Monday, September 30, 2013

#1748 - Introducing Lawson

It's been a while since I listened to 'new' English music. What I meant by 'new' English music means new bands aside from my usual BSB songs. I don't know, I guess there are just too many 'lousy' music that are big and talented ones are underrated and you don't exactly get to hear them.

Somehow, I stumbled across the band, Lawson. I don't remember how did I even first heard of this band, or was it just random searches online? Anyhow, the first song of Lawson for me was 'Learn To Love Again':

Thanks to iTunes Festival, I managed to hear them played live, with live vocals. I'm picky about vocalist because for my definition of talent, vocalist must be able to sing and yes, Andy can sing! So what's next after watching their live?

Finding their music, of course.

I got 'Chapman Square' and had listened to the whole album. Totally loving it! I think I will be purchasing Chapman Square / Chapter II which will be releasing soon in October. =3

At first, I had a hard time trying to guess their age. OHP has no mention of how old they are, so some digging is needed and found this link. I couldn't believe my eyes when they're early 20s (except for Adam) but wow! Eyecandies alert! :D

I can't help but to think of Japanese convenience store franchise when the band name is Lawson. Apparently, the name of this band is dedicated to a surgeon who had performed surgery on Andy. Just click this link to read more.

That's all for this post. Oh before I forget, their upcoming single, 'Juliet' had the full MV up at YT!

Friday, September 27, 2013

#1747 - Semester break begins!

Although the official date for sem break is on the 30th, mine's somewhat started since yesterday after 2 because I don't have classes tomorrow. Whee~

So yesterday, 3 of us (Joyce, Nadiah and I) went to Mall to de-stress about our DY app. We looked around for lenses and had dinner at food court. At first I don't wanna buy anything but in the end, I bought $1 nasi lemak, with added bonus from J's butter chicken and N's noodles soup. It's like, a meal with love. lol!

Then went to TFS to survey price after Joyce complimented how flawless my face was without makeup. lmao. Does this mean the brightening rice water cleanser works? xD

Since I got some discount vouchers from my friend for TFS, I think I may be re-purchasing the brightening cleanser again. Then went to Paloma and bought essence eyeshadow base and eyeshadow palette. Can't wait to try them on soon. I was hesitant about the palette because I have the smashbox palette which has the neutral colours but for convenience sake, I bought it. Last time I had one but I gave it to Mayyer.

And today, being a rainy Friday, I'm just chilling my way when I am supposed to think of assignments. heh.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#1746 - DY Results

The long awaited results were released.

I kinda got what I wanted and of course, surprises.

I have to pay for my studies and it's something that I didn't think I would. I felt like a disappointment to mom especially.

There's always a silver lining benign the clouds, right? 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

#1745 - Saturday Night

I was listening to Britney Spear's 'Work Bitch' from YT:

I love it. haha. It's dubstep with her Brit accent. I don't know, I guess I just like the whole song. Like, "You gotta work bitch!". haha Another good song I stumbled across is this:

It's a cover version of 'First Love' by SOLIDEMO. Yes, weird group name but hey, they sing! That all matters. I LOVE this version compared to others because they harmonize it so well. Pure love =D

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

#1744 - New Library

For the past 4 hours I had been leeching off the new library's internet for downloads. The speed here is superbly fast when I installed internet manager for the downloads.

But it's too cold to stay in the library for long hours. The effect of new airconditioning, I supposed?

Not that I'm complaining about the coldness, it's just that I wished I brought jacket.

Anyways, downloaded lots of videos for my classes. Hopefully I have time to watch them.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

#1743 - Another week passed

I knew going back for the weekends equal to unproductive but if it wasn't for the interview, I wouldn't be back home.

Like seriously, you know it's changed but you didn't bother to phone everyone of the change. Wasted my time coming back all the way just to know it last minute.

On side note, we get to make macaroni with cheese as a family. I wonder if there'll be more time like this.

And now I am trying to focus on my assignments.

I hate how my week starts and ends. Ok, ironic.

Monday is super busy, then tuesday is completely free day but I need to study for Thursday's test. Weds is ok ok, then thursday is test and science module is eating me coz every week need to bring out info to group. team work mah, although i felt like i do everything loh. then Friday, sat and sunday is long weekend which also equals to trying to do assignments and reading.

yeah, that's pretty much my week is. mon to thurs is pack thanks to test and problem based learning. haizzz

Thursday, September 12, 2013

#1742 - Convocation

Today is my university's 25th convocation. It's special because of the theme, 'Celebrating GenNext' as the 1st batch of students are officially graduated today.

I signed up as volunteer for the sake of chops. Otherwise, I would be at home doing nothing non-academic work. Got up at 5 when I slept at 12:30 trying to finish up this poster assignment.

Walked with Rahmat and Nadzirah to CH. We were assigned as volunteers to take care of the stations. Mine's pretty boring. I was assigned at the security basement and all I have to do is to keep an eye of the food. Literally. But boring la! So I decided to walk around.

Graduates were assembled at the basement and row by rows they went up to the stairs. I managed to spot Kam, Mayyer and Seng Yee. Then at around 9, HM and DPMM arrived with the same car. I was already upstairs ready to wave at HM. When his entourage came, I waved at HM with a big smile and he waved back! I was so happy, like I'm the biggest HM fan alive or something. haha.

Then fast forward til the end of the convocation. I managed to find Kam and took a picture with him. omg book prize award recipient somemore! Too bad I can't find Seng Yee and Mayyer coz I really want to take pictures with the first class achievers.

Speaking of first class achievers, I want to be one of them too. It's for self-satisfaction I supposed. Or the minimum second upper. I want to study more coz I haven't found a purpose in life yet.

Oh yea, out of the blue, I was humming to this song. It's AKB48's 'Sakura no Shiori'. I guess that song associate well with graduation.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

#1741 - Wake me up when September ends

Hello September! Yes, time flies too fast, so as my semester. I think it's a good thing for the semester to fly by faster coz that way, no need to think of  assignments and exams. heh.

So, backtrack this post a bit from BBQ. We went to Nadiah's place for BBQ party/open house where a lot of other friends were there too. Stayed a night at her place. We had girl talk from 12 til 2:30AM-ish? haha. It was fun. And of course, teasing me and Mr. J together. hehe.

Then me and Joyce had to wake up by 7 as I had debate audition and Joyce had her family day. Debate audition was disapointing, I guess. After that, me, Kam, Jo and Bex checked out the new library before headed to KFC for late breakfast. I ordered cheesy wedges xD

After that, Nadiah picked me up with her car and we had Kaizen as dinner. I decided to have another night's sleep.

The next day, followed Nadiah back to uni since her mom drove. It was the day where crown prince came. I was glad I shook his hands (and managed to take 2 pics with Mr C) xD Tiring but worth the day.

Fast forward, Monday was CBTL day with Nadiah and Natsumi. Tuesday was Capers night where we brought the Japanese students to try out Capers' dinner. It was worth their money, so as for us.