Saturday, October 19, 2013

#1752 - My week so far


I skipped my Science class coz I am pro like that.

Tuesday to Weds

Stayed at home coz no classes, Weds was public holiday. So I ended up reading the article with difficulties.


MCQ for CCC. Realised that I can be even better. Followed C's car back to campus and asked about my studies. Hmmm...


Back pain due to PMS. Sleeping hour conflicted.


Doing nothing but tried read ethnographic research method I printed and it's sibeh boring. Even ranted at C. lmao. I think I will get killed.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

#1751 - Done

The past few days was mugging my essay from 12AM til 4AM. I am content with my essay since I submitted via turnitin, the website that detects plagiarism and what not. Whatever, essay submitted and I'm done!

Tomorrow marks the 2nd half of the semester. This also means I will be busy with my DY and academics. I am honestly scared I will end up in a limbo situation but I am praying to God for whatever that is best.

Initially, my 2 week sem break was to cage myself at the hostel but I guess I am so sick of the life there and life at home is of course better. Although I think became unhealthy here thanks to good food by mom. But I do miss walking everyday though. The tendency to become a hermit when I am back is too high.

I hope I am ready.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

#1750 - Miri!

Last week when my sister told me that she wanted to go to Miri this week, I thought, "why not? Since I'm on break too."

We left at 8:30am and reached Miri about an hour later. Thankfully there's plenty of parking so no rush about that.

The main purpose for me to go to Miri (aside from buying skincare products) is to find myself a pair of pants. After an hour of no luck, went to Watsons and bought quite some stuffs. I blogged about it here if any of you wanna read.

But y'know, there were so many items that were tempting for me to buy but after good reasoning, I ditched the buying altogether and felt slightly better.

There was this Silkygirl and KATE eyeshadows (but I have enough palettes already), then Hello Kitty mascara (but I have one in stock already), KissMe fake eyelashes (but I still have a lot unused!), Liese hairdye (but I may be doing new hair dye this coming January so alang alang if I buy and do now) and others that I lusted but for the better good of my budget, oh well.

I managed to self-control a bit I supposed.

After spending an hour or so at Watsons', went to Starbucks. I have to stop by this place everytime I go to Miri. But this time, I was there to claim my free drink, thanks to my dear friend who bought me Starbucks reward card. Apparently, I can claim one free drink in Grande size of any choice. I picked 'green tea cream' with whipped cream and it was alright.

While chilling, I remembered this hat that I fell in love at first sight when I was at Parkson few hours' back. It was RM49.90 but after discount, it was RM 39.90 (20% off) and I bought it after that. I don't know, I missed this feeling of 'love at first sight' for items, like it rarely happens so this was semi-impulse I guess? haha. Maybe I could use it for my trip next year.

After that, shopped around at Popular and clothes-hunting for my sister before we decided to make a move to McD at the petrol station. We queued for 30 minutes in total for our orders to be done but it's worth it coz it is McD alfter all xD

And now I'm all tired and beat. Holiday is ending in a weeks' time :(

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#1749 - Today

I went out to town today. I realised, I self-cage myself since Saturday and it's time for fresh air. haha.

Went to Face shop to use the voucher. Bought cleanser and sunscreen.


For my lips, I used Silkygirl in 06 Gorgeous and lipgloss on top of it from The Face Shop jelly tint in 02 Enamel Red. Used TBS blush too :)

When I went to bank, saw my cousin sitting outside for her bf. Since I had nothing to do after that, I accompanied her for about 30mins. It's been a while since I last saw my cousin so I thought might as well.