About Me

The name's Liza. Big Two of age. Japan-obssesed.

I f*ckin' love Japan and the entertainment that I hope one day, I'll get to work in that country, even if it's for a year or two.

I'm somewhat a makeup junkie but I tried not to confuse myself between 'PS edited and poreless face' with 'not so cakey makeup' looks. I want to try to reduce the use of artificial beauty i.e makeup and cosmetics and go bare, like before I discover the wonderful world of makeup. tl;dr: Be natural.

My other blog on MaBeCo (makeup, beauty, cosmetics): Lavender Love

~Utada Hikaru (Forever the QUEEN of Jpop for me)
~w-inds. (1st J-boyband and will always support them. 10 years supporting and counting!)
~12012 (First visual kei band and loving them ever since 2007)
~the GazettE
~Acid Black Cherry (Yasu-sama!!)
~kagrra, (R.I.P Isshi. But your music is eternally beautiful T_T )
~Matsushita Yuya (Perfect Sebastian for Kuroshitsuji musical! AND GREAT VOICE!)
~Backstreet Boys (KTBSPA!)

~Hamao Kyousuke (My other twin! jk. I wish.)
~Miura Haruma
~Seto Koji
~Uehara Takuya

~Prince of Tennis Season 1 and 2
~Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
~Kuroko no Baske
~Uta no Prince

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  1. Hey! Do you watch any Jap dramas? ^^