Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#1757 - New Year Eve

The last post for 2013.

A lot of things had happened, good and bad.

If I recall, my team won the Green Debate and I won Best Speaker. Then I remembered my solo trip to KL. And then there's Bandung in Indonesia, made it to the top 6 finalists. And lastly, Japan trip 3 weeks ago.

That's a lot of travelling for one year, personally. I love travelling although I don't have a lot of $. I guess this can be a resolution for me: Save money for travel.

Speaking of resolutions, I didn't make one for 2013 coz it's pretty much up to my mind and will power if I want to execute it. And now that I realised, New Year isn't anything 'new' since it's always the same old things happening (politics, bad weather, mother nature disaster, etc) but the new things that can be expected is what I find in things, how I see things.

But if there things that I wanna change about myself, it would be less doubting, less anxious, and be positive and decisive. I need to control more instead of letting things control me. This also means less social media usage if I can coz it's all public and people can judge me from anything I post. heh.

Welcoming 2014 with my Kuroko no Baske calendar and Cath Kidston diary.

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