Thursday, August 29, 2013

#1740 - Yesterday & Today

Yesterday after pol econ class, went to sensei's office to pay for N5 form. Yes, I think I'm crazy by registering for JLPT N5 test. Sensei even asked, "why are you in a hurry (for the test)?" Honestly, I guess I just want to do N5 since it is a qualification, and while my Japanese is still 'fresh' in my head. Or maybe I kiasu a bit.

Then it was the dialogue talk with the AVC. It was disappointing that not many came. It was an opportunity to talk to the administrative people so we just tell them everything and anything, with valid explanations and reasons. Just like a debate. I'm glad she understands why we talk that way, since she comes from a business background.

After the talk, supposedly go to ATM but passed by MPH where we saw Puan Sendi and the rest of the MPP invited us to eat as there are a lot of leftovers. Me and Kam had early dinner, while talking with the MPP. After that, we went to the beach.

At first, we wanted to go to Empire beach but there's the ASEAN Defence Minister's Meeting going on so I saw army men with rifles guarding the entrance, police personnel etc. It's like c'oup d'etat and Kam jokingly said, "if this country kena attack, they protect Empire Hotel first." But yeah, it was the 1st time to see a lot of army personnel all around the premise. Even the road to the golf course too!

So we ended up watching sunset at Jerudong beach, 'unleash' our stress or heart breaks. I was being all scaredy with the big rocks. My god, so scary! After sunset, I had trouble going down coz the rock looked like they'll be moved anytime soon! Kam recorded me being all sissy. haha. I did cried a bit though.

After that, we went to Giant Rimba for yamcha, and talk about relationships and personalities. I guess he's one of the many friends who can understand relationships that well so he understood my anxiety.

And today! Woke up early for some rehearsals and nothing much. I wished I attended my Science class instead. But yeah, seeing Chris being busy and heard him talking in Chinese is so... odd and funny too.

Weekly MCQ test is horrible. I scored the lowest in my entire life, heck, I failed the MCQ.

And now I'm getting ready for a BBQ dinner.

Monday, August 26, 2013

#1739 - Backtrack!

My weekend was all raya visits. Friday afternoon from 5 til 10+ I was at Amal's place. Waie was there too til 8 since he has curfew. I am glad both of them hasn't changed much. Like, there is still some topics we could talk about, no awkwardness or anything.

Then the next day went to Tikah's place from 11 til 4. Andrew and Pranika were there, too bad Julius isn't in. Then accompanied my sister for stationery shopping before I went to the hospital for my red-eye. Doctor gave me eye drops and I was so scared of putting the drops into my eyes (it was scary!) but now, I think I'm a pro at it xD

#1738 - Hot Afternoon

I almost wanted to skip my chem environ class at 8 but in the end, managed to drag myself out from bed. I hated walking to FOS/LC coz I will sweat like crazy. Stuupid. Even after a clean shower. Walked 5 minutes only my forehead sweat.

Anyways, chem environ was form 5 chemistry all over again. Everything is so familiar coz I learnt them before but of course, forgotten liao la. Class ended at 9:15 and talked with Faiz before I walked to LC at 9:45 for 10am CCC class.

CCC today is more of a cultural studies lecture and bits of socio. Everything is so alien to me that I almost blanked out.

Then funny thing happened at the end of the class. Chris was calling my name coz I am the student rep and ironically I was like in front of him, 2 metres away and he kept on calling til I say, "Here!" He looked at me and laughed. And I was like, "you see, I'm so not going to remind you of your mac adapter, where the class is" oh ya, he forgotten his mac adaptor again in which I think he went back to his office to get it. heh.

I'm super scared for this Thurs mcq horror.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

#1737 - Yesterday

Yesterday had BJFA interaction with Japanese students (Tenri and Kagawa) in the afternoon from 2 til 5. Event ended by then. But I was there for the sake of going there? lol.

Needless to say, I didn't do much, well, a bit of interaction.

Then after that, went to Jame Asr mosque before going to open house at night.

Open house is apparently sotorindu's owner's house. waah.. so grand! like, many gold decors loh. We were invited by the son when we saw them at the Mall. It was Wakayama's last day in Brunei so I guess the owner took the liberty of hosting the open house. No wonder got RTB crew la. haha

And while waiting for food to be served (dinner at 9pm!) a Wakayama student came to our table since we sat outside. And I swear, he looked like Tachibana Keita's younger self. haha. I was glad in the end I took a pic with him :D Can't believe Joyce's first impression of him is a bad guy. lol

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#1736 - Yesterday

Yesterday after class at 12, me and Nadiah went to have lunch at Excapade. It's her treat xD We had lunch at Regent Square's branch and it was my 1st time sitting at the other area.

After lunch, we had Gong Cha. Then Nadiah's mom called and said she's not going to be at home. So we had an improptu movie outing with Nori and Natsumi, as well as dinner at McD.

Watched RIPD and Nadiah's treat as well. The movie was great and I'm hoping for a sequel. Nori said Big Mac here is as delicious as the ones in Japan. I was a bit surprised though. hehe.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

#1735 - One heck of a week

Hari Raya as always was 'the same'. I don't exactly look forward to it anyways but I kinda wasted the 5 days of raya holiday (Friday til Tuesday) doing nothing academic-ish. I mean, it's holidays even though it's week 1 of the semester.

But on Monday night, my sis had a mini raya open house so I helped cleaning and preparing food.

Then Tuesday night I came back, getting ready for week 2 which starts on the next day. Brought Tenri students for Thien Thien Chicken Rice and Hua Ho Kiulap.

Weds was somewhat disappointing after timetable meet . Today was super hot.

And unfortunately I won't be continuing my ace subject this semester as there's lack of manpower. I don't know if I should blame the seniors for it. LOL.

Even though I'm taking 3 modules, I still feel like I have a lot to catch on. lol.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

#1734 - Day 3 and can still enjoy

8am level 4 class was... scary. Gary was like, "you guys are brave enough", as if I have a choice.

Then went back and had a nap before we left to Fratini with Joyce's car, with the Japanese students.

We arrived at 5:30pm so we walked around Yayasan area til 6+. A lot of those water taxis driver offered us a ride, maybe coz we bring in tourists. hmm.. I felt sorry to reject them though. They really admired the mosque's architecture. Should bring them in one day too.

Dinner was fun, really. Maybe coz we are of the same age group. They were surprised about the 50% off pasta and we explained that it was due to Ramadhan promotions. I really wanna bring them to Capers' and Kaizen one day.

After that we went to Gong Cha. I tried Alisan 0% sugar and I guess it's better to drink it with 30% sugar. I sat with Nacchan, Nori and Kouda while Nana and Joyce sat with Kazuya. I was learning more of Kansai ben and it was funny though. Nacchan was a bit anti social. Nori and Kouda are like tsukommi and boke, Kouda is boke and Nori is tsukomi.

Hopefully there'll be spare time to hang out with them again.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#1733 - Day 2 and still enjoying

Yes, it's day 2 and it doesn't feel like the semester had started, only because we haven't exactly have classes.

I saw the outline by Chris and the 3 essays titles are equally difficult. Haiz.. Makes me wonder if I'll ever do well. Might as well get started tomorrow since I have to wait for Joyce to do add/drop.

Since I don't have class today, I had the liberty of having my beauty sleep. Until the security go knock the door on 11, I was already half awake and reacted too slow when she was asking me about my room's condition. haha.

Eventually I got up, did my laundry, etc until Nana came and hang out sekejap at canteen before I decided to go to her place. Oh ya, we wanted to book for Capers but all full. Thankfully, Fratini waterfront isn't full so we decided to have the upstairs place.  I love her new room and she gave me and Joyce a precious gift (bag by C). Then we left her house with her car and she don't mind me driving.

After picking Joyce up, we found the perfect parking spot and camwhored with Nana's awesome camera. Ain't nobody has time for photoshop and that camera is perfect :D We went in at around 6pm and ordered pizza (buy one free one) and spaghetti vongole for myself, fetuccini for Nana and Joyce had pasta, as well as tomato buchetta. I love the tomato buchetta and I think they mix in olive oil with garlic together with the tomato on top of garlic bread. Perfect. haha. Thanks to Nana for the treat :D

We headed to Gong Cha at Kiulap. It was such a waste that I didn't get to try it when I was in KL (so I could compare. lol) I decided to try their matcha green tea with jelly. It's actually not that bad so  I guess I could go for another Gong Cha although pricey. xD

Can't wait for Day 3 tomorrow! It's pasta with friends again :D

Monday, August 5, 2013

#1732 - First day of semester!

Today was a good day. I never realised my 1st day of semester is fun xD

I slept at 2 and woke up at 6:45 coz I got an 8am class and I wanna be the first to enter, knowing that seats may be limited. By the time I reached the Science class, it was 7:30 so I guess I was a bit too early for it.

Dr Joey (as he wanted us to call him) was awesome, although I think he spoonfed us a bit too much. I hope this module will be smooth sailing coz I never like Sciences so much. There's going to be PBL and I'm kinda scared but I hope with 2 seniors in my group, I will be able to understand PBL better.

The class ended early so I managed to do the manual add/drop slips for my 2 media modules before heading to Chris' class at 10. SO many people took CCC this time, compared to last year. Actually, the number doubled from last year's batch. And this time, I'm not the only PA to Chris and Munir and Fathin is joining me. haha. But he's gonna owe us lunch though. lol. I'm honestly worried looking at CCC, especially the content coz there's gonna be this MCQ test every week like last time. But I guess no effort, no gain.

After CCC, hang out with Fook, Jeebs, Jekizan and Mars at CLT. I guess I wanna try to be more social, plus Jeebs kinda invite me to the table so I thought, "why not" since I'm free for the day anyways. It was about 30 minutes or so before I decided to head to the library to do some photocopying. After that, went back to hostel.

Supposedly I am bring Nacchan only for dinner with me and Nadiah but I guess it's impromptu that the other 3 guys (Nori, Koda and Kazuya) went along. Almost every sungkai places are full at Times Square so we decided to just lepak at Coffee Bean before heading for dinner. Booked for steamboat and they'll promise to call me if got spot but stupid no call one. We were at CF from 5:30 to 8 and I decided to just bring them to Excapade since it's next door.

Initially I don't wanna bring them to Excapade coz I thought, "I wanna bring them to a more diverse place to eat instead of Japanese food." but I'm glad I bought them there. Nori ordered ramen and he thinks the ramen here is better than Japanese' and all of us were surprised! Haha. He himself too was surprised. And we were like, "now you know where to eat good Japanese food in Brunei." But the look of their faces when they eat Japanese food was happiness. It's like, they prolly haven't tasted 'high quality' Japanese food yet and I guess it made them felt like home. So I was glad they enjoyed the meal. ”幸せな感じ” is what they felt. You could see their pure expression of it.

Oh yeah, from CF to Excapade, we talked a lot in English since they're here to study English so I hope they'll improve faster. It's very interesting and a lot of funny stories were shared, like my impression of Japanese house, cooking, music, anime, daily lives, travel, English, etc. I really enjoyed it and thanks to Nadiah too coz she's definitely the conversation starter for most of the times.

I ended up paying the bills for the meal coz I wanted to treat them at least once. So I guess when they were conversationing, I just left the place and paid for the meal while waiting for Harry to pick up Nadiah back coz I need to bring all the Japanese students back home as we live in campus. So when Harry came, we all left and I could hear them whispering like "No payment?" Nacchan came up to me and ask about it and I just said "It's alright." Well, I didn't tell them I paid but I guess they understood that I had paid when I said "It's alright. (大丈夫)"

Now that I think about it, this is indeed one of the best 1st day of the semester. I don't know when I could hang out with all 4 of them coz I think after Raya, things will start to get very busy so I just wanna cherish moments I have with them while I can. Life is too short to think about what others will say when I go out with Japanese people (for a lot of times maybe) but hey, while I'm enjoying the moments, I feel happy.

Here's a picture taken by Harry before breaking the fast. I'm glad I made new friends :D

Jya ne! (See you)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

#1731 - A (another) new beginning

I always regard the beginning of a semester a new beginning to achieve the goals I set.

Tomorrow is officially the start of the new semester although for 3 or 4 days only before Hari Raya comes. Nevertheless, there's a lot of things to do this semester.

I decided to settle for 4 modules only, although I wanna take the 5th module because a lot of my friends were saying how 'easy' it was. But because I'm planning to take a level 4 I guess I better off not gamble it. I know level 4 is no joke and why did I take it? I don't have a lot of choices this time. I will be maxing out my breadth modules, regardless whether it's 16 or 32 MCs for DY. So I guess I might as well go for level 4 now.

I hope I'll make the right choice and being able to find the right friends to mix with for level 4 module. I'm honestly scared.

Thank goodness I got into one of the Sciences module I selected, a level 1 somemore! So I had done my level 1 by the requirement. No fuss. But I remembered my friend had a lot of reading for that science module, made me think twice about taking the 5th module mentioned.

Anyways, I wanna work hard this time, not just academics but loosing weight too. I had been procrastinating about that and never made an effort to it so this time I need to really beat myself.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

#1730 - The last days

It's nearing 2am as I typed this. Well, my sleeping cycle isn't reversed back to 'normal' just yet.

Earlier on, the new baju kurungs were brought back. We had them tailored a month or 2 months back. I wished I didn't forget about his because when I tried on, they just couldn't fit. Suddenly I was drenched into depression and even thinking of vomiting the food I ate for dinner (self-vomit). But of course, I didn't. Coz I watched this BBC documentary few days before on anorexic children and I thought to myself, "I'm crazy".

I sincerely want to loose weight but I guess I never had that in mind.

And yes, I'm horrified of eating. All of the sudden eating is guilty.

New term will start this coming Monday. Oh yeah, results for modules will be published by 12pm today. I'm seriously hoping I'll get listed to 'how things work' module. I want just one Science module and get it over with.

New term.. I'm not ready. I don't know what to expect, now that I have an extra duty as the VP of the debate club and no coach. We need more members too or the club is gonna die. I don't know why but I felt like my seniors hadn't done enough job promoting the club. But yeah, woes are woes.

I really need to be more healthy this time.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

#1729 - Today

I was feeling so tired when waking up for the last day of club's exhibit but I was glad that I could make it.

4 Japanese students from Tenri University came to the freshers' week. Harry bought them to our booth coz Seng Yee was there. Well, more like Harry told Seng Yee that Japanese students are here and she wanted to meet them.

All 4 of them are taking English here for a year. I was glad that Natsumi (Nacchan) was in female hostel so at least I could bring her out some times.

New semester starts.. I'm not ready.. OTL