So who is 'Bearbear' and why is this name appearing in the domain of my personal blog somemore?


He's my son. Bearbear is just a plush teddy I owned since 2007 and had followed me everywhere.

Japan, Singapore, Malaysia (and more I hope!) it had traveled.

Basically, wherever I go, I will bring it with me.

Oh yes, it's very precious that there's a story to how attached I am.

One day during exams, I brought it into the hall. Then after exams, I left it on the window pane and forgotten to take it back home. Unfortunately, the school gates already locked by the time I noticed it's disappearance. The next day, 6AM, I woke up and asked my mom (I haven't got a license yet) to drive all the way to school (thankfully it's only 5 minutes away!) to claim it and it's still there! Otherwise, I don't know how I would felt back then.

Since then, I would always be extra careful not to left it behind where ever I go.

KL Trip (30th June to 7th July 2013)

The end.

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