjoying my holidays but I think I'll only get to truly enjoy it after 1st of week of June? haha

Debate selections is this weekend to determine who is going to KK or Manila competitions. To be honest, I don't mind KK coz I get to shop at MAC. lol. But either competition seemed OK. Personally not ready for selections yet. orz.

Then, I will be going somewhere for the 1st week of June. I'll reveal it later but I have to do some 'assignment' that is due in 2 days' time. oh the horror.

I wasted my whole afternoon browsing through online websites, fantasizing to buying them then only to realise I cannot rob the bank for my wants. HAHA.

Monday, May 6, 2013

#1708 - Iron Man 3

I planned this way before my exams, that I will go watch Iron Man 3 after my last paper (today).

So I booked our tickets at 8 in the morning. Then went and pick Nadiah up at 2pm.

We had a mini lunch/tea at Swensen since she felt like having the fried mushroom:

Fried Mushrooms for $5.90
It wasn't that oily so not bad lah. I wanted their fries since it is like the best fries in town (2nd is McD for me xD) and we asked for the upsize one. It was a lot for 2 people!

Upsized Hot N Dip Fries for $7.50 ($2 upsize)
So we chat and eat. We wondered what Joyce would be doing now. Haha.

Iron Man 3 wasn't that bad. I didn't watch the 1st 2 installments but nevertheless, watching it in 3D is perfect. hehe.

#1707 - Hello summer break!

I know we have summer all year round but I can't help but to think that this long holidays is somewhat a summer break.

Anyways, I finished my last exam paper earlier at 11AM. As C was collecting our papers, he was like "so how was it? Easy peesy?" My response: "I hate you." The  he laughed away. lol.

I hate to say but even though I'm having 5 exam papers, this time the modules were somewhat 'easy' to answer, mostly common sense applied. Hmm oh well. Looking forward for the release of the exam results.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

#1706 - Go For Gold!

I was watching MTV Asia earlier and this particular video was aired earlier:

When I saw the song title. 'Go For Gold', I thought, "Hm, must be something motivating" and I watched. I thought the guy is a cutie pie and looked SUPER familiar. So after that, I went googling his name, only to realised that he was the vocalist of The Click Five!

Wow. It's been a LONG time since I even encountered TC5, only to know that they were disbanded January, 4 months back. No wonder he looked familiar because I listened to TC5 'Modern, Minds and Pastimes' album only and I remembered I like the vocalist coz he's the frontman of the band and I tend to remember the vocalist image more than the other band members. I don't even know his name when he was in TC5 which is why 'Kyle Patrick' doesn't ring a bell =X

But yeah. As I was saying, I listened to the whole song, paying attention to the lyrics and I fell in love. Immediately after that, I went and purchased his song at iTunes. Thankfully it's in the store! hehe. I was thinking if I should purchase the whole album but I guess I settled for just the song. 99cents which is about $1.30 isn't that pricey, digitally. What more to stan him by actually tweeting to him? And omg, he retweeted back!! :DD

I want to buy the physical copy of his EP since he self-produce everything for the album. It's only 5 songs and I can't wait for more of his music. He just earned himself a new fan ;)