Sunday, October 13, 2013

#1751 - Done

The past few days was mugging my essay from 12AM til 4AM. I am content with my essay since I submitted via turnitin, the website that detects plagiarism and what not. Whatever, essay submitted and I'm done!

Tomorrow marks the 2nd half of the semester. This also means I will be busy with my DY and academics. I am honestly scared I will end up in a limbo situation but I am praying to God for whatever that is best.

Initially, my 2 week sem break was to cage myself at the hostel but I guess I am so sick of the life there and life at home is of course better. Although I think became unhealthy here thanks to good food by mom. But I do miss walking everyday though. The tendency to become a hermit when I am back is too high.

I hope I am ready.

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